Top 10 Decorating Ideas in 2021 for Girl Bedrooms

When you think about decorating a girl’s bedroom, it is typical to associate it with pink-colored walls, butterflies, pixies, and any other delicate designs that will appeal to your little princess. If you are in need of the most suitable design that will match your little girl’s room, then this list of top 10 decorating ideas for girls’ bedroom will surely come in handy. These fascinating themes will make any girls’ room a charming place to relax, play and have a sleepover with some friends.


11. Wall Decals

Top 10 Decorating Ideas in 2021 for Girl Bedrooms 1

Wall decals are single most easiest, cleanest and fastest way to beautify a room. There are so many vinyl options like butterflies, cute trees, — anything really.

Top 10 Decorating Ideas in 2021 for Girl Bedrooms 2

10. Puzzle Art

For girls who are fond of jigsaw puzzles, a room decorated with framed puzzles will look completely amazing. These can be puzzles that she has completed in the past, or ready-made framed jigsaw puzzles with themes your little girl will like. You may even match her bedding, curtains, and rug with the puzzle theme by using patchwork quilt designs that will create a wonderful ensemble in her room. Just make sure that the colors blend perfectly together, so you can create an organized and eye-catchy look for your little one’s precious space.

9. Water Theme

There is nothing else more relaxing than gazing at cool colors around you such as shades of blue and green. So, transform your girl’s room in a beautiful ocean-like paradise with blue walls and posters featuring the Little Mermaid or any images of a lovely beach. As for the bed, dress it up in calming shades of blue and place a similarly themed rug to accentuate the room. To complete the look of your daughter’s water-themed room, you may place a tank of goldfish or other colorful fishes on her bedside table. You may also add a lampshade shaped like a fish or mermaid, which will certainly enhance the room’s serene ambience.

8. Polka Dots

Polka dots will make your girl’s room look adorable, particularly when the colors are light and dainty. For instance, paint the wall white, and spruce it up with a combination of blue, pink and purple polka dots. Since the dots already make quite a bold and loud pattern, make it a point to use minimal wall art that will not overpower the wall’s design. For the bedding, choose a quilt that features appliquéd polka dots to blend well with the wall art. As for the pillow cases and bed skirt, opt for a striped design with at least two to three colors complementing the shades on the wall. Lastly, devote a peaceful reading area in the room that also have the same polka dot pattern and pile up a few floor pillows to finish off the look.

7. Secret Garden Theme

A garden theme will enhance your child’s bedroom and transform it into a whimsical and soothing paradise. For this theme, you may use a wallpaper with butterflies or floral prints, or you may choose a mural cling-on that depicts a garden view. For the curtain rod, bedposts, and door frame, embellish these areas with fake vines or flowers. Then, throw in a shag carpet with moss green color just parallel to the bed, which comes with a floral design. Put a stunning bonsai plant on her bedside table to complete the garden theme and add a relaxing ambience in the room.

6. Hello Kitty

Every girl loves Hello Kitty, so this adorable character will surely create a fine addition to her room. Paint the walls with pink color and use a white border trim, or choose a pink wallpaper with white stripes. Next, hang a framed Hello Kitty poster on one side of the wall, or a wall clock with Hello Kitty design. Moreover, you may accessorize her shelves with Hello Kitty figurines and merchandise, and throw in a few stuffed toys on the bed to give it a cozy vibe. For the bedspread, use one with pink and white colors, and place a Hello Kitty accent rug in front of the bed. A pink table lamp will enhance the bedroom’s relaxing and girly atmosphere.

5. Feature Your Child’s Future Career

Make your child’s bedroom even more meaningful by adding different elements that depict her goals and future career. If she wants to become a astronaut, you may hang a planet mobile on the ceiling or a space-themed mural on the wall. Girls who aspire to become a fashion designer will appreciate a room with faux fur hanging on her bedposts, posters of different clothing pieces, and funky patterns or colors for her bedspread.

4. White and Pastel Room

Soothe your child’s mind and body by giving her a white room with pastel colors to embellish the beautiful space. As for the accent rug, sheets, and curtains, choose white colored ones with dainty prints. White will go well with any colors, but opt for calming hues such as light pink, caramel, pale blue and light purple. Hang framed artworks that have light colors and feature relaxing scenes such as paintings by Claude Monet.

3. Ballerina Theme

Give your little ballerina a peaceful place to relax by making her room a place suitable for her. You may cover one side of her wall with mirrors and barre, which will mimic the typical look of a ballet studio. You may also hang on her wall some posters featuring famous ballerinas or ballet shows, and tie a pair of ballet shoes on her bedpost. For your little girl’s bedding, anything with cream and pink color will look absolutely stunning. You may also hang curtains made of a netting material just like the one used for a tutu.

2. Princess Castle

Little girls often fantasize that they are beautiful princesses, so what better way to surprise your child than by giving her a princess-themed room. You may use a mural cling-on with an image of a castle, or simply paint the walls pink. Her bed will look marvelous when covered with sheets and blanket that feature her favorite Disney princess. For her shelves, dresser, and bedside table, make sure you add a few tiaras and princess figurines that will exude the room’s regal charm.

1. Fashionista Room

Girls adore fashion, so what better way to transform her bedroom than to make it look like a fashionista’s abode. Tie colorful scarves on her bedposts, add bulbs on the mirror’s edges on her dresser table, and place a fluffy pink rug in front of her bed. For the walls, hang a poster of fashion icons or Barbie dressed in her favorite outfit. Just make sure every design in the room speaks of fashion and style, which will match your little girl’s interest.

These are only a few of the best decorating ideas for any girls’ room. Simply choose one that will suit your little girl’s interests and create a peaceful and enchanting vibe in her favorite spot in the house.

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