Top 10 Most Beautiful Spanish Women In 2022

Spain is a land of many pleasantries. First, its rich heritage is a major tourist attraction. The old-age building, palatable cuisine, and plethora of historical sites also attract millions worldwide; especially those who want escape the stresses of life and enjoy a fun holiday. Finally, if you are looking for a beautiful woman to marry or share your life.

Spain is one of the best tourist and holiday destinations best known for its rich history, fauna, and loving populace. It is also a land of many gorgeous beauties. Here is a detailed review of the top 10 most beautiful Spanish women in 2022:

10. Triana Iglesias

Triana Iglesias

Triana Iglesias fills the number 10 spot on our review of the most beautiful Spanish women . Apart from her curvy body, sexy appeal, and charisma, this 32 year old is one of the most established supermodels with Spanish decent. Because of her stellar looks and confidence, for instance, Triana Iglesias has featured on Mexican, Spanish, Polish and American playboy covers, to name a few. She has also been a Playboy Playmate in many countries and featured on many men’s magazine covers (CKM, Men, Slitz, and Man for example) globally. Triana is also a good dancer and currently working as a reporter and presenter.

9. Claudia Moro Fernandez

Claudia Moro Fernandez

Claudia Moro Fernandez, commonly known as Claudia Moro, is a 29-year old internationally acclaimed beauty queen from Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Courtesy of her beauty, well-toned body, and high self-esteem among many other interesting features, Claudia has participated in many local and international pageants successfully. In 2007, for instance, Claudia Moro participated in and won the Miss Madrid beauty competition, a highly competitive pageant organized in Madrid, Spain. Claudia proceeded to the 2008 Miss Spain competition where she represented the Spanish capital, Madrid. Although she was first runner up, Claudia qualified for the 2008 Miss Universe beauty pageant (because of the winner’s young age) where she was seventh overall. Her beauty has improved since.

8. Sara Carbonero Arevalo

Sara Carbonero Arevalo

Sara Carbonero Arevalo, commonly known as Sara Carbonero is an accomplished sports journalist and Spanish television presenter. This 30-year old from Corral de Almaguer, Spain has stolen the limelight many times, not only because of her excellent at time controversial reporting, but also because of her stunning beauty. Her glowing tan skin, perfect figure, and gorgeous green eyes, for example, always get the heads celebrities turning, as was the case in 2010 during Spain’s first game in the FIFA World Cup. Smitten by Carbonero’s beauty, Iker Cassilas, the goalkeeper of the Spanish football team, failed to stop a goal and cost his team the first match. Sara remains the most beautiful and prominent figure to date. On our review, Sara Carbonero Arevalo is the eighth on our review of the top 10 most beautiful Spanish women in 2022.

Maria Eugenia Silva Hernandez-Mancha

Spanish women are naturally beautiful. However, in the sexiness department, only a few come close to Maria Eugenia Silva Hernandez-Mancha. This 38-year old supermodel from Madrid, Spain not only looks younger than her age, but also has a stunning sexy appeal and an array of complementing features that have spurred her success in the modeling industry. For example, because of her beauty and coordination, Eugenia Silva has served as an image model for L’ Oreal group’s magnum and Garmier, and Oscar de la Rata. She has also cat-walked for Prada, Armani, Dior, and other prominent fashion houses in Spain and the United States of America (USA), and won the 1992 Elite Look of the Year crown. Apart from hear immense beauty and global achievement, Eugenia Silva has a law degree from Madrid’s Complutense University and loves global charity work. Eugenia Silva fills the number seven spot on our review of the most beautiful women in Spain in the year 2022.

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6. Amaia Salamanca Urizar

Amaia Salamanca Urizar

Amaia Salamanca Urizar is a 28- year old Spanish actress from Ispanija, Madrid. Apart from her long combed-down hair, well-toned body, and brown feisty eyes that have earned her the number six spot on our review of the top 10 most beautiful Spanish women in 2022, audiences worldwide love Amaia because of her excellent acting skills. Her lead role in films such as Catalina Marcos, Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso (Spanish version), and the Sin Miedo a Sonar (SMS) earned her international recognition and a spot among the elites in the niche. In addition to her immense beauty and excellent acting skills, Amaia is well-educated. She also has an outgoing personality and an interesting fashion sense that improves her sexy appeal further.

