Top 10 Most Beautiful African Women In 2022

Apart from its thriving fauna, beautiful beaches, and many other attraction sites, Africa has a lot to offer. Talking about beauty, this review highlights 10 of the most beautiful women in 2022 who continue to influence the lives of others positively:

10. Yvonne Nelson – Ghana

Yvonne Nelson – Ghana

Tenth on our review of the top 10 most beautiful woman in 2022, Yvonne Nelson is a famous and highly accomplished Ghanaian entrepreneur, film producer, model, and actress. Well-known in the International acting scene, this 28-year old former Miss Ghana contestant has many accolades under her belt. In 2022 for example, Yvonne Nelson walked away with a prestigious award of the hottest Ghanaian actress in Nollywood, beating other accomplished bombshells such as Nadia Buri, Jackie Appiah, and Lydia Forson during the City people Awards held in Lagos, Nigeria. Apart from that, Yvonne looked beautiful and glamorous as she received an accolade for her contribution in the movie “Single and Married,” which got the best Ghanaian movie award during the same occasion. Apart from her immense beauty and excellent acting skills, Yvonne Nelson is also level-headed, and excellent communicator, and a woman with a high fashion sense. In synergy, these attributes earned her the respect and admiration that she enjoys not only in Africa, but also internationally. The seven prestigious awards that she walked away with during the 2022 ZAFAA Global Awards in London is one such proof.

9. Charlize Theron – South Africa

Charlize Theron – South Africa

Charlize Theron is not only one of the most talented African actresses, but also one of the most beautiful in the continent. This 38-year old bombshell hails from South Africa. Since her debut in the acting scene, she has taken lead roles in movies in Hollywood, some of which she has received prestigious awards. Between 1990 and 2012 for example, Charlize won an Oscar, an Academy Award, a Screen Actors Guild award, a Golden globe award, and a Silver Bear award for the excellent role she played in movies such as The Devil’s Advocate, The Cider House Rules, mighty Joe Young, and Monster among many others. With her long and silky hair, lovable personality, and to-die-for smile, it is understandable why many people think that she is a world-leading supermodel. She only gets beautiful as she ages.

Thandie Newton – Zimbabwe

Thandie Newton, the 41-year old Zimbabwean born in England fills the number eight spot on our review of the top 10 most beautiful african women in 2022. Her glamorous looks, outgoing personality, and excellent acting skills have made her one of the most desired actresses by leading movie producers worldwide. In 2006 for example, her beauty and acting skills came to play, when she accepted a supporting role in the movie Crash. Her ability to blend her personality with her role and ability to captivate viewers of all ages earned her a BAFTA award later. She has also starred alongside other well-renowned actors such Eddie Murphy and Simon Pegg, Will Smith, and Tom Cruise. Although Thandie Newton is married and blessed with three children, her skin is smooth and wrinkle free, whilst her smile is a radiant. Her sense of style is also good, which improves her sexy appeal.

7. Honorine Uwera – Rwanda

Honorine Uwera – Rwanda

Honorine Uwera is by far one of the most established African divas in the fashion industry. Born in October 2004 in Rwanda, Honorine spend most of her teen years in Africa. In the late 1990’s she immigrated to Canada, where she got her lucky break courtesy of her immense beauty, eloquence, and never-ending drive for success. Throughout her career, Honorine has highlighted the works of some of the best designers in the world. In 2006, for instance, she took part in the Laurent shows held in Paris, France. In September the same year, she appeared in the Nordstrom catalogue and an Elle catalogue. Other designers that have appreciated her beauty and given her a lead modeling role when displaying their collections are Ruffian, Antonio Marras, and baby Phat just to name a few. Honorine Uwera from Rwanda is seventh on our top 10 review of the most beautiful African women.

