Top 10 Easiest Ways to Make Money Online 2022

Now is the time to plan for your financial future and success. The ability to make money online grows every year, but unless you plan how to make use of those techniques you could be missing out on some very serious money. With more and more people having access to the internet each year, the opportunity to create an additional source of income just gets that much easier. The possibilities to make money online are expected to rise again, so the sooner you plan to take advantage the better. Here are the top 10 easiest ways to make money online :

1. The eBay Store

eBay continues to outperform many other online auction sites with its growing number of users are merchants each year. For the past decade eBay has created many millionaires who simply sell their products on the website. With the recent changes to the pricing structures of their storefronts, it is easier than ever to create your own piece of real estate on the eBay website and drive millions of buyers to your products for less than any time before. The price is not fixed per month for unlimited products, and you can sell anything from PEZ dispensers to blank tee shirts with your storefront. The traffic eBay sees in a day is in the millions, and all of those visitors are potential buyers of your products.


One of the growing trends over the past few years is affiliate marketing. This is where you basically promote a third parties products and services, and when they visit or purchase those goods from that vendor, you in turn get a nice commission. This has many benefits including the fact that you do not even need your own website to make money. You can promote affiliate offers on your Twitter page, your Facebook page and many of the millions of discussion boards or forums online. Basically anywhere you can leave a comment with a link to that offer is a viable place to advertise.

3. The Paid Surveys

There are hundreds of paid survey websites online that are not worth your time and effort and actually give the legitimate sites a bad name. There are some paid survey websites however that do provide individuals with a very nice weekly income. The trick to dealing with this niche is to do your homework before you invest time in filling out surveys. Discussion boards are a great place to zero in on which of these sites is worth your time and efforts.

4. The Writer Inside You

If you even have the ability to write at an 8th grade level you can make a very nice income writing online. There are many websites that pay writers a very nice fee for each article they submit. You can join more than one article writing website and begin writing as soon as tonight. These sites often pay a few dollars per articles but you can choose the niche you want to write in and at the pace you want to write. Once you build up a reputation for delivering work on time, you may even get special requests from regular buyers who will even pay a little more money because they already have seen your work and were impressed. These little articles take less than an hour to research an write, and if you consistently write articles on subjects you are familiar with you can squeeze in more than that an hour.

5. The Mystery Shopper

This opportunity may sound like the old scam that was circulating online for many years, where people would pay a fee to be a mystery shopper, only to lose their money to some scammer who disappeared with their money. Those days are long gone with the advent of the new mystery shopper. Big corporations are paying a very nice fee for regular individuals to visit websites and rate their experiences. Similar to the fees paid by companies who pay shoppers to visit their stores and report back on how the transactions went, this online version allows the corporations to get a view of their website and employees interaction on that website by an impartial third party. These jobs allow the corporations to see areas that they are week or lacking, and apply the necessary changes to improve the overall visitor experience.

6. The Gold Seller

Selling gold while the market is at an all time high is a great way to make some extra cash. There are many websites who pay cash for gold that often pay substantially more that the local pawn shops or jewelry stores. You can get yourself a nice chunk of change turning in mismatched gold pieces, broken necklaces, or gold coins that you have. You can turn this little adventure into a very nice online business if you know that your prices online will pay more than local facilities by offering you services to locals who do not have access to such resources. Place a flyer in local stores that you buy scrap gold, many people are desperate for funds right now and could really use your help in getting quick cash.

7. The e-Book

We mentioned writing already in this top 10 easiest ways to make money online list, but the e-book is worth mentioning in a separate section. Unlike article writing which takes only an hour to make a one time small profit, the e-book gives you the opportunity to create a residual income that will continue to pay you for weeks, months and years into the future if written correctly. There are many platforms online where you can market your e-book, and even selling it for a modest $5 a piece means that once you finish the book the hard work is done. You let it sit on the websites you choose to market it, and each sale is just money in the bank. Take it to the next level and write an e-book each week, and before you know it you will have 52 e-book each generating a small income for you while you eat, sleep and write more e-books.

8. The Website Flipper

Creating a website can be a challenge for many, but creating a very basic website is a great way to earn a very nice bit of money online. Websites like are exclusively for selling and buying websites, unlike eBay where they sell everything under the sun including websites. Learn how to create a simple website and then simply rinse and repeat the process. People with zero design skills will pay very good money to have a website already started for them. These websites are often considered starter websites, but once you get good you can knock them out in less than a day. If you sell them for $100 a piece on Flippa, you can make a nice days salary while sitting in your pajamas building websites.

9. The Social Creator

With more and more people spending time on Facebook each day, is it a wonder the fan page has become so important for many businesses to get their brand in front of a new audience. Creating a fan page for local businesses is a great way to help them promote their services to a wider audience. You can make a very nice income building a social presence for businesses who are small enough that they do not have the time or skills to create those on their own.

10. The Dropshipper

Drop shipping continues to be one of the best ways to make money online that does not involve you carrying or even shipping any products. You simply find a company online that sells merchandise that you can market for a profit, and then when an order is placed the company will ship the item to that customer for you. You are giving the company more business, while providing a service to consumers looking for those goods.

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