Top 10 Most Popular Female Singers In 2022

Who run the world? Girls, according to Beyonce at least, and looking at current music industry trends it’s hard to argue with her. Female pop stars are owning the industry at the moment, with infectious beats, catchy tunes and clever lyrics, not to mention their drama filled personal lives. But just which of the pop divas are the most popular in 2022? Let’s take a look.

10. Katy Perry


Don’t you think it’s truly fascinating how, in the age of social media, an artist is able to appear on a list of popular and influential singers despite not having released a single song this year?

Of course, Katy has been keeping herself busy with the Asian and (second) European leg of her breathtaking Prismatic World Tour, which she’ll bring to South America later in the year, and as with any megastar it’s her “downtime” antics which get people talking. The star is currently engaged in a feud with arch-enemy/ex-friend Taylor Swift, resulting in Swift creating a high concept diss video in the form of Bad Blood. We hope that the feud doesn’t last much longer and the pair can soon make up and release a duet about the importance of friendship.

9. Ariana Grande


When she’s not causing untold controversy by licking doughnuts and bad mouthing her home nation, the pint size pop star enjoys life as one of the most followed people on Instagram. Meanwhile, in her professional life, Grande is globetrotting between three continents on the commercially successful Honeymoon Tour, her first world tour,and later in the year will be playing a character called Chanel Number 2 in Ryan Murphy’s exciting new horror show Scream Queens.

Only time will tell whether or not her acting career takes off, but if the last two years are anything to go by (doughnut incident not withstanding), we can expect great things from Miss Grande.

8. Sia


As someone responsible for writing hits for many of the other women on this list, it seems only fitting that it’s within the last 12 or so months that Australia’s Sia Furler has finally achieved massive success on her own (it’s been reported her current net worth is at $20 million – thoroughly deserved with talent like hers). Much of this is thanks to her mega-hit Chandelier, which is certified either gold or platinum in over ten countries and boasts a memorable and beautiful music video.

As someone who chooses to hide behind a distinctive fringe, Sia is clearly not quite ready to accept the massive fan-base her talent has earned her, but there can be no doubt that a confirmed appearance on Kanye West’s next album is only going to increase her level of fame.

7. Miley


Another star who’s managed to keep herself in the public eye based purely on her activities off stage, Miley has neither released a song nor toured in 2022, yet is one of the top fifty most followed people on Twitter and appeared at number 17 on Forbes Celebrity 100.

Instead, Cyrus has kept herself in the headlines by booking herself the job as the host of the 2022 MTV VMAs as well as utilizing a number of startling sartorial choices, including cornrows and armpit hair. Say what you like about Miley, but you can’t deny she’s good at what she does.

6. Britney Spears


As well as appearing on Forbes’ list of the highest paid musicians, the Princess of Pop is the 9th most followed person on Twitter and was recently named as the most influential woman on the social media site by the Huffington Post.

Professionally, Britney (who’s been in the pop industry for almost twenty years!) is still performing her hugely successful Piece of Me residency at the Planet Hollywood resort in Las Vegas, which you can’t afford to miss. It’s clear Britney is currently concentrating on the residency and her family – adorable pictures of which she often posts on her social media – rather than her music career, with her duet with Iggy Azalea Pretty Girls being given little promotion.

5. Rihanna


Rihanna has had an interesting time in the past year, releasing FourFiveSeconds with Kanye and Paul McCartney – a downbeat ballad most unlike her usual music – and although the track was well received, she returned to her more familiar sound with massive RnB pop hit Bitch Better Have My Money.

The violent music video for “BBHMM” caused immediate controversy, and innumerable think pieces, though it’s unlikely Riri (as her fans call her) will have particularly cared about this, since she appeared in the top ten of Forbes’ Celebrity 100 list and recently became the first artist in the world to have 100 Gold and Platinum RIAA certifications.

4. Madonna


Despite her Rebel Heart album being seen as somewhat underwhelming by critics, Madonna’s legacy is as strong as ever, having grossed over a billion dollars throughout the course of her extensive career. A huge chunk of Madonna’s millions come from her famously extravagant tours, two of which appear on the list of the fifteen highest grossing tours of all time. And, despite her embarrassing fall at the 2022 Brit Awards, we’re pleased to say the undisputed Queen of Pop can hold her head high knowing that she made the top thirty on Forbes list of America’s Self Made Females, counting icons such as Vera Wang and Oprah Winfrey as her contemporaries.

3. Nicki Minaj


If Madonna is the Queen of Pop then the title of Rap Queen could only go to Miss Onika Maraj, better known as Nicki Minaj. She’s been involved in a few altercations in recent times, including a high profile twitter beef with Taylor Swift following the announcement of the 2022 VMA nominations (though thankfully the two soon made up).

Things have been getting better and better for Nicki in 2022, with her being the only woman on the Forbes list of the highest paid acts in hip hop, and in the past year she debuted a new and understated image to go along with her more grown up third album The Pinkprint. We think she’s looking better than ever.

2. Beyonce


Luckily for Beyonce, her association with the monumental flop of her husband Jay Z’s streaming site Tidal has done nothing to stain her flawless image (or bank balance), with her fan-base – known as the Bey-hive – still fiercely loyal as ever. The singer has also enjoyed huge amounts of mainstream success, as evidenced by her numerous appearances on various Forbes lists, including Power Women and America’s Self Made Women as well as topping the Highest Paid Celebrity Couple list with Jay Z.

1. Taylor Swift


It’s genuinely impressive that at just aged twenty five, America’s newest girl next door has managed to accrue a ridiculous number of accolades and awards – including 7 Grammys. She is the fourth most followed person on Twitter, and appeared at number 8 on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list. And yet the butter-wouldn’t-melt singer showed she is unafraid to ruffle feathers when she rounded up a huge number of her celebrity friends to appear in her Bad Blood video, which seems to be a thinly veiled reference to ex-friend Katy Perry, after the two women fell out. Swift has recently coupled up with DJ Calvin Harris (who himself made $60 million in the past year), so it surely can’t be long until Beyonce and Jay Z find themselves dethroned by a new celebrity power couple.

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