Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Women In 2021

Chinese women are among the most beautiful in the world. Many individuals find their lean bony frames, scintillating smiles, and smooth silky skins irresistible. Furthermore, contrary to the law of nature, the beauty of many Chinese women increases as they age. The healthy lifestyle that they adopt as they age helps to keep their body systems working well and their hair and skin looking radiant. Intense Grooming and the fashionable clothes they wear also helps to accentuate their positive attributes, which makes them look younger younger and beautiful that they did in their teen years. Based on their personal looks and talents, here is a detailed review of the top 10 most beautiful Chinese women in 2021:

10. Zhou Xun

Zhou Xun

At 40 years old, this actress from Quzhou, Zhejiang in mainland China continues to captivate audiences whenever she is on set and gets heads rolling whenever she is on the red carpet. Throughout her career, Zhou has used her beauty and excellent acting skills to help produce timeless movies in the Chinese and international scenes. Between 2000 and 2003, for instance, she pioneered in movies such as The Little Chinese Seamstress, Lou Ye’s Suzhou River, and Dai Sijie’s Balzac; and series such as The Legend of the Condor Heroes. Her performance and beauty gained her international recognition. In early 2000, for instance, Zhou was one of the most famous young Chinese actresses. She also has many best actress awards (Bauhinia Awards, Hong Kong Film Awards, and Beijing Student Film Awards, to name a few) and other accolades under her belt.

9. Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing

Fan-Bingbing is a famous 32-year old singer, Chinese actor, and television presenter from Qingdao, China. Unlike many women who bleach or rely on unorthodox products to heighten their physical appeal, Bingbing is naturally beautiful. She has a smooth and radiant porcelain skin, enchanting looks, and an amazing bone structure that heightens her sexy appeal significantly. In 2010, the Beijing News newspaper ranked her first on their “50 Most Beautiful People in China” list. Apart from her beauty and jaw-dropping smile, Fan is smart. She is also charming and has an irresistible personality that has spurred her success in one of the most competitive industries in China (the film industry). Because of her fascinating appearance and talents, Fan Bingbing has acted and won awards for her contribution in many movies and television series. Some notable ones are the Hundred Flower Award, Golden Horse Film Festival Award, Tokyo International Film Award, and Beijing College Student Film Festival Award. Finally, Fan has a good fashion sense. She always looks gorgeous and stands out of the crowd whenever she hits walks the red carpet, attributes that have cemented her place among the best of the best in China.

Gao Yuanyuan

Talking about the most beautiful women in 2021, no list is complete without Gao Yuanyuan. By the time she was 17 years old, this 38-year old actress from Beijing was already making headlines in the entertainment industry in mainland China mainly because of her to-die-for beauty, talent, and charisma. What is interesting about Gao Yuanyuan is that she is not only naturally beautiful, but also self-taught. Unlike many in her class who have spent years in school taking theatre classes, her radiance, and ability to market an ice cream product well in a television commercial won her instant fame. To date, Gao has starred in many timeless movies (Spicy Love Soup in 1997, The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber in 2002, and Shanghai Dream, to name a few). Her beauty also continues to land her lucrative deals in television advertisements locally and internationally.

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7. Zhang Jingchu

Zhang Jingchu

Seventh on our list, Zhang Jingchu is a 34-year old Chinese film actress from the countryside. Even though she was a middle class family, her scintillating beauty, talents, well-roundness, and grasp of the English language has made her one of the most prominent and recognized Chinese personalities in the acting and film industry. After her debut in the movie “Silver Bear” directed by Gu Changwei in 2005, Zhang’s beauty, love for the camera, and her ability to adapt to challenging situations earned her lead roles in many other films; Hark’s Seven Swords in 2005, Ann Hui’s Night and Fog in 2009, and Derek Yee’s Protege in 2007 being the most well-received. Since the Time Magazine recognized Jingchu as one of top Asian heroes in their 2005 issue, she continues to captivate many TV and movie fans worldwide.

