Top 10 Most Important Warmers Reviewed In 2022

Professional massage is an intricate process that requires several specialized equipment to do well. In addition to comfortable massage tables, for instance, warmers are among the must-have accessories for several reasons. Warmer blankets, for instance, maximize the level of comfort of individuals whilst massaging in cold environments. Bottle warmers, on the other hand, maintain oils, gels, and lotions at the correct temperature for use, while towel warmers better the experience of massage enthusiasts further. If you are setting up a practice and want the best of the best experience for your customers, here are 10 of the most important warmers to consider purchasing:

10. Electric Gel/Lotion Bottle Warmer

 Electric Gel-Lotion Bottle Warmer - Holds 1 Bottle

When massaging, individuals depend on oils and lotions to lower friction and better the effectiveness of their techniques as a result. Unfortunately, in cold weather, oils and lotions often thicken, which lowers their effectiveness significantly. Avoid the foregoing challenge by purchasing this Electric Gel/Lotion Bottle Warmer from Whitehall. Designed to accommodate and heat one bottle at a time, it is space efficient. The mounting hardware it comes with eases set up on walls while its rust proof stainless steel construction is also stylish and designed to blend well in contemporary spaces. You also get an industrial-grade heating element with a thermal fuse that prevents it from overheating and a long (6-foot) grounded power cord that betters safety further.

9. Paragon Towel Warmer

Paragon Medium Capacity Towel Warmer, 72 Count

Designed to accommodate up to 72 face washcloths (12x 12-inches) and keep them warm and ready to use, this medium-capacity towel warmer is a must have accessory for individuals with commercial massage parlors. Featuring a rustproof aluminum interior, you do not have to worry about this warmer staining your towels. Setup and operation are also straightforward, while its double-walled door is not only sturdy but also has a silicon door seal that retains heat well to maximize its effectiveness. You also get a built-in towel rack and a large drip tray that contains messes well. Paragon Towel Warmer has a compact 17.75 x 10.5 x 14-inch design that you can use on a countertop, on a cart, or below your treatment table.

8. Royal Massage Oil/Lotion Bottle Warmer

Royal Massage Oil or Lotion Bottle Warmer w-Auto-Temperature

Featuring an automated heated system that keeps oil and lotion warm and a compact design that does not clutter personal space, Royal Massage is a versatile warmer that offers value. It is durable, comes with a free HDPE massage oil bottle, and has a sleek and well-finished design with a plethora of safety features that will keep you and your customers safe. The auto shutoff feature offered, for instance, turns it off automatically when its temperature exceeds 140 degrees (safe operating temperature). You also get a well-wired electrical system and a five-year warranty that covers all defects.

7. Sivan Health and Fitness 6QHTR

Sivan Health and Fitness 6QHTR Professional 6 Quart Hot Stone Heater

Do you integrate hot stones in your massage techniques? To keep them hot and ready to use, consider purchasing this Sivan Health and Fitness 6QHTR hot stone heater. Durable, electricity-powered, and with a large 6-quart design (42 stones) that works well in all settings, it is a perfect day-to-day accessory. Its plug-and-use design is convenient while the high preheat element (375 degrees) heats water faster that some comparable models. With an original, you also get a removable water reservoir that keeps it heating consistently for hours, a pen thermometer for tracking temperature, and a bamboo stone scoop.

6. Royal Massage Clamshell Hot Stone Heater

Royal Massage Clamshell Hot Stone Heater w-4 Hot Rocks

Designed to accommodate up to 4 large massage stones (or 10 small ones), this Clamshell hot stone heater from Royal Massage is a stylish accessory with a safe cool-touch housing, a premium 122-degree heating element that gets it to temperature in just 10 minutes, and four professional-grade hot rocks that you can start using out of the box. The dual heating plates it comes with work fast and efficiently every time. Setup is also simple while its 120-volt electrical system works perfectly with most standard power outlets.

5. Earthlite Samadhi Table Warmer

Earthlite Samadhi Pro Deluxe Table Warmer

Laying on a hard and cold massage table is a frustrating affair that unfortunately most individuals grapple with in most parlors. Protect your clients from this challenge by purchasing this Earthlite Samadhi Table Warmer. Featuring a large (30 x 72-inch) pro deluxe design that fits most table types, it is one of the best in this niche. Temperature control (digital LCD) is accurate, while the advanced quick heat feature it comes with shortens heat up time significantly. Earthlite Samadhi Table Warmer has non-slip corners (elastic straps) that secure it well and a one-year limited warranty (manufacturer’s).

4. Clinical Health Services, Inc. Table Warmer

Therapist's Choice® Standard Massage Table Warmer, 12 Foot Power Cord

Featuring a long 12-foot power cord, a comfortable body, and a large 71 x 31-inch design that fits most standard massage tables, Clinical Health Services, Inc. Table Warmer is a premium massage accessory that maximizes comfort whilst massaging. The five temperature settings offered enable you to customize heating. Timer settings (four) are easy to operate, while its elasticized corners that not only improve its positioning but also lowers the risk of slipping. This warmer is affordable, non-irritant, and comes backed by a one-year limited warranty.

3. Salon Sundry Towel Warmer, Cabinet, and UV Sterilizer

Salon Sundry Combination Towel Warmer Cabinet and UV Sterilizer

Featuring an advanced three in one design (warmer, UV sterilizer, and cabinet), Salon Sundry is a versatile towel warmer with a 254-nanometre UV bulb that works well. Manufactured using durable and rust resistant materials, it is a perfect day-to-day accessory. Setup is simple (plug and use) while the 176-degree heat that it generates keeps towels warm longer. Its capacity (40 towels) is also impressive and its ability to kill harmful and or disease causing organisms makes it a must-have warmer in busy or commercial settings.

2. Earthlite Basics Fleece Massage Table Warmer

Earthlite Basics Fleece Massage Table Warmer

Featured in most top 10 best professional massage equipment-warmers reviewed in 2022, this full sized (30 x 72-inches) table warmer from Earthlite is a comfortable fleece cover with adjustable heat settings (two) that boost its versatility. The fleece top offered is smooth and comfortable. Corner straps are tight fitting and elasticized to minimize the risk of slipping, while its auto over-heat protection feature lowers the risk of injuries. With each original that you purchase, you get a quality accessory backed by a one-year warranty.

1. Therapist’s Choice Deluxe Table Warmer

Therapist's Choice® Deluxe Fleece Massage Table Warmer, 12 Foot Power Cord

Sought after by therapists all over the world, Therapist’s Choice warmer is a versatile warmer with four heat settings (adjustable), overheat protection, and four timer settings for customizing its performance. The 12-foot power cord it comes with eases setup. Fit is accurate (71 x 31-inches). Its elastic corner straps minimize the risk of slipping while the one-year warranty offered attests its high quality.

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