Top 10 List of Famous Female Christian Singers 2021

Christian music is enjoyed world over not only in places of worship such as churches, but also in homes and social gatherings. Even though men have played an important part in the development of this industry, the influence of women vocalists is powerful. Over the years, they have created an uplifting experience that millions of people enjoy when they wake up in the morning, or when going about their daily routine. If you like Christian music and looking for interesting albums that you can enjoy with your family and or friends, here the most famous singers are below:

10. Coko


Coko, born Cheryl Elizabeth Gamble is a vibrant R&B Christian singer, best known for her role as the lead singer for the R&B gospel group Sisters with Voices. Since it came to the limelight in 1992, this platinum recording musical group released five acclaimed albums with their first, “It’s About Time,” selling over three million copies worldwide. Unfortunately, after six years of its formation, Coko disbanded Sisters with Voices because of irreconcilable differences and embarked on a solo music career. Over the years, she collaborated with popular musician such as Will Smith and releasing her debut solo album titled Hot Coco on August 10, 1999. Ever since, her musical star has shone bright. Coko is married to Mike Clemons and resides in Virginia.

9. Laura Story


Laura Story, born Laura Mixon Story Elvington in Spartanburg, South Carolina is a popular contemporary music singer, with a string of accomplishments under her belt. Now 36, Story’s journey to becoming one of the most celebrated Christian artists started in 1996 in university where she met Shane Williams of the Silers Bald band. She joined the band as a bass player and recorded four albums with her colleagues, before embarking on a solo musical career in 2002. Since then, she has released five albums (Indescribable (2002), There Is Nothing (2005), Great God Who Saves (2008), Blessings (2011), and God of Every Story (2021)), with Great God Who Saves, Blessing, and God of Every Story charting at number 25, 1, and 7 on Billboard charts.

8. Sandi Patty


Sandra Faye Patty, commonly known as Sandi Patty or Sandi Patty Peslis is a famous 58-year old singer, author, and pianist from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States. She is an authority in inspirational and contemporary Christian styles of music, with many of her singles and albums winning the hearts of millions worldwide. Since her debut as a professional in 1978, Patty has worked with five music labels (Milk and Honey, Word, Impact, INO, and Stylos. She has also done associated acts with Larnelle Harris and Bill Gaither, and won several awards for her invaluable contributions including two GMA Dove Awards. She has a wonderful voice. She also understands music and melody and is currently the industry’s best paid female singer.

7. Britt Nichole


In many top 10 famous female Christian singers 2021 reviews, Britt Nichole is a household name, liked for her enthralling vocals and interesting song writing skills. She is also a recording artist and has a reputation of being one of the most charted Christian pop female singers in the industry. Now 30 years old, Britt Nichole developed a love for music at an early age. She started singing at her local church by age three, before joining a Christian program in Charlotte TV station WAXN. Fast forward to 2021, she has worked with Capital Records to release an album that has charted on Billboard charts. She has won nominations for Grammy and Dove Awards for her good work.

6. Tasha Cobbs


Tasha Cobbs is a musical powerhouse from Jesup, Georgia, United States. Now 33 years old, she is one of the most successful African American Christian singers in 2021. Tasha’s dream of becoming a renowned gospel singer started at her local church in Georgia. She functioned as a worship leader in the church choir before moving to Atlanta and joining the dReam Center Church. In 2012, Cobbs recorded her first album, Grace, with several organic and moving tracks that have remained among the most sought after titles to date. Her clear voice has reverberated in all of her songs, wining her Grammy Award for the Best Contemporary Gospel Music Performance and nominations for a Soul Train Music Award and a Grammy for Best Gospel Album.

5. Ellie Holcomb


Elizabeth “Ellie” Holcomb, popularly known as Ellie Holcomb is an American singer-songwriter and the daughter of renowned music producer, Brown Bannister. She is 31 years old, a resident of Nashville, Tennessee, United States, and one of the most influential celebrities in the Christian music niche. Although Ellie started singing from a young age, she got her big break in 2005 with Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. In pursuit of a solo career, she quit the group in 2011 and released her debut album, Magnolia, later the same year. The album not only charted on many billboard charts, but also brought her fame and fortune that she continues to enjoy to date. She has since released a second album, With You Now, in 2021, won the 2021 New Artist GMA Dove Award, and cemented her place among the best singers in this category.

4. Kathleen Colleen Toccoli

Kathleen Colleen Toccoli is a 56-year old renowned author, speaker, and singer of inspirational and contemporary Christian music. She is from New York, New York; has amazing vocal control; and has worked with reputable music labels such as Reunion and RCA since her professional debut in 1982. Kathleen has a sweet natural sound. She also understands rhythm in music and has written interesting Christian songs with messages that millions of people relate to. These attributes have not only increased her popularity, but also won her prestigious musical awards in her career.

3. Mandisa


Mandisa, born Mandisa Lynn Hundley, is a contemporary Christian recording artist from Citrus Heights, California, United States. She has enjoyed a successful musical career since featuring in and finishing ninth place in the fifth season of the renowned American Idol talent show. Mocked for her weight while auditioning for the show, Mandisa did not let her critics to water down her dream of becoming one of the best in the industry. Now 38 years old, she has released a charted album. She has also collaborated with established singers such as Kirk Franklin and tobymac and won the Best Contemporary Music Album Award and a Grammy Award for her album titled Overcomer. This makes her the fifth American Idol contestant to win a Grammy.

2. Amy Grant


Touted as The Queen of Christian Pop, Amy Grant is an American singer-songwriter, media personality, and philanthropist. She is 54 years old; has several grossing singles; and has sold over 30 million albums globally as of 2009. Many of her singles and albums have charted on billboard charts and won her several prestigious music awards key ones being 25 Gospel Music Association Dove Awards and 6 Grammy Awards.

1. Natalie Grant


Natalie Diane Grant, popularly known as Natalie Grant is currently the most famous Christian singer in 2021. She has a wonderful voice. She also has amazing chart topping singles and albums and has won numerous awards, including the Gospel music Dove Award an impressive four consecutive times. Natalie Grant is 43 years old, debuted in 1999, and hails from Seattle, Washington, United States of America.

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