Top 10 Most Beautiful Asian Women In 2022

Definitely, it is already tough to compete either in terms of beauty or talent inside each country for its entertainment industry. What if the competition gets on to the regional level? Surely, it is going to be an even tougher and more exciting comparison of who the most attractive and most beautiful women are in Asia. Indeed, Korea, China, and India are some of the big countries in Asia with very big entertainment industry which their fame has gone beyond the border. As so, many people expect that there will be still many women from those countries to be crowned as among the prettiest women in this 2022. Nothing is clearer than go and check it. We have the list for you down here.

10.Marian Rivera


One of the Asian women with amazing beauty you will firstly see is Marian Rivera. Though born in Madrid, Spain, Marian Rivera is a Filipino actress and model. In addition to her incredible talent in the two fields, her beautiful face and body shape are also what many people have recognized and are what people excite most about her. Best known for her presence in “Maryma” and “Temptation of Wife”, Marian Rivera has also been included in the list of the FHM’s most sexiest women twice in 2008 and 2022. Her beauty is just terrific, and there is not a reason why she should not be in our list of the most attractive women in Asia 2022.

9. Ha Nui Lee


As well attractively beautiful, another seat falls into the hand of Han Hui Lee who is a well-known Korean musician and access. It is not surprising at all that she comes from Korea since Korea is best known to have so many beautiful women and handsome men. Born in 1983, Ha Nui Lee has also been represented her country to join the Miss Universe 2007, and proudly, she came back with the third prize winner. And, that is simply because she is stunningly beautiful.

8.Fan Bingbing


Being one of the top celebrities in China, Fan Bingbing is widely known as having the very amazing beautiful face. This with her talent in acting and singing have brought her to be the name everyone knows. Another fact about her achievement in her career is that she has always appeared as one of the Forbes China 100 list since 2022 until this 2022. While the earlier film she has acted in that has brought her a great fame is “My Fair Princess”, and she then has appeared in many huge successful films such as the “Cell Phone” which has won many awards including the “Hundred Flowers Award”.

7. Liu Yifei


Also from China, the next stunningly beautiful Asian woman is Liu Yifei. Liu Yifei is widely known as the Chinese actress who has an extremely attractive face with very lovely smile. Born in 1987, Liu Yifei is also very talented in singing and modelling in addition to her acting career. Because of her parents’ divorce, after the age of 10, Liu Yifei has been raised only by her mother, and they had moved to live in New York since then. However, Liu Yifei is so passionate in the career she has been doing, and it was in 2002 that she returned from New York to start pursuing this career in China.

6. Mehwish Hayat


Being a wonderful celebrity in Pakistan, Mehwish Hayat is a model, actress, and singer. Her beauty is also highly noticeable. Many people have recognized that, and she has also been listed as one of the amazing Asian women in 2022. At the age of 32 for this 2022, Mehwish Hayat has achieved so much in her career in the entertainment industry so far. One of the most important turning points in her career was when she had a major role in Madventure-Ary Digital and the Insha’Allah.

5. Dia Mirza


Instead from India, the woman whose beauty has amazed the public enormously is Dia Mirza. Naturally and brilliantly beautiful, Dia Mirza has multiple talents, and she has involved in many careers around the entertainment industry including as an actress, model, and producer. In 2000, the very big fame happened to Dia Mirza, and it was when she won the Miss Asian Pacific International title. And, her beautiful face has played a major role in this. Interestingly, for her debut in the film was Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein which is still considered as the most romantic movie ever in India.

4. Deepika Padukone


Sharing the same origin as Indian, Deepika Padukone has often been considered as the most beautiful actress in India, and she has also made it to be in the list of the most beautiful Asian women of the year. There is nothing surprising for this. Deepika Padukone has had extremely beautiful appearance in addition to her special talent in acting. At the same time, Deepika Padukone is also known as one of the highest-paid Indian actresses. She has been just incredibly successful in her career.

3. Zhang Zilin


Coming in the third place as an extremely beautiful Asian Woman in 2022, this seat has fallen into the hand of Zhang Zilin. Known as the owner of the Miss World China in 2007, Zhang Zilin has still been considered as the amazingly beautiful women in China as well as in Asia. On the other hand, Zhang Zilin is a talented super star. She is in modelling, singing and acting, and she has done all those very well. For her singing career, she started in 2008 while her modelling happened in 2003.

2. Hye Kyo Song


With her fame of her beauty going wild around Asia and beyond, many people agree Hye Kyo Song is one of the prettiest women from Korea and in Asia. And, when it comes to talking about beautiful women, her name is often there. Being purely a talented South Korean actress, her earlier success can be obviously seen in the films, “Autumn in My Heart”, “That Winter, The Wind Blows” and “Full House”. After that her talent and amazing beauty has shined brightly to the public. The exposure so far has got her to the top of her career.

1. Katrina Kaif


Finally, time has come, and the most beautiful Asian woman in 2022 to be revealed is Katrina Kaif. She is now one of the terrific actresses and models in India. She was born in 1983, and she has had many achievements in the Bollywood film industry of India. At the same time, her beauty is absolutely attractive and outstanding, and it has shaken many men’s hearts after seeing her. Additionally, she is also among the top Indian actresses with the highest paid rate. Indeed, it is often running out of adjectives to describe how beautiful Katrina Kaif is.

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