6. Liu Yifei

Liu Yifei

Liu Yifei, born An Feng in Hubei, China is a 26-year old singer, model, and Chinese actress with many aliases. Legally, her name is Liu Ximeizi, while her English name is Crystal Liu. Many people consider her one of the most beautiful women in China inside and out, mainly because of her well-sculpted body, feisty eyes, lavish smile, and high sense of style. Liu Yifei entered the Chinese showbiz industry at an early age. By age 15, her popularity and influence in China was on the rise. However, it was not until she graduated with a degree in acting from the Performance Institute at the Beijing Film Academy that she got her big break. Smitten by her beauty, talent, and brains; directors of several television series in China sought her and propelled her to success and fame. To date, her sense of style and good looks continue to captivate her fans, both local and international.

Zhao Wei

Zhao Wei, also known as Vicky Zhao or Vicki Zhao, is an internationally known Chinese actress, pop singer, and director from Wuhu, China. Her elegance aside, Zhao Wei has captivated millions of local and international movie enthusiasts with her excellent acting skills, over her 38 years of life. Her debut television series, Princess Perl, for example earned her good ratings, for the supporting role that she played. Apart from Princess Perl, her singing, and stardom in movies such as Red Cliff, Warriors of Heaven and Earth, and The Independent have earned her many local and international accolades. For instance, along with Zhou Xun, Zhang Ziyi, and Xu Jengli, Zhao Wei is a Four Dan Actress. She has also wont the Shanghai Film Critics Award, the Hundred Flowers Award, International Film Festival Award (best actress), and the Eagle TV Award, to name a few.

4. Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi

Considered one of the Four Dan Actresses by the Chinese media (alongside Zhou Xun, Xu Jengli, and Zhao Wei), Zhang Ziyi is by far one of the most established actresses in China. Now 35-years old, this legend from Beijing looks younger than many women her age are. Her silky black hair, laid-back personality, and broad radiant smile continue to draw audiences whenever she is in the limelight. Beauty aside, Zhang Ziyi is a jack of her trade. She has won lead roles in local movies such as Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon, and international ones such as Rush Hour 2, Memoirs of Geisha, and The Road Home, some of which earned her a Golden Globe Award and three BAFTA Awards, courtesy of her exceptional acting skills. Finally, the modeling career of Zhang Ziyi is as outstanding as her acting one is. She has graced many catwalks and appeared on the cover page of many domestic and international fashion magazines.

3. Xu Jinglei

Xu Jinglei

The 40-year old editor, film director, and Chinese actress, Xu Jinglei, is the third most beautiful woman in China as per our review. Second to her beauty, the ability of Xu to achieve whatever she has put her mind to has made her one of the most influential and idolized celebrities in China. After graduating from the Beijing Film Academy in 1997, for example, Xu did not let her limitation to define her future, or lower her potential to become a world-renowned actress. Because of her dedication and ability to exhibit various emotions when acting, she got lead roles in many blockbuster movies that earned her many accolades over time. For instance, Chinese media consider her one of the Four Dan Actresses. Apart from acting, Jinglei’s writing and editing skills has improved her online presence significantly. The monthly Chinese editorial that she started in 2007 has many regular readers and has improved her overall image both online and offline.

2. Zhang Yuqi

Zhang Yuqi

Zhang Yugi, commonly known as Kitty Zhang Yugi is a beautiful Chinese actress. Since her debut the 2007 Hong Kong film, CJ7, The 27-year old bombshell from Dezhou, China has attracted media attention mainly because of her immense beauty and acting skills. She has also appeared in many television advertisements and won several accolades for her contribution in the film and movie industry in China. The Hong Kong Film Award for the Best Performer is among the most prestigious accolades under her belt. Because of her good looks and success, Zhang Yugi has also found herself on the front cover of local and international magazine, one of the most notable ones being Elle.

1. Jin Ye



Jin Ye

Jin Ye is a 26-year old model from Hebei, China. Her beauty has enabled her to represent China in many local and international beauty pageants. Even though her modeling career was tough in the beginning, mainly because of the natural beauty many Chinese women boast about, she has received many accolades under her belt. Although she participated in the 2009 and 2011 Miss China World competitions unsuccessfully, Jin Ye made a comeback in the Miss Universe China 2021 event. She won the event and went ahead to represent her country in the Miss Universe 2021 in Moscow, Russia. Even though she did not win the event, she was among the top 16. She also won the Miss Congeniality Award and enjoyed pleasantries that come with the award. She is first on our list of the most beautiful Chinese women.

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