Top 10 Highest Paid Models in The World 2022

Modeling is not an easy thing to do and for somebody who is not really interested in what models do ,I may not even be clear what these models do. Somebody may be wondering what they gain by walking on their toes as people watch them. Somebody like that may not even imagine that some of the models earn more than some of the famous people they know. However, not every model is lucky enough to collect these lots of money as it requires particular attributes to do that. All the same, here are the top 10 highest paid models in 2022.

The model must be able to grab every single opportunity they come across and know how to couple these opportunities with great deals. If the model does these two things in the right way then it may just open both doors and windows for cash to start flowing in. Stories have been told about some models who came from very humble backgrounds but latter become filthy rich just because of modeling. If you have a passion for modeling then I will definitely encourage you to follow your dream. It may not just end up being your full-time job but also well rewarding. I invite you to look at the top ten highest paid models in the whole word. These people are filthy rich!

10. Miranda Kerr

  • $6,000,000



At the age of thirty four, this model has managed to secure regular payments of up to six million dollars. I mean so many people spend a lot of hours in offices but still they cannot even imagine such amount of money in their bank accounts. Her high paying contracts with Escada fragrance and Wonderba have seen her appear in this list of top earning models this year. The Australian supper model also happens to own a series of glass ware, a cosmetic line and also Kora organics. By my standards I would say that she is really doing well.

At a tender age of thirteen, Kerr had already got herself into the modeling industry. She also happens to be the first Australian to take part in Victoria’s secret campaign and that was in the year two thousand and seven. The events around the year 1997 that saw her make away with victories at nationwide model search which was organized by Impulse fragrances and Dolly Magazine would be considered the turning point for this model as she got her first break through.

However, her winning did not just come alone, it come with controversies surrounding the effects of modeling and fashion on girls of her age at that time. Other than being featured in this list, Kerr is also ranked among the best most admired women. Among many other things, she is also an author of a self help book and owns Kora Organics which happens to be her own brand of organic skin care. I think if you want to be a model you can use a few tips from her but that is just what I think because inspiration is key, even before you get the tips you have to be inspired.

9. Liu Wen

  • $7,000,000


Now this one is interesting because at some point I thought that for you to earn good money if you are a Chinese then you have to find yourself featured in a kung –fu movie but Liu Wen must have proved me wrong. Anyway I still have to confirm if she is not featured in one of such movies. All that put aside, this model’s face and gorgeous body can tell it all. She has a way of coupling her beauty with steady contracts that always see her smiling her way to the bank.

One of the contracts that has seen featured in this list is the contract with La Perla , a high end clothing brand. In addition to that she also has another contract with Estee Launder. This has made hare one of the highest earning Chinese citizens and a very popular lady in the Chinese fashion model

8. Candice Swanepoel

  • $7,100,000



This is another model who has also managed to appear in the list of the most beautiful women on earth. She is a unique model in that she actually cares for her people and this is evident from the support she gives to Mother2Mother, a charity organization that works towards eradication of HIV among the women and children of Africa. This South African diva has mastered the skill of balancing time between her contracts. She currently has three known contracts. Her contracts with Maxfactor, Biotherm and Victoria Secret seem to be well rewarding.

Her career in modeling began when she was lucky to be adopted by a model scout at the age of fifteen. If you have been keen you will realize that she has appeared in several covers some of which include Lush, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, I-D, Elle among others. In addition to that she is also not a new face in advertising. She has done advertisements for Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier and Jason Wu just to mention but a few.

7. Cara Delevingne

  • $8,500,000



At number seven is not just a model but also a big name in the film industry. I know many did not expect her to be in this list however, Cara Jocelyn Delevingne with a massive following of over thirty four million people on Instagram may have just found a way to making millions making her one of the biggest earners of the year. If you did not know her well allow be to let you know that she is not just a model but also an actress and a singer too. Her history in modeling is rather interesting. Can you imagine that she actually dropped out of school at the age of ten to go into modeling! It paid off anyway. She has been able to win the model of the year awards not once but twice in the years 2022 and 2012 at the British Fashion Awards.

6. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

  • $9,000,000



I actually did not believe that modeling can also be inborn until I come across this beautiful English model. She is a perfect example of natural talent. It is this talent that makes her carries home a clean nine million dollars. And did I mention that she is feature among the most beautiful English models and I actually think that is one of the reasons she has gained popularity. You can catch her on Instagram @rosiehw and prove to yourself her lifestyle given what she posts that features high-end living.

5. Gigi Hadid

  •  $9,000,000



I am tempted to say that models are at their best when they are are in their twenties. This is another young model who is earning big from the industry. In a normal situation, I would say that nine million dollars is too much money to be earned by a twenty two years old lady. However, because of this model, I am willing to change my stand to accommodate extra ordinary cases like hers.  Her deals with Topshop, Tommy Hilfiger, Maybelline and BMW may be attributed to her featuring in this list. Moreover,  if you do not know her well then you might just be surprised to know that she also appears in The Top 50 models @ models .com

As if that is not enough, the British Fashion Council in the year two thousand and sixteen saw it wise to name Gigi Hadid the International Model of the Year. I would say that she is very lucky to have what many models out there would wish to have and if it is not luck then I do not know what it is.

4. Kendall Jenner

  • $10,000,000



Did you ever imagine that the most beautiful ladies in the earth are also the highest income earners in the word? I guess your answer is a big no but i want to assure you that you are not alone in this because most people I have come across actually know nothing about modeling. However, those who know and understand modeling would know that beautiful ladies in the modeling industry are also among the millionaire list.

In the word today, Kendall Jenner is ranked not only in the list of highest paid models but also among the most beautiful girls in the planet earth. She is a perfect example of a multitalented model with ballet skill to add to her modeling. She is actually among the few models who posses ballet skills. In fact, I have never heard of any other model with such skills. If you are among the Instagram fans then I guess you already know that she is one of the most followed persons on that social media platform. If you are not already following her then check her @kendallienner.

3. Karlie Kloss

  • $10,000,000


There is also a breed of models that couple modeling with entrepreneurship. Karlie Kloss is just one of them. With an estimate earning of ten million dollars, she manages to secure a third position on the list of the higher paid models. She managed to retain the America’s Secret Angel for four consecutive years from the year two thousand and eleven to the year two thousand and fourteen. Besides, she is also ranked among the most beautiful models in America.

2. Adriana Lima

  • $10,500,000



Lima is the longest running angel in the history of Victoria Secret. She has what many of the models in the world would like to have. She is considered a role model by many beginners in the industry. This did not just come easy, from as early as the year two thousand, she was already the spokes model for a renowned cosmetics company named Maybelline cosmetics, a position that she has been holding since then to date. That is not the only contract that she has managed to keep for such a long period of time.  Other companies that she has worked with include Kia Motors Commercials and Super Bowl with which she worked with from the year two thousand and three to the year two thousand and nine.

As a result of holding the record of longest running angel in the history of Victoria Secret, she has come to be popularly known as Victoria’s Secret Angel. The most astonishing part of her story is when she first thought of being a model. You will agree with me that some people up to collage level before they know what they really want to do with their lives. That was not the case with this super model; on the contrary she was able to identify her talent while still in elementary school and if you think she waited to be an adult before starting to grab awards, then you are wrong, she was crowed a beauty pageant while in elementary school, an award that motivated her to be what she is today.

1. Gisele Bündchen

  • $30,500,000



At number one is Gisele Bundchen. This one never seizes to amaze me; in fact it looks like riches decided to follow her to retirement. Despite having retired from the modeling industry, her name can still not miss in the list of the top highest paid models in the world and from the look of things she is set to continue featuring in this list. For the past ten years, she has maintained the top slot in the list of super rich models. As a result, she has been named the QUEEN of Supermodels.

This Brazilian model is not just a model, beyond that; she is a producer and an actress. Her modeling star started to shine in the 1990s and she is also a major contributor to the end of heroin chic modeling era in 1999. To some people she is the only remaining true and original supermodel today. Among her achievements is the invention of the “horse walk”. We cannot also ignore the fact that she was actually part of the Victoria’s Secret Angels from the year two thousand to mid two thousand and seven. She also played a movie role in the Devil Wear Prada (2006) and also Taxi (2004).


Modeling in this century is a profession that many would envy since it is evident that it is well paying. However, it requires a lot of determination and self sacrifice to climb to the top because for you to be at the top, you have to be among the best.

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