Top 10 Must have Shop Tools that every workshop needs


The DEWALT DW715 12″ single-bevel compound miter saw is perfect for cutting baseboards and moldings. It’s powerful motor offers a range of crosscutting options. This compound miter saw comes with a dust bag, carbide blade, and wrench.
A compound miter saw is essential for any shop. It is used to make precise crosscuts quickly and at any given angle. They are generally compact and relatively easy to move. It is the saw used mostly for basic carpentry projects such as framing projects, and the cutting of baseboards and molding. Common blade sizes vary from 8 to 12 inches.

2.) TABLE SAW: Craftsman Evolv

This Craftsman 10 inch table saw has a powerful 15 amp motor which provides smooth and accurate cuts. The adjustable miter gauge allows for more user control around corners and bevels, and the advanced guarding system provides versatility and safety.

Table saws are probably the most used saw in the shop. They are used to make precise, rectangular cuts on wood generally under a few feet in length.

3.) DRILL PRESS: Dremel 220-01 Rotary Tool Workstation

Dremel has become the premier name for rotary tools, and this articulated drill press is one of their best. It can drill both perpendicularly and at angles in 15 degree increments. This tiny drill press allows for telescopic adjustments in height. Perfect for those who need precision drilling primarily associated with smaller items.

4.) BENCH DRILL PRESS: Craftsman 10″ Bench Drill Press with Laser Trac

This Craftsman bench drill press’s powerful 6 amp motor is ideal for most of your shop’s need. It can bore holes in wood and metal. Perfect for most do-it-yourself projects, the Craftsman bench drill is larger than the Dremel but designed to be the go-to drill in any shop.


The DEWALT DW734 15 amp 12.5″ benchtop planer allows its owner to buy roughstock and dimension it themselves. This powerful planer cuts through tough hardwoods. Its 12.5″ table provides exceptional support for longer material. Its knives are reversible and disposable making them last longer than most traditional knives.
Planers are used to create planks of wood that are of uniform thickness.

6.) JOINTER: Delta Power Tools 37-071

Delta Power Tools 37-071 6″ MIDI-Bench jointer’s blade adjustment system makes it easy to use. It’s heavy duty, cast iron fence stays in place once it is set. Delta has become a premier name in any wood shop for their exceptional products. This durable jointer is no exception.

A jointer is similar to a planer, but is used almost exclusively to make straight and accurate edges.

7.) BAND SAW: WEN 3962

Everyone needs a band saw in their shop and this powerful WEN 3962 10″ two-speed band saw with stand and worklight is the perfect choice. It provides two speed settings for intricate and powerful, straight and angled cuts.

Band saws allow your shop the option of doing curves and scrolling work with precision. It also is used to rip larger pieces of wood into smaller ones.


Every home needs a powerful, cordless jigsaw for those endless do-it-yourself projects. The DEWALT DCS331B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion jig saw is heralded by customers as the finest jigsaw on the market. The variable speeds provide the user with both power and control. The side vent blower keeps dust from interfering, and the bevel action allows a user to set the angle of the saw up to 45 degrees.

9.) CORDED JIGSAW: Black & Decker BDEJS300C

Black & Decker BDEJS300C 4.5 Amp jig saw is an all purpose corded jigsaw, perfect for various applications. While not as powerful or portable as the DEWALT mentioned above, it is capable of cutting through wood, metal or plastic. This jigsaw is very lightweight, and its Wire Guard Sightline improves both a user’s visibility and accuracy. Corded devices typically are more affordable and more powerful than their cordless counterparts, so this is a good compromise for cost and performance.

In general, jigsaws are absolutely essential for a workshop because they’re often hand held and so versatile!

10.) CARPENTER’S RULER: Rhino Rulers 55140

Cut once, measure twice. You need a good measurement device to make this a reality!
These amazing carpenter’s ruler are highly durable. They will not warp or peel in the rain, while being highly resilient to dirt, mud and the elements. A Rhino Ruler is a universal tool for any carpenter, or woodworker to have in their tool chest.

There are a few tricks to using a ruler like this instead of a tape measure. Make sure you are aware of them.

11.) TOOL CHEST: Stanley 020800R FatMax 4-in1 Mobile Work Station

The Stanley 020800R FatMax Four-in-One Mobile Work Station is a versatile and mobile solution to the traditional tool chest. Shop owners who wish to organize their tools have the ability to transport them as well. This mobile tool chest features cantilever-style design that allows you quick access to the majority of the tools in your shop. The FatMax comes equipped with a tool box, tray, and organizer. The bottom bin s exceptionally large to store power tools, batteries, and larger accessories.

12.) TOOLBOX: Stanley FatMax Structural Foam Tool Box

The Stanley 028001L FatMax 28 Inch Structural Foam Water-Resistant Toolbox is designed to handle the rough and tumble activity of most shops. Its sturdy and rugged body is water-resistant, durable and easy to clean. It is perfect for carrying everything from power tools to your Rhino Ruler. 😉
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