Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in USA 2021

What are the top 10 highest paying jobs 2021? In terms of salary, recent statistics indicate that surgery is the highest paying job. Lawyers, psychiatrists, dentists, air traffic controllers, podiatrists, and petroleum engineers also earn a decent salary, mainly as compensation for their hefty job profiles, long work hours, and high stress levels that they contend with whilst trying to make our lives better. If you are a student and confused as to which career path to follow, read on to learn about these top 10 jobs in detail.


10. Attorney

Attorneys earn approximately 100,000 dollars annually. The high demand for legal services and their ability to handle many clients on a daily basis increases their earning potential significantly. To become an attorney (real estate, civil, criminal defense, etc.), you first need to complete a bachelor’s degree in law from a reputable institution of higher learning (university or college). You then need to apply for and pass a state-specific bar exam, to practice.

9. Pharmacy

As many healthcare professions, pharmacy is a lucrative career that is projected to grow by around 14% by the year 2022. In the job market, pharmacy is one of the top 10 highest paying jobs 2021, with pharmacists earning around 117,000 dollars annually. To become a pharmacist you must first be passionate about health and medicine. You must also have excellent business skills, complete a four-year Doctor of Pharmacy degree from a reputable institution of higher learning, and pass the mandatory state-specific exams.

8. Podiatry

With licensed practitioners raking an estimated 117,000 dollars as salary yearly, podiatry is a lucrative, but less-known healthcare profession. It is also one of the fastest growing careers in the health care and medical specialty niche. Podiatrists diagnose and treat diseases of the lower extremities (ankles, feet, legs, and others. They also rectify age and obesity-induced malformations, and boost the productivity of people by restoring good motor function. To become a podiatrist, you must complete a four-year course in a university or college. You must also complete the Doctor of Podiatrics Medicine degree, do a three-year residency, and then obtain a state license.

7. Air Traffic Control

Air traffic control is a lucrative career. Unfortunately, it is stressful and requires a lot of heart to do well. The long hours air traffic controllers work, for instance, is debilitating. The advent in airline technologies and computation of airport systems to lower human-induced safety errors, has also led to a below-average growth rate in the past decade. If you have excellent communication skills, a related bachelor’s degree, and do not mind working for long hours daily, consider air traffic control. The 123,000-dollar mean annual salary offered is good compensation.

6. Petroleum Engineering

In today’s modern society, the demand is at an all-time high. We use it to power vehicles. We also use it to generate electricity, heat home, and thus, live a comfortable life in general. To satisfy this demand, countries are constantly prospecting for fossil fuels and as a result, have increased the demand for petroleum engineers. Petroleum engineers design oil rigs. They also refine extraction technologies and monitor operations, from extraction of crude, refinement, and dissemination of fuel to end users. Even though thus job is demanding and among the most stressful in 2021, it is lucrative, earning the engineers around 131,000 dollars annually. To become a petroleum engineer all you need is a bachelor’s degree.

5. Dentistry

Dentists earn a living by working on mouths, with their area of interest being diagnosis and treatment of general teeth and gum problems. This includes issues such as bleeding, infected gums, dental cavities, and tooth decay among many others. Apart from diagnosis and treatment, dentists also sensitize patients on proper dental hygiene and how to prevent persist dental problems easily. For their hard work, most dentists take home a mean annual salary of approximately 147,000 dollars. Of all healthcare professions, dentistry is among the most competitive to get into. You must complete a four-year healthcare-related undergraduate course. You must then complete a four-year Doctor of Dental Surgery (DSS) degree from a reputable dental school, and finally apply for and pass a state-specific examination to get a license.

4. Orthodontics

Orthodontists are globally acclaimed healthcare professionals that have brought smiles to the faces of millions of kids and adults globally. They examine and treat abnormal teeth. They also device and apply braces, realign skewed teeth, and use an array of medical and surgical techniques to improve the appearance of people and boost normal mouth function. For the excellent job that they do and the significant impact orthodontists have in the healthcare sector, they currently are among the best-remunerated healthcare professionals in 2021. To become an orthodontist you first must get a degree from a dental school. You must then study a Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Dental Surgery Course and enroll for a post-doctoral degree in a recognized program.

3. Psychiatry

In today’s modern society where millions of people live daunting lives, the demand for counseling services is at an all-time high. The demand for psychiatrists has as a result increased and with it, their salaries too. With a mean average salary of around 179,000 dollars, they are among the highest paid professionals in 2021. As other health care profession, people who want to become psychiatrists must first complete a four-year medical course in a recognized college or university. You must then enroll for a residency program for up to eight years to become a licensed psychiatrist.

2. Physicians

Unlike pediatricians and cardiologists who undergo specialized training to tackle specific types of health problems, general service physicians are all round medics. They interact with patients on a day-to-day basis diagnosing diseases, treating them (prescriptions and vaccinations), and monitoring recovery. General Service physicians also counsel, sensitize patients on disease prevention, management, and control, and are often the first on the scene when cases present in emergency rooms. For their dedication, vast job profile, and hard work, physicians bring home a mean salary of around 185, 000 dollars yearly. To become a certified physician, you must complete a four-year medical course and then do internship for between three to eight years.

1. Surgery

Surgeons are the best-paid professionals, in not only the healthcare sector, but also the job market in general. They play a significant role they play in operating rooms. For instance, they spear head restorative and corrective surgeries. They also correct deformities and help to restore the lives of people who would have otherwise met their end. Unfortunately, with their hefty salary comes a lot of hard work. To become a surgeon, you must be intelligent, study for over a decade, and do a long internship to get a practicing license.

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