Top 10 Decorating Ideas in 2022 For Boy Bedrooms

When decorating a boy’s room, it may seem like one size fits all. Dark blue or green, large ornate pieces, or a simple movie theme option, are some things many parents consider. But, this is not always the best route to take; in fact, sometimes the traditional route, and the one with distinct styles, is the way to go. Regardless of what you decide, these are top 10 decorating ideas for boys bedrooms you can try out, when you are redecorating the home and the rooms in it.


11. Wall Decals

Top 10 Decorating Ideas in 2022 For Boy Bedrooms 1

Wall decals are the best way to awesome-ify a room. Science, cool movie quotes, pictures of your favorites are easy to do!

Top 10 Decorating Ideas in 2022 For Boy Bedrooms 2

10. Storage Space

Storage cubbies on the wall, adding drawers to the bed, fun crates and ornate bookshelves, are just some of the ideas you can go with. You can mix match dark and light, or add unique colors with this theme. Not only is it a way to add more storage space to the room, it also allows you to add color, while getting your kids to keep their room clean as well.

9. Nature Inspired

All green walls, forest themed sheets, and a bright orange sun shade, are some great ways for you to bring the outdoors in. Not only can you mix and match the greens and other shades, you can let your son bring in some of his favorite animals and plants to the room, with the distinct style you choose for the room.

8. Stripe Filled Room

Vertical and horizontal, you can mix each wall, or you can choose the same pattern throughout. You can make different color variations in the room, and add in different sized stripes to add to the texture and feel of the space. Regardless of the colors chosen, or the sizes of the stripes, you can create a distinct look, with this simple style in the room.

7. White Backdrop

Although all white walls may seem boring and dull, when you mix and match some of their favorite colors to counter that white, it is no longer so boring. The white can work as a chameleon; it is a simple way to continually change up the decor, add new posters, or add new art to the room, without having to spend money each time your child wants to change things up.

6. Go Metal

A metal bunk bed, or metal frame and head board, metal desk and chair, are some fun ways to create a distinct look in the room. You can add depth to the room with balanced colored walls, or different styles of sheets on the bed, in order to work around the bold metal frames. Not only is this elegant, it is easy to work around, regardless of the other colors and designs your child wants to add in to the room at any time.

5. High Contrast

If the room is oddly designed or has a distinct shape, or if the walls protrude in certain areas, which takes away from the overall space, you can fix that with high contrasting colors. You can add a red and blue border, or contrast with a stripe of white in between. Not only will it give the space a larger feel, it will take away from some of the strange design styles and wall features that are seen in the room.

4. Room for Two

If you have kids that share a room, and each has their own likes and dislikes, the option to go with a neutral paint and wall color is the best option. Not only will a cream or white color allow each child to decorate their side the way they see fit, it also allows you to keep the room simple, and clean, even when it may not bee all that clean with the boys in it.

3. Open Space

Again, if you have two beds in one room or two desks, you want to open up the space. Place the beds on opposing walls, keep the entire central area of the room freed up, add a large area rug to the middle. Each of these things will open up the room and create a larger appearance, but they also give more discretion and freedom of choice, when it comes to each child being able to put up certain things that they like in the room, and on their half of the room.

2. Go Blue

If properly done, blue can be a neutral color. Go with subtle, lighter blues on the walls, and counter the edges with a darker blue. Add in stripes and different shades, in order to mix and match up with the different items they want to hang up on the walls. When properly painted, and when the right shades of blue are used, you can really create a unique looking room, and a space that is easy on the eyes as well.

1. Go Nautical

Boats, water, sails, paddles, and of course the blue walls, are some of the many things you can do in the room. You can contrast this with a white, or other subtle tones, in order to create an even balance in the room. But, if you have a son that loves the outdoors, and loves the water, this is a great way to go when you are decorating the room, and when you are looking for something that is going to stand out, while still looking clean in the room.

There are many ways that you can go about decorating the room; regardless of what your child enjoys or the styles you like, there are things that can be done to create the unique look you want in the home, and in their room. These are a few of the many ideas that you can try out in the space, regardless of how big or small it is. You can mix colors, and create different patterns or borders, to match their style. With each child, a different theme will work out best, so consider what they like, and work around that, so you can come up with the perfect look, and the ideal new room they will love at home.

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