Top 10 Great Ways to Make Your Dog to Stop Chewing on Things 2022

Your dog is very dear to you and you would do anything in order to see him happy. However, there are times when your beloved pet will start chewing on things he isn’t supposed to and that’s when you need to step in and teach him that chewing on your shoes or on your couch is not really the best way to make you happy. With that in mind, below we’re going to take a closer look at the Top 10 great ways to make your dog to stop chewing on things.


10. Train Your Puppy

Just like your baby (if you are a parent) dogs will go through as teething process which is quite painful and uncomfortable for them. In order to minimize their discomfort, dogs will start chewing on things and that is why this is the right time for you to train your dog to chew on toys only. So if you’re planning on getting a young puppy, then buying him special toys for this phase is very much recommended.

9. Keep Your Pet Contended and Happy

If your dog is bored and lonely, then he will certainly start chewing on things. It’s just his way of dealing with the negative feelings that make him feel sad. In order to combat this, you just need to make sure your dog is always mentally and physically healthy by engaging in various indooroutdoor exercises.

8. Offer Your Dog Things to Chew On

There are many items that you could provide your dog with so that he stops chewing on your things. By doing so, you will not have to worry about the condition of your shoes when getting back home from work or your pet’s health.

7. Get Some Chew-able and Tasty Toys

When your dog is craving to chew on something, you need to train him to only chew on the toys you get him. If you want, you can even coat some in delicious treats and thus encourage him to spend more time with the toys you got him instead of your couch or shoes.

6. Make It Less Inviting to Chew On

Many of us deal with this situation: you get back home from work and you see your dog chewing on your favorite chair’s leg. To avoid this happening, it’s a good idea to coat it in a bad-tasting substance or with a foul smell. This will discourage him from doing it again.

5. Be Firm

If you’re around your pet and you notice he’s heading for an object so he can start chewing on it, you may want to be firm and say “No”. Be sure you’ll provide him with a nice and tasty toy instead. Also, when you catch him doing good things you should praise him and vice-versa.

4. Practice a Few Dog Training Strategies

You can address the issue of your dog chewing on various things by using dog training techniques. When doing so, you’re actually establishing yourself as a fair and firm leader in your relationship with him.

3. Be Consistent

When trying to control your pet’s habit of chewing on things, you’ll need to be quite consistent with the various training methods you’ll apply. At the same time though, you need to be understanding and patient and never treat your dog too harshly.

2. Tasty Food to Chew On

You may also want to go to your nearest pet store and get some nice items that your dog can chew on, such as natural chews, rawhide bones, pig skin rolls, pig ears and so forth. However, be sure you check the items carefully, so they don’t present any chocking risks for your beloved pet.

1. Ensure You Confine Your Beloved Pet in An Area Devoid of Things to Chew on

Last but not least, if you’re going to work and don’t have anyone to watch your dog, you may want to confine him in a space where there’s nothing he can chew on. Crates are a good choice, but be sure that you spend time with your dog when getting back home from work. To make your pet less prone to chewing inappropriate items and make him happier, give him lots of TLC and plenty of exercise.

With that being said, these are the Top 10 great ways to make your dog to stop chewing on things. Good luck with employing them as soon as possible!

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