Top 10 Electric Space Heaters

Space heaters make it possible to beat the chilly weather. Of course, there’s more to an effective heater than simply being warm. Here are some of the best and worst options available online.

The Best Top Space Heaters

Top 10 Electric Space Heaters 1
This outdoor commercial patio heater includes features like a straightforward piezo ignition switch, automatic safety valves that shut it off if it tilts over and a 46,000 BTU heat output. Reviewers say that it’s easy to put together and that even though you can fill the bottom with sand to keep it stable, it includes wheels for simple repositioning. Users also report that this unit is quick to heat up and effective at warming a sizable area. Hence, this is probably The Top Space Heater.
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Top 10 Electric Space Heaters 3
This 1,500-watt heater is designed to be quiet and efficient. It features a thermal cutoff, a tip-over safety switch and hardware for floor or wall-mounted installation. It’s compatible with plug-in thermostats, good at radiating heat throughout a wide area without making noise and faster than comparably sized oil heater alternatives. It’s also nice because it fits into a small space and includes an external safety housing to prevent accidental burns.
Top 10 Electric Space Heaters 2

Top 10 Electric Space Heaters 5
This mini fireplace incorporates a fan and PTC ceramic heating elements made for efficient operation. It also includes safety cutoff switches to prevent hazardous tip-over or overheating situations. According to users, it’s great for heating small rooms without taking up too much floor space, so it works well in RVs and motorhomes. Reviewers say that the low setting is good for buildings with older circuit breaker wiring and that the attractive fireplace effect is a big plus.
Top 10 Electric Space Heaters 2

Top 10 Electric Space Heaters 7
This infrared heater includes a remote and a washable air filter. The unit lets you pick from three energy settings, and all heated surfaces are surrounded by a cool-to-the-touch housing. It has a reputation for being extremely easy to control and energy efficient. It heats rooms more evenly than some other models, and it’s capable of continuous operation in cold weather conditions. Casters and a small profile also make it easy to relocate.
Top 10 Electric Space Heaters 2
Top 10 Electric Space Heaters 9
This 4,600 BTU heater is a great supplemental option in large spaces, but it also functions as a standalone solution for small rooms. It features a sturdy metal construction that stays cool to the touch, and it has an overheat protection circuit. Users like the fact that it can be operated without the heat on just for the fireplace effect and that it includes a blower to circulate warm air around a wider area. This item’s compact engineering also makes it easy to move around.
Top 10 Electric Space Heaters 2
Top 10 Electric Space Heaters 11
This ceramic heater sports an elevated pedestal design that delivers heat to the main parts of a room. At 1,500 watts, it’s suitable for medium-sized spaces, and it has an oscillation feature for improved circulation. Reviewers are big of fans being able to control this unit with a remote without getting out of bed or off the couch. It’s also known for heating rooms up rapidly and including a number of convenient energy settings.
Top 10 Electric Space Heaters 2
This ceramic 1,500-watt furnace has two heat settings and a fan-only mode. In addition to an adjustable thermostat, it includes an overheat safety cutoff circuit. According to reviewers, the unit works well even at low settings, and it circulates air effectively without being too loud. Compared with some similarly sized ceramic alternatives, it’s easy to dial in a specific preferred temperature even without digital controls. Many users say that it’s a great option for campers, but it also works well in offices and homes.
Top 10 Electric Space Heaters 2
Top 10 Electric Space Heaters 14
This tower heater includes a slick digital control panel and self-regulating ceramic heater elements that are designed for efficient operation at 1,500 watts. It has multiple settings and a convenient timer, but you can also use the remote control to pick your favorite mode. Users love that it’s super lightweight and includes a carry handle. The fact that it oscillates through a wide angle and heats up rapidly without being loud makes it ideal for distributing warmth.
Top 10 Electric Space Heaters 2
Top 10 Electric Space Heaters 16
This heater mixes a chic modern cube design with a classic fireplace effect that you can use with or without heat. It provides up to 4,600 BTUs of heat and includes two settings for optimal energy efficiency. It doesn’t get hot to the touch, however, and it cuts off automatically before overheating. The moving flame imagery has a cool 3-D look, and this unit’s ability to crank out heat effectively without making a huge racket is a definite plus.
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Top 10 Electric Space Heaters 18
This futuristic-looking heater includes a carrying handle and a revamped engine design. The thermostat can be programmed to take advantage of your favorite of two heat settings. Unlike some of its competitors, it includes a timer function that you can set for one, two, four or eight hours, and it has a nice, legible digital screen. One cool feature of this heater is that it provides 360º heating, so you can set it in the middle of a room to warm the whole space more effectively.

Top 10 Electric Space Heaters 2

Honorable Mention Top Space Heaters

Top 10 Electric Space Heaters 20
This heater is rated for 750 or 1,500 watts, yet it’s safe for desktop usage. It includes a long power cord and a fan-only setting for warmer weather. Reviewers like the straightforward design and carry handle, but it may not be that effective in larger spaces. The small package also necessitates extra caution to avoid accidentally tipping it over.
Top 10 Electric Space Heaters 2

Last Resorts

Top 10 Electric Space Heaters 22
Despite a cool appearance and oscillating features, this ceramic heater has been reported not to last that long. It may also be noisy or prone to overheating. Users complain about the fact that it’s not listed according to UL or other safety standards, and some claim that there’s a bad smell when the unit is operating, although this usually fades with most heaters.
Top 10 Electric Space Heaters 2

Top 10 Electric Space Heaters 24
This heater has a low profile and overload protection, but some people say that its thermostat isn’t consistent. It’s also notable for making a slight humming noise. On the plus side, it’s been reported to heat spaces effectively and quickly, and the metal construction is extremely sturdy.
Top 10 Electric Space Heaters 2

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