Top 10 Die Cutting Machines Reviews 2021

Are you into scrap-booking, envelop-making, card making, and other related activities? Are you looking for a good die cutting machine that can to refine your models and create stunning patterns that boost the quality of your work? While it is tempting to buy the first positively reviewed machine on the Internet or the cheapest model in reputable web stores such as Amazon, the cutting machine you buy should have the following desirable attributes, for best results: first, it should be functional. One of the worst mistakes you can make is to spend money on a cheap model that will never serve you well. Second, it should be easy to use. Buying a cutting machine that requires you to read and follow complicated manuals when using it is a bad idea. Finally, the model you choose should be portable and compatible with many crafting materials that you use often. Whilst many innovative models in the market meet this threshold, the top 10 best machines worth buying are:

10. Sizzix System Die Cutting Machine

Sizzix die cutting machines are popular amongst craft persons mainly because of their flexibility. This system, for instance, is light, compact, and thus, easy to store and transport. It is also easy to use, compatible with both Sizzix and non-Sizzix alphabets and dyes, and made of a high quality metal that lasts long. All movable parts are reliable and work efficiently when scrap-booking, making cards, or making envelops among many others. Finally, because this die cutting machine does not require electricity to work, it is environmentally friendly and amongst the most reliable 2021 models.

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9. Sizzix Big Shot die Cutting Machine

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For heavy-duty handcrafting, scrap-booking, and embellishment projects, this big shot die cutting machine by Sizzix is best for the job. Its multipurpose platform is large and accommodates expansive design projects well. It also works well with a variety of printing materials (paper, fabric, etc.) and has efficient standard cutting pads that are compatible with many third-party cutting and embossing tools. Even with its large size (14-1/4 x 12-3/8 x 6-5/8 inches), this die cutting machine is surprisingly light. It is also easy to use, easy to transport, and thus, suitable for individuals who want a good machine for handcrafting while on the road.

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8. Cricut V2 Green Cuttlebug Machine

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Circuit V2 Cuttle-bug is an advanced all-in-one die cutting machine that is suitable for regular usage. Each package consists on a high performance die cutter and embosser, two B cutting pads, and one A spacer that works well. You also get a flower-embossing folder and a detailed instruction booklet that will teach you the ropes and tricks of using this innovative die cutter well. All components are sturdy and durable. Its multipurpose platform accepts a range of crafting materials (dies, paper, fabrics, etc.), while its compact yet fold-able design eases storage and transportation. Finally, as other die cutters on this list, this Circuit V2 Cuttle-bug machine is affordable, low maintenance, and among the easiest-to-use and durable models around.

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7. Cricut Explore Electronic Cutting Machine

Off all high performance die cutting machines available in the market in 2021; this electronic Circuit Explore is among the most loved models worldwide. On our list and many top 10 die cutting machine reviews 2021, it ranks high for the following major reasons: 1) All-in-one design – with this die cutter, you get all tools needed to create both simple and complicated crafts easily. For instance, once you have connected it to your computer and installed the bundled design software, you can upload, edit, and cut your own designs efficiently and with minimal effort. For just 100 dollars, you have access to its online library where you can download and use a repertoire of pre-designed graphics and images as you like. 2) Flexibility – this die cutter cuts over 50 materials (from soft ones such as paper to fabrics). Even though it is compatible with cartridges, you do not need them for it to work. It is also cost effective, highly portable, durable, and relatively easy to use.

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6. Spellbinders Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine

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The Grand Calibur die cutting machine by Spellbinders ranks sixth on our review. This innovative top-of-the-line die-cutting machine works well with both spellbinder and third-party die templates (Quickuts, Cuttle-bug, Sizzix, etc.); is cost-effective, and one of the most portable models around. It also works well with Fiskars texture plates, Cuttle-bug embossing folders, and many other crafting materials. Finally, it is low maintenance, creates clear appealing prints, and is relatively easy to store and transport.

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5. Sizzix Vagabond Die Cutting Machine

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Sizzix Vagabond is a high-performance die cutting machine, inspired by Tim Holtz and Ellison. It can emboss and cut many materials (paper, fabrics, mat-board, and even grunge-board) of varying thicknesses using a selection of dies (small to 6-inch wide). It has two cutting pads. Its solo platform and shim work well, while the one-year manufactures warrant reflects the quality build of the machine that you are buying. All parts are durable and reliable, and work in synergy to create the highest quality prints, whether you are creating a simple envelop or a complicated scrapbook.

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4. Brother CM100DM ScanNCut Die Cutting Machine

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If you have a few dollars to spend on a die cutter and are on the market for a well-built model that is suitable for both home and commercial use, this CMD100DM ScanNcut machine by Brother outperforms many high-end brands in many ways. Its built-in 300 DPI scanner, for instance, allows you to load images, sketches, photos, and graphics directly into the die cutter. This way, you no longer have to rely on computers or cartridges to create compatible image files and then load them manually into your die cutter, to create personalized projects. It also has a large LCD touch screen for on-screen standalone editing, quality cutting pads, and an embosser that works well.

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3. Cricut Expression 2 Electric Cutting Machine

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Circuit Expression 2 is a large electric cutting machine with a maximum capacity of around 12 x 24 inches. It loads faster, works well with all types of cartridges, and has a large colored LCD display for on-screen editing. You no longer need a computer and keyboard to create stunning projects and design as is the case when using traditional die cutters. Its deep cut blade works well on all materials (soft ones such as paper and fabrics to hard ones such as grunge-boards and chip boards) of thicknesses up to 1.5mm. All parts are durable, easy to use, and work together to maximize the quality of crafts.

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2. Sizzix BIGkick Die Cutting Machine

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This special edition Sizzix BIGkick die cutting machine ranks second on our list. At 12 1/4 x 6 x 14 ? inches, it is compact and portable. It is compatible with many dies and materials, has functional embossing and cutting tools, and is currently one of the easiest-to-use most durable models.

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1. Silhouette Cameo Die Cutting Machine

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For those who are on the market for a die cutting machine, this Silhouette Cameo model is the best in 2021. Its durable cutting blades cut both light and heavy materials up to 12 inches wide and 10 feet long. It also has an effective pick-me-up-tool, a metallic pen set, and come loaded with 50 cut-table exclusive designs that you can use as you please. You can also design your own or download the over one thousand graphics and images from its online database. As many models, it is also cheap and durable.

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