Genevieve Nnaji – Nigera

If you are a fan of Nollywood movies, you might have noticed that many beautiful African women work in the Industry. None, however, comes close to Genevieve Nnaji, the 33-year old A-list Nollywood actor and entrepreneur from Nigeria. The self-confessed Julia Roberts of Nollywood is well refined, beautiful, and has an appealing sense of fashion. Beauty aside, Genevieve has several accolades under her belt. She, for instance, was already a popular actress by the time she was eight. He lead role in subsequent movies such as Most Wanted, Mark of the Beast, and The Journey cemented her place among the elites in the industry. She has received many nominations and awards for her work and is currently one of the most paid female actresses in Africa. Did you know that Genevieve is also a singer and her marketer? She has released her debut album, One Logologo, and has appeared in many television commercials; marketing mainly fashion, hair, and good skincare products. Genevieve’s talent, beauty, and ingenuity are attributes many people will not get tired of in the near future. She fills the number six spot on our review.

5. Leila Lopes – Angola

Leila Lopes – Angola

Leila Lopes, born Leila Luliana da Costa Vieira Lopes, is a 28-year old beauty queen born in Benguela, Angola. Because of a lovability and immense beauty, Leila Lopes has participated in many beauty pageants and won some. In 2010 for example, she participated in and won the Miss Angola UK, while studying in England. The same year, she won the Miss Angola beauty pageant in Luanda, Angola. She went ahead to represent Angola in Miss Universe 2011 in Sao Paulo Brazil and came first. Nowadays, Leila Lopes is passionate about charity work, using her skills in business management, her contacts, and influence all over the world to raise awareness about HIV and lower stigma associated with the disease. She is fifth on our review of the top 10 most beautiful African women in 2022.

4. Bonang Matheba – South Africa

Bonang Matheba – South Africa

At 26-years, Bonang Matheba is already a prominent South African personality who continues to influence the lives of many African women positively. Many people love this radio DJ, brand ambassador, fashion designer, and TV presenter for her toned and sculpted body, infectious smile, and electrify personality that she uses to brighten the lives of others. Courtesy of her fashion design skills, Bonang keeps a keen eye on what she wears. She is always looking clean and classy. She also uses her fabulous fashion sense to accentuate her most interesting features, while remaining decent. Apart from Africa, Bonang has a vast international following. In 2022 for instance, she made history by being the first African personality to become the brand ambassador for Revlon, a position originally reserved for American beauties such as Emma Stone and Halle Berry. Her beauty and global influence has earned her the number four spot on our list.

3. Hanaa Ben Abdesslem – Tunisia

Hanaa Ben Abdesslem – Tunisia

Third on our top 10 most beautiful African women in 2022 review, Hannah Ben Abdesslem is a 24-year old Tunisian super model who is currently living her dream. Even though she was reserved and grappled with many uncertainties and challenges courtesy of her traditional Tunisian upbringing, she has grown to become one of the most loved, beautiful, and influential personalities worldwide. Throughout her career, Abdesslem’s beauty has marketed the works of many world-renowned designers such as Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta, Vivienne Westwood, and Jean Paul. She is also the spokesperson for Lancome and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Tunisia, especially the United Nation backed ones. Her beauty and characteristic bob style cut will keep heads turning for years to come.

2. Liya Kebede – Ethiopia

Liya Kebede – Ethiopia

Liya Kebede is an accomplished supermodel, fashion designer, and actress from Ethiopia. This 36 year old is not only one of the most beautiful women is Africa, but also one of the most successful in the beauty and fashion industry. Her beautiful face and ability to adapt to situations has seen her photograph featured three times on the cover of Vogue magazine. She has also taken part in ad campaigns of Gap, Victoria’s Secret, Shaitzy, Dolce and Gabbana, Louis Vitton and many other high-value fashion houses. Liya also has her own clothing line and participates in many charity programs via her Liya Kebede Foundation.

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1. Lupita Nyongo – Kenya

Lupita Nyongo – Kenya

Lupita Nyongo, born Lupita Amondi Nyongo, is number one on our review of the top 10 most beautiful black women in 2022. Best known for her beauty and the supporting role that she executed perfectly when playing Patsy on Three Years a Slave, this 31 year old from Kenya has become one of the most interviewed rising stars, whenever she hits the red carpet. She has an Academy Award and many other accolades under her belt; has featured on the front cover of Vogue; and was recently (2022) named the most beautiful woman in the world by people magazine.


Though many beautiful women have their roots in Africa, the ones highlighted in this review are the top 10 most beautiful in 2022.

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