Top 10 High Performance Team in World Cup 2021

With the World Cup being held in Brazil in the summer of 2021, not only are Brazilian fans hoping for a victory, which they have not had since 2002, but the fans are also hoping the host country will take the cup. However, with many power houses, and with many well known players and teams from around the world, it is not going to be an easy feat for the host country to do this, at least without some opposing force. These are the top 10 high performance and qualified team in World Cup 2021, as of the current moment.

10. Russia


Making it through a talented qualifying pool, with Portugal and Israel, many thought the team would not make it through. Not only have they qualified, they are also a top force that is hoping to make a dent in the World Cup, and hoping to make a name for the team, as one of the elite powers in the soccer world.

9. England


The team qualified this past Tuesday, with a 2 – 0 win over Poland; although they have not fared as well as they would hope in prior cups, the team is hoping they can do well in Brazil, and hoping to make it to a further round in the competition, which is going to begin with a total of 32 teams, who are fighting for the cup.

8. Denmark


In a period of only 18 months, the team that was seen as a dark horse as the cup was looming, is now one of the top contenders in the world. With obvious talent in the back field, but limited play on major tournaments, and big games, the team is hoping to stir up some noise, and hoping that they can make it deep into the tournament being played in only 6 months time.

7. Netherlands


The team put together an astonishing campaign, winning big in most of the games that they have played, while making their way to qualifying for the tournament in 2021. With a set of older, and settled players, they are hoping that the mix of old and new, will have enough power to make it as far as possible in the cup.

6. Chile



This is possibly one team that not many would have added to the list only a year ago, but with the easy group they played in to qualify, and the easy group that they will likely be paired up in when the cup begins, it is not a leap to say the team will go far. In some cases, it is the luck of the draw, and the fact that they drew an easy cup to make it to the tournament, has boosted their confidence, as well as their ranks in terms of where they hope to finish.

5. Colombia


The remarkable comeback on Friday, to draw at 3- 3 against Chile, secured a spot in the cup for the team from South America. Reversing a three goal deficit in the second half, showed the team has drive, they are mentally prepared, and that they are hoping to make a dent in the tournament, as things move towards the final rounds, and the competition begins to become more intense.

4. Italy


Of course this European team is ranked up high; not only are they highly ranked in Fifa standings, but with a powerful showing in the Confederation’s Cup, the team is hoping to fly in under the radar, and do some damage as tournament play begins. How far they will make it is yet to see, but they are in, and awaiting the tournament to begin.

3. Spain



Winners of the previous World Cup means you are always going to be a big name contender, and are going to be highly ranked, when the next cup rolls around. But, with the loss to Brazil, in the Confederation’s Cup this past summer, did show a few gaping holes in the teams defense. When tournament play begins, they must have a better defensive strategy set up, if they are going to keep up with the biggest names in the tournament.

2. Germany


The team has always been a powerhouse in the rankings, and this coming year is no different. With big name players, with a great coach, and with power both in the offense as well as the defensive end, there are going to be certain teams they will quickly eliminate, in the first round of play. Qualifying easily, winning all group games, the team is hoping they will go far, when the summer approaches, and tournament time begins.

1. Brazil


Of course the home team is always a favorite to win it all, and with one of the biggest names in the game possibly returning, and possibly being selected to play in the tournament (Ronaldinho), fans can’t help but hope for the best. Additionally, with one of the biggest name stars in the world today, in Neymar, the team is hoping they are going to be able to do some damage, as the tournament gets further into competition. Although they automatically qualified, as the host country, the team has been showing improvement, and winning the Confederation’s Cup this past summer, along with the news floating around that the country’s favorite star, Ronaldinho, might be added to the roster, has only heightened the hopes that the team has to take down the bunch, as well as the fans, who are hoping to see their country bring home a world cup, which is something that has not been done with poor performances in the past three cup appearances. Of course Argentina is a leader in the field as well, as they are the biggest rival for Brazil, but with a lacking defensive back, they may not go far; but, with one of the world’s best in Messi, there is always the chance of coming in big. These are some of the biggest teams, some are surprising to be ranked so high, while others are obvious candidates to go far, regardless of the group ranking they are placed in, as the cup begins this summer.

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