Top 10 Countries with Fastest Internet Connection in the World 2022

In the future, the most powerful nations won’t have the most nukes, the biggest armies, or largest industrial bases. They will have the largest population of smart, educated people with credible freedoms. Part of this culture is fast internet. Too much work now depends on it. In fact, there are places where you would not expect to get such a great connection, which you are going to receive a higher connection rate and faster speeds, than other places in the world. These are the top 10 countries with fastest internet connection in the world.



With a 30.7 mega byte per second average, Singapore came in with one of the fastest rates in the world. In fact, it is about 15.9 megabits faster than the average when compare to other countries that are not on the top 10 list. Singapore is also a major tech hub, namely due to the quick internet speeds that come out of the country.


Coming in just a bit faster, at 30.9 megabit speeds, Israel takes the number nine spot on the list. Good connectivity is something that you can expect to find, especially in major metro and tourist areas of the country; with this strong web start up culture, you can expect quick speeds, regardless of the sites you choose to visit.


Coming in at 32.9 mega bytes per second, this country takes the eighth spot on the list. Low tax rates and cheap labor, make this country perfect for trying out new internet connectivity models, and new connection devices, which is why it is one of the fastest countries in the world, and much faster than countries that did not make it on to the list.


As a major hub in the financial industry, you would expect to find quick internet speeds for trades and other business interactions to take place. Coming in at 32.4 mega bites per second, beating out other major hubs, including the US, which only came in at 29.4 bytes per second.


Coming in with a little faster speed than the seventh spot, Belgium’s average rates are 32.7 mega bytes per second when it comes to connection rates and wireless connectivity devices. With these quick speeds, it is possible to download a movie (about 2 hours in length), in about six or seven minutes.


At 37.4 bytes per second, this country comes in at a much faster rate than the sixth country on the list. Even though this is the only country that saw peak speeds drop from last quarter (by about 1.4%), it is still one of the fastest in the world, and is going to allow you to do quite a bit online, at the fastest speeds possible. It not only has faster rates than most countries in the world, but also has various hubs allowing for connectivity at this rate, anywhere, even the most remote locations, around the country.


At 37.5 bytes per second, the country beats out Romania only after the drop in speeds which occurred last quarter. Although it is not one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, Latvia does have extremely quick internet speeds, meaning you can do anything online, with the slightest of ease. With plenty of government backing, the internet connectivity is great in the country.


As one of the largest countries in the world, and one of the most technologically advanced, it was obvious that Japan would be a front runner on this issue; coming in at 42.2 mega bytes per second, you won’t wait for any page to load when you are using the internet in the country. Japanese government has prioritized internet speeds, and made it a national goal of development in the country, which has paid off. The fact that it is a leader in technology, finance, and business cultures, also adds to the need for the fastest speeds for investors and business personnel in the country.

 South Korea

With peak speeds of 48.8 mega bytes per second, the country is the number two on the list. Not only does online gaming require the fastest speeds, but the different new medias and TV shows, which the country is well known for, will require the fastest rates in order for individuals to get the best experience when on their devices. In addition to being home of many gaming conferences and competitions, South Korea is also a leader in developing new games. For this reason, the highest internet speeds are a must, in order for the games to run smoothly, and for these major competitions to go on as planned for the competitors that are a part of them.

Hong Kong

At 54.1 mega bytes per second, Hong Kong trumps the number two spot, and truly creates its own world when it comes to the fastest speeds and online connectivity that visitors would hope to experience. With the highest population density in the world, as well as the government support, high internet speeds are also a top priority of this nation. Content censorship is non existent when compared to that of other countries around the world. This not only means that online visitors are going to be able to look at the sites they want to visit, and do what they want online, it also means that they are going to be able to do these things at the fastest rates, without having to worry about an interruption, when they are visiting some of their favorite online sites. At these speeds, you could download the latest action packed movie, in just under four minutes, which is a couple of minutes faster than the next country on the list.

Regardless of what you do online, it is highly likely that you won’t have any issues with fast speeds, in any of these countries. So, whether it is a business transaction that has to go through right away, or whether you want to play some of your favorite online games, you can do so, without any glitches, no matter which of these countries you are visiting around the world.

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