Top 10 Must-Have Pet Grooming Supplies

A well-groomed pet is attractive to the eye and pleasing to the touch. But, it takes more than regular brushing to keep your cat or dog looking good. Ask any pet lover, and they’ll tell you the importance of having a proper grooming regimen for your pet. And it starts with getting the right supplies. Ask yourself, what do I need to ensure that my furry friend is in good health, happy and comfortable? To help you get started, we review 10 grooming supplies that must feature in your pet care shopping list.

1. Hair Dryers – Go Pet Club Grooming Hair Dryer

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Top 10 Must-Have Pet Grooming Supplies 2

When you wash your pet, you’d better get them dry as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll end up dealing with wet couches and floor. With rave reviews and a cluster of satisfied users, this hair dryer from Go Pet Club could be your best bet for blowing out the undercoat of your Chihuahua.

Arguably the most innovatively designed in its category, it features a heating element complete with dual temperature controls. It also comes with adjustable speed controls to keep you in charge of the rate at which it works.

The flexible hose and the nozzle attachments guarantee optimal control. Most importantly, it becomes easier to dry out hard to reach spots such as the belly.


• Power – 2400 volts
• Airspeed – 25 to 50 M/s
• Temperature – 70 degrees centigrade

Pros Cons
Easy to use

Dries your pet quickly

Reasonably priced
Some users find it bulky, but even then, that doesn’t take away its exceptional performance

2. Bristle Brush – For Your Dog 2-in-1 Combo Brush

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Top 10 Must-Have Pet Grooming Supplies 2

Brushing your pet not only creates a unique body but also reduces hair deposits in your living space. This one sports an ergonomic design for ease of use. It has gentle round-tip pins to loosen dead fur quickly. It will get rid of tangles and offer a polished look.

With regular use, this brush will ensure that your pet stays free of dirt and debris. Plus, it will spread essential oils seamlessly on your dog for a superior shine and luster. It is the best dog brush for large breeds. And, it works for all coat types.


• Round-tip soft pins
• Grooved handle

Pros Cons
Works for dogs with long curly fur

Durable synthetic bristles
It can be difficult to clean the dense bristles

3. Ear Cleanser – Zymox Ear Cleanser

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Top 10 Must-Have Pet Grooming Supplies 2

Cleaning your pet’s ears is essential in curbing diseases and infection. When the animal’s ears get clogged, he/she may have problems hearing simple commands and instruction. That said, with the Zymox cleanser in your pet’s grooming cabinet, maintaining clean ears and by extension preventing diseases shouldn’t be a problem.

The best part is, you can use it with the Zymox Otic Enzymatic Solution without interactions. It will leave your pet’s ears smelling fresh as well. And, to use it, all you need to is to place a couple of drops in the ears as per the instructions.

Pros Cons
Reduces the intensity of yeast infections in the ears

Easy to use

Safe for your pet
Highly Flammable – Keep away from fire

4. Grooming Table – Flying Pig Grooming Table

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Top 10 Must-Have Pet Grooming Supplies 2

Bending over the bathtub when cleaning your pet can hurt your back and knees. A grooming table is thus an indispensable tool that you ought to own. A highly rated unit, this unit promises to meet your grooming needs with unmatched dexterity.

It features a durable steel frame and non-skid feet to ensure that it doesn’t wobble. The bone texture pattern of the tabletop is easy to clean. There’s even a foldable arm with nose to keep the pet in place during grooming.


• Dimensions – 38 x 22 x 31.7 inches
• Weight capacity 330 pounds
• 45-inch noose

Pros Cons
Easy to adjust

Accommodates pets of varying sizes

Easy to install – no screwing required
Doesn’t come with user manual

5. Styptic Powder – Cardinal Laboratories Groomer’s Styptic Powder

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Top 10 Must-Have Pet Grooming Supplies 2

If you care about your pet’s well-being, a styptic powder is a must-have pet grooming supply. The best styptic powder should stop and bleeding nails that are clipped too closely. Indeed it should be safe for the pet so you’d better check the active ingredients before buying.

However, this powder from Cardinal Supplies is all you need. Its active ingredients work to clot blood in minutes. It also dries moisture and liquid quickly. Use it in deep cuts, severe wounds and body cavities. If you’re a professional groomer, this is a product you need to check out. It is ideal for dogs, birds, and cats.

