Top 10 List of Famous Korean Actors Before and After Plastic Surgery 2022

The advent of the plastic surgery industry in South Korea has seen in increase in the number of celebrities going under the surgeon’s knife to improve their physical look. Fortunately, unlike in America and China where botched plastic surgery operations are common, Korean surgeons are not only experienced, but continue to improve their technologies and techniques for the betterment of their customers. To date, a majority of Korean actors have undergone one form of plastic surgery. The top 10 famous ones in 2022 include:

10. Kim Jae Joon


Kim Jae Joon, popularly known Jaejoong, is a multi talented actor. He is a reputable designer, director, and songwriter who penetrated the South Korean entertainment industry singing for the Korean boy band JYJ. This 29-year-old native of Gongju, South Korea is handsome, courtesy of several plastic surgery procedures that he has underwent over the years. For instance, when Kim’s old pick surfaced on the Internet, it was obvious that he has undergone double eyelid surgery to create fuller and luscious eyes. Rumor also has it that he has also undergone a nose job to correct his previously wide and bulbous noses. It is now smaller, narrower, and pointed at the tip.

9. Joo Sang Wook


Joo Sang-wook is an acclaimed 36-year-old South Korean actor from Seoul, South Korea. He has featured in many romantic comedies, medical dramas, and action films and won several Awards and nominations awards for his stellar performance while on set. For many people have questioned his seemingly unnatural look, with critics arguing that he is one of the many Korean actors who rely on plastic surgeries to stay young and handsome. Joo has refuted these claims. However, preliminary analyses of his old and recent photos show signs of a double eyelid surgery and a nose job.

8. Lee Dong Wook


Best known for his lead roles in Blade Man, Hotel King, and television dramas such as La Dolce Vita and My Girl, Lee Dong-wook is a famous actor. At 33 years old, this Sejong University alumnus from Seoul has also enjoyed a successful modeling career, posing for many reputable companies within and outside South Korea. When Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae’s photograph for the movie Drama Girl surfaced on the Internet, critics found an opportunity to prove rumors that Lee’s stellar looks were a result of plastic surgery. They did. His eyes looked bigger and thinner than they did originally.

7. Kris Wu


Born Li Jiaheng in Vancouver, British Columbia, Kris Wu is a 24 Chinese-Canadian actor. He is also a singer, songwriter, and one of the most popular celebrities in the Korean entertainment industry. Apart from his stellar performance on stage, Kris Wu has attracted a lot of attention recently because of his supposed love for plastic surgery. Albeit marginally, a comparison of his current and old pictures have revealed that he has had his jaw and teeth tweaked. Rumors also have it that he has had a facelift and eyelid surgery. Kris Wu has denied such allegations. However, there might be other clues beneath the thick layer of makeup that he wears nowadays.

6. Lee Min Ho


Best known for his portrayal of Gu Jun-pyo in Boys over Flowers, Lee Min-ho is an influential actor. He is also a successful model and singer, with two music albums (My Everything (2022) and Song for You (2022)) under his belt. Unfortunately, at just 27 years, this celebrity from Heukseok-dong, Dongjak District, South Korea has featured in several top 10 famous Korean actors before and after plastic surgery 2022 reviews because of his clearly visible nose job. The big and broad nose he had during his teen years is now a thin pinched one with a pointed tip. Even though he has not released any statement refuting this rumor, his pictures tell the story well.

5. Yooh Shi Yoon


Considered one of the best actors in South Korea, You Shi Yoon is also one of one of the most controversial artists in the country, especially regarding plastic surgery. Rumor has it that the perfect face he flaunts on stage and on advertisements is a result of surgical procedures and augmentations he has gotten since he came to the limelight several years ago. His nose, for instance, has changed from being broad and large at childhood to a slender and pointed one. This according to many critics might be a result of the nose job and rhinoplasty procedure he gotten at some point in his career. His eyes are also open and bigger, which points to a double eyelid surgery.

4. Jang Geun Suk


Jang Geun Suk is an admirable South Korean actor. Apart for his captivating acting skills and melodious voice, he has enjoyed a vast following in South Korea and Asia in general because of his appealing baby boy look. Critics, however, have for many years considered his looks unnatural, a fact that they proved when his old photographs surfaced on the Internet. According to recent evident, for instance, Jang Geun Suk’s perfect nose that many girls drool over was once a bulbous blob, narrowed using rhinoplasty. The procedure was also used to sharpen its tip and create smaller and well-defined nostrils that matched his face. As many celebrities in Korea, he has also undergone double eyelid surgery to create bigger open eyes.

3. Jung Yong Hwa


Known for his performance in the CNBLUE band, music production, and acting skills, only a few artists rival the success that Jung Yong-hwa continues to enjoy in the South Korean entertainment industry. Unfortunately, the rumors of his supposed love with plastic surgery for the sake of look might be true after all. By comparing his past and present photos, the current appearance of his nose looks slightly different than it did years ago. It has become narrower and sharper, most probably because of the nose job and rhinoplasty surgery he underwent a few years after breaking through the entertainment industry. Jung Yong-hwa is yet to confirm or deny these allegations.

2. Cho Kyu Hyun


Cho Kyuhyun is an actor singer and a current member of South Korean renowned Super Junior boy band. He is 27 years old, successful, and one of four Koreans who have featured on Chinese stamps. As many young Korean actors, Cho Kyuhyun has undergone plastic surgery procedures to improve his overall look. He has significantly wider eyes than he did in his teens. He also has a narrower and sharper nose, most probably because of rhinoplasty.

1. Kim Hyun Jun


Kim Hyun Jun is a 27-year old successful South Korean entertainer with a love for plastic surgery. He is one of the few public figures who have admitted openly that they have had nose jobs. However, his reasons for doing plastic surgery were for legitimate medical reasons.

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