5. Vanessa Romero

Vanessa Romero

Fifth on our top 10 review, Vanessa Romero is an energetic 36-year old model from Alicante, Comunitat Valenciana, Spain. She has participated in many local and international beauty contests and won some lavish ones (the Miss International held in 1998). She has also won the hearts of many individuals from all over the world because of her excellent acting skills. For instance, in the “La que se avecina” series that aired in Spain in 2007 and many other television networks worldwide thereafter; her gorgeous body, captivating smile, and over-the-top sexy appeal boosted her role (self-confident and beautiful woman that men could not get enough of) and helped her to captivate soap opera lovers of all ages. Though married, Vanessa Romero is still radiant. She also look young and as beautiful as she did over ten years ago.

4. Paz Campos Trigo

Paz Campos Trigo

Taking about the top 10 most beautiful Spanish women, no list is complete without mentioning Paz Campos Trigo, better known as Paz Vega. This 38-year old woman from Seville, Spain is a world-renowned actress, and by far, one of the most beautiful women in the country. Even though Paz started captivating Spanish audience with her beauty and acting at a tender age, she got her big break in the movie “Spanglish,” in which she played a lead role with actor Adam Sandler. Even though Paz is married to a Venezuelan and has three children, she has managed to keep her body lean and well-toned. She is also confident, has a cheerful personality, and a classy fashion sense that accentuates her beauty well.

3. Estibaliz Pereira Rabade

Estibaliz Pereira Rabade

Estibaliz Pereira Rabade, best known as Estibaliz Pereira fills the number three spot on our Top 10 most beautiful Spanish women in 2022. This 28-year old form A Coruna is sleek and well organized. She has also demonstrated that she is among the most beautiful women not only in Spain, but on some of the world’s grandest stages as well. For instance, at a gala event in 2009 in Cancun, Mexico Estibaliz Pereira was crowned Miss Espana. She represented Spain in Miss Universe the same year at Atlantis Paradise in the Bahamas, but unfortunately was not among the top 15 contenders. That however, did not lower Pereira’s zeal to succeed. She has achieved more than many Spanish women her are and continues to be one of the most beautiful and idolized women in Spain.

2. Penelope Cruz Sanchez

Penelope Cruz Sanchez

Penelope Cruz Sanchez, best known as a Penelope Cruz is a world-renowned actress from Alcobendas, Ispanija, Spain. This 39-year old woman is tall, has beautiful thick eyebrows, silk tanned skin, and many other features that embody the look of a star. Because of her coordination, immense beauty, and zeal for success, Penelope signed her first acting contract at age 15 and started appearing on television screens by age 16. To date, Penelope has starred in many movies and series both in Spain and the United States, key ones being The Hi-Lo Country, Woman on Top, Girl of your Dreams, and Pirates of the Caribbean. In appreciation of her work, Penelope Cruz has gotten an array of awards over her acting career, a major one being the best supporting actress Academy Award that she got for the movie “Vicky Christina Barcelona.” Apart from acting, Penelope Cruz had a successful modeling career especially in her teen years, courtesy of her beauty and well-roundedness. She has graced the catwalk for formidable celebrity fashion brand such as L’ Oreal, Mango, Ralph Lauren and many others.

Patricia Yurena Rodriguez Alonso

Patricia Yurena Rodriguez Alonso, best known as Patricia Rodriguez fills the number one spot on our review of the top 10 most beautiful Spanish women in 2022. Many people remember this 24-year old beauty from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain for her botched Miss Universe dream in 2008 where after capturing the Miss Espana crown for that year; officials found out that she was too young to compete in any international beauty pageant event. Even so, her sexy appeal, beauty, and keen fashion sense guaranteed her a promising future. In 2008 for instance, Patricia Rodriguez participated in the Miss World beauty pageant. Even though she did not win the competition, she was among semi-finalists who got positive review from acclaimed fashion experts. In 2022, Patricia went ahead win the Miss Spain beauty pageant and went ahead to represent her country in the 2022 Miss Universe event held in Crocus City Hall, Moscow Oblast in Russia. Courtesy of her beauty and Intelligent Quotient (IQ), she managed the first runner up position losing only to the winner, Gabriela Isler of Venezuela. Patricia is also an actor and training to be an actress.

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