Pros Cons
Stops bleed in an instant

Remains active for long

Highly affordable
Some users don’t like the yellow color, but that’s not a downside per se

6. Slicker Brush – Pet Portal Slicker Brush

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Top 10 Must-Have Pet Grooming Supplies 2

The best slicker brush keeps your pet’s coat clean, making it a must have de-shedding tool. With more than 1,200 customer reviews, this slicker brush from Pet Portal will remove tangles, mats and loose fur from your dog or cat will minimal effort.

It will also help increase blood circulation and create a special bond between you and your pet. And unlike most brushes on the market, it cleans at the push of a button. The soft bristles and flexible brushes are soft on pet’s skin and coat. You even get a free e-book to help you make the most out of your purchase.

Pros Cons
Works through thick coats quickly

Perfect for shedding and non-shedding breeds


Stainless steel pins
May not work for young pets

7. Shampoo Conditioner – OxGord Natural Oatmeal Shampoo

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Top 10 Must-Have Pet Grooming Supplies 2

a 100% natural and organic formulation for sensitive, dry coat and skin of your cat or dog. It cleans and reinvigorates your pet’s skin leaving it soft and supple.

The OxGord contains jojoba and coconut oils to ease the pain and itchiness caused by dander and fleas. The combination of Shea butter, oatmeal, and rosemary moisturizes brittle coat leaving your canine’s fur smooth clean and odor tree.

It doesn’t end there. This shampoo is soap free which means you can use to wash your dog or cat even with minor wounds. It is paraben and cruelty-free.

Pros Cons
Provides a thorough clean

Environment friendly

Doesn’t contain harsh chemicals

Large 20oz bottle
Easy to read label
• It may cause skin rash if you use more than the recommended amount

8. Grooming Comb – Andis Pet Steel Grooming Comb

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Top 10 Must-Have Pet Grooming Supplies 2

Combing is good for your pet, and the Andis lets you do it in style. It boasts steel construction to eliminate loose hair and dirt in minutes. When used on a regular basis, it will stimulate hair follicles and give your pet a thick coating. While this comb is small than most units, it works pretty well. Plus, the compact size means you can carry it when taking your pet for a walk.

Those who’ve reviewed the Andis like its ability to leave the hair feeling fluffy. It doesn’t get tangled in the hair as well. The blunt ends are smooth on the skin too. One shopper recommends it for Maine Coons or cats with long hair. And it doesn’t matter if your pet is shedding or non-shedding, this comb will handle it all.

Pros Cons
Durable construction

Works as advertised

Lightweight for fatigue free grooming
May not be ideal for kittens

9. Scissors – Pet Magasin Grooming Scissors Kit

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Top 10 Must-Have Pet Grooming Supplies 2

The Pet Magasin scissors kit has an impressive 4.9 rating after 1,400 reviews! With such an overwhelming customer approval, it had to feature in the must-have pet grooming supplies. It comes with two scissors; one longer pair with flat blades for trimming body fur and a smaller pair for clipping paws.

Each pair of scissors has round tips to eliminate the risk of poking the pet when working on sensitive areas such as the face and the ears. The edge is pre-sharpened to handle the toughest of tangles and the thickest fur with ease. What’s more? The cushioned handles ensure maximum comfort, even during long grooming sessions.

Most customers hail this kit’s ability to give beautiful trim with less effort.

Pros Cons

Doesn’t pull hair while trimming

Very sharp

The finger holes are relatively small

10. Toothpaste – SENTRY Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste

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Top 10 Must-Have Pet Grooming Supplies 2

A pet care regimen wouldn’t be complete without some toothpaste. While there is a plethora of pet toothpaste brands on the market, this formula from SENTRY stands out. It is intended for pets and as such promises better results.

And it has been tested and proven. A large section of its users says it can help control plaque and fight bad breath. The SENTRY Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste works on a host of pets including dogs and cats. The poultry flavor is pet-friendly too, which by extension means that the animal will endure brushing for long. Plus, the tube is long, holding enough toothpaste to last a couple of weeks.

Pros Cons
Softens and loosens tartar deposits

Has a pleasant taste

Keeps the dog’s teeth healthy and clean
Some dog owners don’t like the toothpaste’s color

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