Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries in the world in 2021

When you are immigrating, touring, or traveling to a country for your honeymoon, security should be of primary concern. Even though all countries worldwide have their share of pros and cons, a few prominent ones have alarming homicide statistics, terrorism, and or never-ending wars that lower the quality of their populace and visitors. When you are planning holiday trip or organizing a honeymoon get-away with your partner, here is a review of the top 10 most dangerous countries in the world in 2021, which you should approach cautiously:

10. North Korea

North Korea

North Korea is an isolated Asian country that continues to hit headlines negatively. Even though the cases of homicide, theft, and drug trafficking are low in this country, the authoritative style the government used to govern the country has made it one of the top 10 most dangerous countries in the world.

On our review, North Korea fills the number 10 spot for the following reasons: First, did you know that North Korea holds the record of having the most number of citizens in prison? Over one percent of North Korean citizens are in prisons or torture camps established all over the country for petty reasons.

Second, if you have kept tubs with the international media in the past few years, the senseless executions that have happened in North Korea are an indication of the controversial style of governance in the country. During the 100-day mourning period set in 2011 for North Korea’s Kim Jon-II, the army executed an official for drinking. Many non-mourners got prison sentences.

Apart from poverty and malnutrition, which kills thousands in the country annually, North Korea has outlawed tourism. The government also spies on residents and slaps them with outrageous penalties without warning. Finally, it has pioneered many nuclear projects, contrary to international interests.

9. Mexico

Many people love Mexico for its tourist attraction sites. Its entertainment industry is also thriving and famed for producing some of the most interesting soap operas worldwide. However, whilst millions of people tour Mexico yearly, it is the ninth most dangerous country in the world for the following reasons:

Contrary to North Korea, Mexico’s insecurity does not stem from authoritative system of governance or stringent regulations that oppress the populace. It experiences high murder and kidnapping rates, mainly because of the arms trade and drug trafficking cartels rooted in major cities such Ciudad Juarez, Tijuana, and Nogales. Many illegal guns are in the hands of many people who use them to fuel their illegal trades, at times with devastating consequences. Extreme violence and public shootouts between rival gangs are common.

8. South Africa

South Africa has a troubled past. The oppression against black people during apartheid and the ever-growing gap between the rich white population and poor native one has led to some of the worst sectarian violence ever witnessed in Africa. The rate of crime (murders and rapes) in South Africa is also alarming, especially in major cities such as Johannesburg and Cape Town. Finally, immigrants are never safe in the streets down South. Reports of kidnapping and “ethnic cleansing campaigns” have been rampant in the country, especially in crowded cities such as Johannesburg, where job opportunities are few. On our list, South Africa ranks eighth among the most dangerous countries in 2021.

7. Columbia

In a country where over 2000 incidents of kidnapping are reported every year, nobody, especially tourists, is safe. Lawless individuals, especially those who are part of drug and arms smuggling cartels kidnap people and ask for ransom, or use them to negotiate terms for their illegal activities. It is not surprising therefore, that many people consider Columbia the global kidnapping capital. Global murder rates in the country are also jaw dropping. On average, 70 per 100000 deaths in Columbia are a result of unexplained murders. Finally, individuals in the arms and drug cartels in Columbia have waged a never-ending war against the authorities who try to cut their income streams. Gun battles, many at times with gory civilian casualties are therefore, a common occurrence in this country.

6. South Sudan

South Sudan

South Sudan is the youngest independent nation in the world. When the country split for Sudan in 2011, all leaders preached peace and promised to work together for the betterment of the country and the East Africa Community in general. Fast forward to 2104, internal wrangling between officials, power struggle, and inequitable distribution of resources threaten to bring it to its knees. For instance, lawless rebel soldiers currently control some cities in South Sudan. They have massacred thousands of people based on their ethnicity and political affiliation and are bent of causing more destruction and misery. Finally, the never-ending squabbles between Sudan and South Sudan continue to fuel the conflict now witnessed in this country. Though not proven, claims of Sudan supporting rebels to overthrow the government in the South have arisen. It ranks sixth on our review of the most dangerous countries in 2021.

5. Syria


Many people find the atrocities that have been happening in Syria of late to be too hard to stomach. The civil conflict that has been taking place in the country continues to claim hundreds of innocents lives monthly. To date, it is estimated that over 70,000 individuals have lost their lives courtesy of either the either the ruthlessness of rebels or the carefree attitude and executions the government has conducted to silence such threats. Millions more continue to languish in refugee camps in neighboring countries. If you cannot dodge bullets, withstand the power of barrel bombs, or chemical weapons that both parties use to gain a competitive advantage, avoid serious for the meantime. It is the fifth most dangerous country in the world in 2021, according to our review.

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4. Somalia


Somalia, popularly known as the horn of Africa is a breeding ground for Al Qaeda’s latest affiliate, the Al Shabaab. The terror group has organized a host of attacks in eastern Africa, the most prominent ones being the July 2010 Stadium bombing in Kampala, Uganda and the September 2021 attack in a mall in Nairobi, Kenya. Suicide bombing, gunfights, and explosion of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are common in Somalia, especially around government buildings and missions in Mogadishu. It ranks the fourth most unsafe country worldwide.

3. Pakistan


Pakistan has held the reputation of being among the most dangerous countries in the world for a long time for many reasons. First, the failure by government to stamp its authority in many cities has created a heaven where lawlessness thrives. According the global terrorism index, Pakistan has the second highest crime rate globally. Terror outfits such as the Al Qaeda and Taliban thrive in this country, venting their never-ending anger on both the authority and civilians alike. Suicide bombings, drone attacks, and stray bullets are among many ways that you lose your life, while enjoying the scenery that Pakistan has to offer. It ranks third on our top 10 most dangerous country in the world in 2021 review.

2. Iraq


After the ouster and execution of Saddam Hussein by the United State of America 30 December 2006, many people thought that the citizens of Iraq would regain the long lost peace they have been dreaming about for many years. However, the situation has grown from bad to worse. The country has become synonymous with death and terror and currently ranks as the second most dangerous country in world. Terrorist groups and anti-American rebels thrive in this country. They have fueled an endless conflict for many decades and continue to drive the economy of this oil-rich and once among the most thriving authorities worldwide. If possible, avoid touring the country at all costs.

1. Afghanistan


Afghanistan is the most dangerous country in the world in 2021. Residents of this country have experienced a decade-long civil war that does not show signs of ending soon. Its streets are riddled with suicide bombers. The constant gun battle between NATO-backed security forces and terrorists groups such as Al Qaeda and Taliban only worsens the situation. Avoid it at all costs, if you want to go back to your hometown in one piece after enjoying your romantic get-away.

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