Top 10 Personalized Family Christmas Ornaments 2022

As the Halloween (you know, the fun adult holiday) cheer starts to fade, the smell of Christmas will fill the air. Homes will come alight with rooftop reindeer, snowmen frolicking on snow-covered lawns, wreaths and stockings, and lights that twinkle like stars. Of course, Christmas trees with amazing balls and ornaments stand on a corner complete with mistletoe and glittery table runners. Indeed, this is the time of the year where homes come alive with laughter and glee. But with all the problems most families are facing nowadays, buying ostentatious Christmas ornaments may have been cut down from your must-do list. So, why not do things your own or buy budget-friendly personalized family Christmas ornaments which you can use every year? Not only are personalized home decorations great for the budget, it can also be more memorable for the whole family, too. To get your creative juices going, here are the top 10 personalized family Christmas ornaments in 2022 that you may want to consider.

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1. Christmas Stockings


Make color-coordinated stockings by cutting out cardboard or felt paper. Some make use of old fabrics and materials in either red or white and green, or combination of all these Christmas-y colors. All you need is glue, strings, paper, cardboard, glitters, markers, and arts-and-crafts stuff. You can ask kids to design their own to make the effort more worthwhile.

Top 10 Personalized Family Christmas Ornaments 2022 2

2. Handcrafted Reindeer Family

Let your banister come alive with handcrafted reindeer galloping from the foot of the stairs up. Recycle old boxes from appliances bought can be easily transformed into reindeer galloping form. Use acrylic paint to design these boxes, metallic ribbons as rein, add glitters, or twinkling lights to make it more lifelike. Some online merchants also offer customized reindeer for Christmas home ornaments at fairly reasonable price. Some of these reindeer can even be set-up on your rooftop for a perfectly magical holiday design.

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3. Tech-y Ornaments

Do you have old CDs no longer usable stashed at home? Make use of these by cutting it into tiny pieces. Spray-paint a Christmas ball with your choice of color and glue the pre-cut CD in place. See how its kaleidoscopic color manifest each time it catches light. How about computer memory? For some homes with damaged motherboards or radio equipment with those green and black rectangular memory chips, use this as decorative elements for trees or wreaths. All you need is ribbons and a golden bell to make it truly attractive.

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4. Personalized Cards as Tree Ornament

Let your little ones know the true spirit of Christmas. Let them make their own Christmas card and hang these on your tree. They can put in wishes of love and cheer, dear Santa requests, and whatever ideas they think of the holidays. Letting them participate in the process will give your children a sense of belonging and pride. This act can touch their core and will have a huge impact on their idea of what family Christmases should be.

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5. Paper Mache Ornaments

This Christmas decor may require some efforts but is truly worth your time. It can be used over and over again and can even be redesigned to a specific theme. Luckily, there are paper mache kits available in most of the arts-and-crafts store for you to easily create one. Make decorative balls, boxes, Santa and other Christmas figures, little angels, a Nativity Set, and so on. You can create delicate handmade ornaments as personalized gifts, too. Some online merchants can also make paper mache items to suit your home’s 2022 Christmas theme.

Top 10 Personalized Family Christmas Ornaments 2022 2

6. Table-top Tree From Colored Magazines

For homes with subscription to various colored magazines, recycle colorful Vogue, Elle, Reader’s Digets, National Geographic, or Cosmopolitan into a tabletop tree. Simply fold colorful pages and form a cone-like figure like that of a Christmas tree. Encircle this wish sash and add accent such as miniature styro balls painted with glitters, bells, ribbons and snowflakes, and all other accents you wish to include. Put this as a centerpiece on a coffee table or on top of your mantelpiece.

7. Hand-sewn Christmas Linens

Christmas linens never go out of style. Year after year, people across the globe celebrate Christmas and as the “ber” months start, also comes out table runners, table covers, and napkins. You can buy solid-colored fabrics (such as damask) according to your Christmas theme. If you want to ditch the usual red-and-green, try silver and blue or pink or purple for a change. Incorporate lame fabrics and tassels by sewing them together. A portable electric sewing machine can come handy during this time. Make a complete set of table runners, cloths, napkins, coasters and holders. Accentuate with glittery centerpieces like candles or crystal ornaments which you can easily buy.

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8. Paint-Brushed or -Dipped Pine Cones

If you have ample access to conifer trees in your area, collect pine cones as early as now. Pine cones make great accents to Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, runners, and other decorative elements in your home. Simply dip or airbrush these cones with gold or silver paint. Put glittery ribbons as accent and voila! Not only is this idea friendly to your financial coffers, it can also create a lifelike feel to your Christmas home decorating idea.

Top 10 Personalized Family Christmas Ornaments 2022 2

9. Hand-Painted Light Bulbs

Christmas is not Christmas without lights. This is the time of year where homes are bright and cheerful especially at night. There is really no need to throw your old twinkling lights and spend on a new set. Learn to recycle but this time, add a special touch. Make use of your artistic talent by painting these lights with stars or snowflakes, penguins, snowmen, and other Christmas-y pieces to add zest to the design.

Top 10 Personalized Family Christmas Ornaments 2022 2

10. Glass Bowls with Glittery Styrofoam Balls Inside

Last but definitely not the least in the top 10 personalized family Christmas ornaments in 2022 is by making use of your crystal or glass bowls. Do you have a glass fishbowl or an over-sized crystal vase? Add zest to your tables by filling this up with glittery Christmas balls made of styrofoam. You can have the same style of Christmas balls hanging on your tree for uniformity and easy flow of interior decoration design.

Indeed, there is no other holiday that has so much joy in preparation than Christmas. Your home’s festive feel is often dependent on how you make it to be. Instead of the usual expensive flair, try to exercise a little austerity without sacrificing style and creativity. There are quite a number of DIY ideas and budget-friendly items you can easily buy from online suppliers. Let this top 10 personalized family Christmas ornaments in 2022 be your guide and the rest, make use of your imagination to truly appreciate the real meaning of a magical experience for the whole family.

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