Top 10 List of Famous Korean Actresses Before and After Plastic Surgery 2022

It is no hidden secret that plastic surgery is a common practice in South Korea. Statistics has it that one out of every five South Koreans have has plastic surgery procedure done at some point in their lives, with doctors and surgeons doing around 74 procedures per 10,000 people of all ages every year. The pressure on celebrities is even greater, with most actors and actresses doing a total overhaul of their bodies to look stunning on screen and on paper. If you are skeptical, here is a detailed review the before and after photographs of top 10 famous Korean actresses on 2022:

10. Jun Ji Hyun


Commonly known as Gianna Jun, Jun Ji-hyun, is a renowned 33-year-old actress from Seoul, South Korea. She is talented and best known for her stellar performance a romantic comedy, My Sassy Girl, which is currently the highest grossing Korean comedy of all time. Jun Ji-hyun is one of the most beautiful Korean celebrities in 2022. While grooming and her weight conscious nature has contributed to her stunning looks, rumors that double eyelid surgery has contributed to her larger and fullers eyes cannot be further from the truth. Rumor also has it that she has surgically repaired her nose to remove a mole and create a slimmer well-defined one. Jun has neither accepted nor rejected these rumors.

9. Goo Hara


Stylish, young, beautiful, Goo Hara is a famous actress from Gwangju, South Korea. She is also a member of the Korean pop girl group Kara and modeled for reputable shopping malls from a young age. Now 24 years old, Goo Hara is among few South Korean actresses who have acknowledged that they have undergone reconstructive surgeries to augment their natural looks. Her eyes are wider and larger than before. She has a slimmer chin. She has also admitted to fixing her teeth and her nose surgically. She is currently studying at Sungshin Women’s University.

8. Lee Yoo Bi


If you have watched the Vampire Sitcom (2011), the GU Family Book, and The Innocent Man film, you might have noticed how Lee Yoo Bi looks beautiful while on set. Recently, however, the media and her fans alike have questioned whether she inherited the natural beauty of her actress mother Kyeon Mi-ri or benefited from the plastic surgery craze that has swept through Asia and America for years. A review of her before and after photographs suggests that these rumors might be true. It is obvious that she has had her eyelids tweaked for a fuller and richer look, and her nose reduced.

7. Kim Ah Joong


An alumnus of the Dongduk Women’s University in South Korea, Kim Ah Joong is a 32-year-old South Korean model, drama, actor, and film actress from Seoul. She debuted as a professional in Korea’s entertainment industry in the comedy 200 Pounds Beauty (2006). Even though she has enjoyed a successful acting and modeling career, she has also attracted praise and condemnation alike for what many people say is not her natural beauty. An analysis of her past and recent photographs reveals massive facial changes, key among the being the double eyelid surgery she had to create bigger eyes. She has also had her nose shaved to reduce its size and her chin and jawbone shaved to create an oval face.

6. Ku Hye Sun


Best known for her lead roles in movies such as Daughter, The Peach Tree, Fragments of Sweet Memories, and Magic and television dramas such as Boys over Flowers and Pure in Heart, Ku Hye-sun is a multi-talented Korean actress. She is also a singer, a songwriter, and a film director. Now 30 years old, this native of Incheon, South Korea is beautiful, with her well-defined face and nose rumored to be a result of expert plastic surgery. The square face in her past photographs is now oval because of a facelift. She has also done a nose job to slim her previously flat and broad nose

5. Lee Min Jung


In many top 10 famous Korean actresses before and after plastic surgery 2022 reviews, opinions as to weather Lee Min Jung’s beauty in natural or is a result of cosmetic surgery are varied between fans and critics. What is non-debatable is that this famous 33-year old actress from Seoul, South Korea has transformed significantly since she graduated from Sungkyunkwan University. Although she has the same eyes and nose, her face looks thinner and slightly oval. Originally, it was chubby and slightly square.

4. Lee Da Hae


Born Byun Da-hae in Seoul, South Korea, Lee Da-hae also known as Lee Da-hey is a South Korean actress. She is an alumnus of Konkuk University, has a net worth of 1.2 billion USD, and is currently one of the most beautify women in Korea and South Asia. She has acted in several movies (Miss Ripley (2022), The Slave Hunters (2010), and Green Rose (2005) and is rumored to have a never-ending thirst for reconstructive surgical procedures. From her photographs, it is evident that she has done a jawbone lift to create a fuller, but unnatural oval face. She has also done a facelift to tighten her skin, a nose job to correct her low and wide nose, and done a double eyelid surgery to create bigger fuller eyes.

3. Go Ara


Go Ara is a television magnet who made her acting debut in 2003 in the television drama Sharp#1. She is from Jinju, South Korea, is 25-years old, and an influential celebrity in South Korea. Since she had double eyelid surgery a few years ago to correct her smaller somewhat sleepy eyes, she has made subtle changes in her appearance that have attracted praise and condemnation in equal proportions. Judging for her before and after photographs, it is also evident that her wide chin and jaw line is no longer the same. They are smaller, narrower, and thus, create a sharper oval facial shape. While Go Ara has refuted these claims, pictures do not lie.

2. Kim Yoo Mi


Kim Yoo Mi is a gorgeous former Miss Korea who is also an established actress. This 35-year-old from Yangyang County, South Korea has many Awards and nominations for Awards under her belt. Judging from her before and after pictures, rumor has it that her beauty is not as natural as many pageant enthusiasts thinks. She has altered small chin and eyes that critics consider fake

1. Im Ji Hye


Im Ji Hye is a famous model, actress, and drag queen who has benefited immensely from plastic surgery procedures. Unlike in the past when she was chubby and looked older than she actually was, the facelift, eye surgeries, and chin reconstruction surgeries that she has done over the years has improved her looks significantly.

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