Top 10 International Motorcycle Shipping Companies Reviews 2021

Have you recently moved from your country to overseas and you need to bring that automobile that is dear to you? Have you been planning to purchase a special motorcycle from another country far from your home country or state? Alternatively, are you a dealer in motorcycles? In these situations, you will need to have it shipped to you from wherever the motorcycle is. However, not every shipping company offer motorcycle shipping service and not all companies that do offer the best quality services. It is therefore imperative that you carry out some research to find a motorcycle shipping company with the best reputation, experiences, high quality services and of course competitive shipping rates. Here we have sampled the top 10 international motorcycle shipping companies in 2021.

10. DAS

DAS motorcycle shipping company was founded in the year 1996. It has since established its position in the motorcycle shipping market. They are specialized in offering both local and international motorcycle shipping services. DAS motorcycle movers ships over 4,000 motorcycles and well as ATVs including personal motorcycles, dealer transfers as well as corporate locations. The DAS Global Services is the branch specialized with carrying out the international shipping of motorcycles. They deal will both imports and exports of these vehicles from and to different parts the world with headquarters in the USA. The company is secured, insured and bonded and so you can be rest assured your automobile will be delivered safely.

9. Pacific Island Movers


This is another of the highly ranked international motorcycle shipping companies in 2021. It is based in the United States of America but has subsidiaries and outlets in other countries all over the world. Pacific Island Movers has been in the market for the past 26 years and has not failed to impress those who have used their services. No matter the kind of bike, new or used, Pacific Islands Movers will deliver it to use at your convenience, safely and in the same condition you handed it to them. This company ships motorcycles in three different ways including Ro/Ro (Roll-on/Roll-off), container and air freight services. Whichever you choose is your preference.

8. Anglo Pacific World Movers

Anglo Pacific world movers are the leading independent motorcycle shipping company in the United Kingdom. The company has been shipping motorbikes, boats and camper vans since the year 1978. This has given the company’s staff enough experience to understand fully the ins and outs of motorcycle shipping using the finest guidance and the best of prices. The company goes out of its way to ensure that your motorbike, whether new or used is taken good care of and that the shipment happens just as it was planned. Their deliveries are on time and in the right conditions.

7. Berkley Express

Another company that is worth mentioning in the list of the top 10 international motorcycle shipping companies is the Berkley Express. Based in the United States, the company mainly ship motorbikes from this country to other continents including Western Europe and Australia. Berkley Express prides in providing pelletized (uncrated) service to the majority of the Western European countries or destinations. In addition, this motorcycle shipping company offers open crate/crated services to almost any destination in the world but especially to Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

6. DHL Motorcycle Transport

DHL is a very popular international freight company in the world. The company also offers, as part of their global service portfolio, fully customized motorcycle transport solutions ranging from bikes to bikers. DHL boasts of offering tailored transport solutions and delivering their clients bikes free from damage and at any country in the world. The company’s transport systems are specially designed with motorcycle racks with strapping and fastenings to ensure that they bikes are kept stable and secured. In addition to the motorcycles, the company also ships consignments of motorbike spare parts and accessories.

5. Aussie Bike Shipping (ABS)

This international shipping company based in the UK employs the modern technology in the shipping of motorbikes between United Kingdom and Australia. Aussie Bike Shipping company follows the clients wishes and once a schedule is put in place, there is no turning back as the bike will be received in the right time o the right condition. While their services are limited to between United Kingdom and Australia, the company is fast growing and it could as well launch international and intercontinental motorbike shipment in the recent future.

4. Federal Motorcycle Transport

This allied worldwide agent is specialized in the shipping, transportation as well as storage of motorcycles and ATVs to clients on vacation and those dealing in these automobiles. Federal Motorcycle Transport has specially designed transport with pallets put in place to offer total protection without the need for crating. If you want to move with your motorbike, you can trust that Federal Motorcycle Company will enable you go anywhere you would like without having to worry about your automobile being damaged. All these services come at very affordable prices.

3. John Mason International Movers

Established in the year 1884 and still going strong, John Mason International Movers have proved its pundits wrong by remaining strong for over a century in the motorcycle shipment market. The company has an in-house creating workshop, which enables them to build a made to measure crate. The wheels will then be secured in the crate to provide maximum protection for the motorbike while on transit.

2. Schumacher Cargo Logistics

If it has wheels, we can move it! This is the motto of the Schumacher Cargo Logistics. This company is ranked the second of the top 10 international motorcycle shipping companies in 2021 because of the superiority of the services they offer. SCL moves over 10,000 motorcycles and vehicles every year around the world. The motorcycle shipping services offered by Schumacher Cargo Logistics include cross country shipping and transportation, international motorcycle shipping, ATV/Quad shipping, overseas shipping, motorcycle transportation and motorcycle shipping. The company utilizes insured, secured and bonded facilities to ensure that your automobile is safe.

1. Dynamic International

To complete the list of the topmost international motorcycle companies in 2021 is the Dynamic International. The company has is specialized in providing high quality motorcycle shipping services from UK to other parts of the world. With a global network of offices, you can be sure that you will get your motorbike at the scheduled time and in the right condition. The services that make dynamic international a company worth collaborating with in your shipment needs include air and ocean freight services, full packing and motorcycle crating services as well as providing a room for the helmets and leathers.

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