Top 10 Diets Should Not Eat Who Has High Cholesterol 2022

Cholesterol: it brings to images of that episode of How It’s Made: Hotdogs or that time we found a slice of pizza that had grease slide off. Why is it that all the good things seem to hurt us the most. Life must have been simpler before the invention of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Herein we find the Top 10 Diets Should Not Eat Who Has High Cholesterol.

Intake of excess amounts of cholesterol is unhealthy as it can predispose to some of the most dreaded medical Conditions including cardiovascular problems, obesity, diabetes as well as cholesterol poising. This is because
unused cholesterol is stored in the belly, under the skin and in the walls of blood vessels narrowing them. The fat may also be dislodged and carried elsewhere with catastrophic consequences.

Nevertheless, some situation may warrant dietary intake of cholesterol. These include certain metabolic diseases, nutritional deficiencies as well as some inheritable enzyme disorders. Since cholesterol is only found in animal products, strict vegetarians may also need to obtain this lipid (fat) from diet. In these circumstances, it may be important to seek the best dietary sources of cholesterol.

Dietitians, nutritionists and medical experts in the United States have set the average daily requirement for cholesterol (known as Daily Value of DV) at 300mg. There is a way to calculate daily blood cholesterol level. This will enable you to know the deficit in your cholesterol levels and therefore how much to consume. Here is a compilation of the top 10 diets should not eat who has high cholesterol.

10. Fast Foods

Fast foods especially those forming breakfast are usually high in cholesterol content. A breakfast comprising egg, ham or cheese biscuit will give you as many as 172 mg of cholesterol per a hundred gram serving which is equivalent to 57 percent DV. Each biscuit on the other hand will have as many as 246 mg of cholesterol. There are many
other fast food types with similar or even more cholesterol contents. You may have to consult a dietitian to help you with this.

9. Processed Meats

Meat and meat products are all known to contain high amounts of cholesterol. Among the processed meats such as those used to make sausage, duck or lamb, the mount of cholesterol is higher in the latter two. Bratwurst and liver sausage each contains about 158 mg of cholesterol representing 50 percent DV per 100 gram serving. Look for all the processed meats and choose the best for you. If you are not sure, you can consult a specialist.

8. Shellfish

Shellfish are high in cholesterol – The Jewish people are onto something

A few shellfish species have high cholesterol contents. These include clams, oysters and mussels. These shellfish can be eaten raw, fried, steamed baked or even made even made into chowder. The highest amount of cholesterol is found in the wild eastern oysters, which contains 105 mg of cholesterol representing 35 percent DV per 100 g serving.

In terms of weight, you will get 30 mg of cholesterol (10% DV) per ounce or 7 mg (3% DV) per oyster. No matter the state in which you eat your shellfish, you can be sure to get the said amounts of cholesterol.

Among the most popular servings in many restaurants is seafood such as cheeseburger. Depending on the brand, cheeseburgers can have as much as 185 grams of cholesterol. This high amount of cholesterol is usually provided by the cheese itself as well as the fries, shake and the butter with which it is served. Plain burgers will not have appreciable amounts of cholesterol. Therefore, it is not recommended for those looking to add to their blood levels
of cholesterol.

6. Cheese and Macaroni

This is another important diet when it comes to the best diets for high cholesterol levels. Most people don’t know this but Mac and Cheese was invented by US President Jefferson. Too bad his legacy doesn’t end there; that’s why we call genocide the $20 bill award.

The typical ingredients used to make both macaroni and cheese including butter, cheese and whole milk are responsible. These are the main sources of unsaturated fats including cholesterol itself. Just incase you want to have something to look at but not actually have to eat, consider this video


Besides this fact, cheese and macaroni are some of the most delicious of recipes you can ever hope for. It is better to first check your cholesterol deficit before you delve into consuming these delicacies because there is tendency to consume more than you actually needs.

5. Ice Cream Dessert

It is needless to say that ice cream is the heart of cholesterol. This is because ice cream is a staple diet for as many as 90
percent of Americans. This was according to research carried out by United States department of Agriculture.

While this is a major source if cholesterol, ice cream is so addictive because of its sweetness and delicacy. If you are not sure of controlling your cravings then this readily available best high cholesterol diet is not for you. You may get addicted easily and faster. This can spell doom as you can gain huge amounts of cholesterol putting your life at risk.

4. Chicken Meat

Chicken is very delicious and has been promoted as low-fat foods. This is one of the best diets with high cholesterol and yet can be eaten on a regular basis without having to worry about building up more cholesterol than you required.

The reason for this is that cholesterol levels in chicken will depend much more on the manner of cooking and not the chicken meat itself. If you want high amounts of cholesterol then you will have to cook your chicken with the skin. Chicken skin contains much more cholesterol than even hamburgers or ice cream.

3. Liver Diets

Liver is very delicious and rich in iron which good for blood and calcium, which is good for the bones and the muscular system. What you may not know is that the liver is rich in cholesterol and other saturated fats. Cholesterol is synthesized and stored in huge amounts in the liver.

If you wan to boost your cholesterol levels then you may consider occasionally eating liver but bear in mind that you need to know your blood levels of cholesterol so that you can only replenish what you need. Remember that 3 ounces of cooked liver will give you 331 mg of cholesterol which above the recommended 300 mgs.

2. A Variety of Snacks

Snacks such as cookies, French fries, cakes, crackers and onion ring are all major sources of the so-called trans fats. They also contain high amounts of cholesterol, which results from hydrogenation of the cooking oil used to process them. Constantly calculate your blood cholesterol levels and if they are okay, try to stay away from the snacks. In other words, eat them as needed. These delicacies too are very addictive and so you need to watch out against storing more cholesterol than you need.

1. Egg Yolk

At the top of the list of the top 10 best diets for high cholesterol is egg yolk, which contains a whopping 411 per cent Daily Value with an equivalent of 1234 mg per 100 grams of serving. One egg yolk on the other hand has 210 mg or 70 percent DV a complete egg 212 mg (71 percent DV). You can then see that all the cholesterol present in eggs is concentrated in the York. Due to these high levels of fat, eggs should be taken in very limited amounts even if you are deficient of cholesterol.

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