Top 10 Personalized Gifts for Kids 2022

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little bitter. When I was a kid, I had a rope and a hammer to play with. Kids nowadays have iPads and their own phone. Now they want their precious names etched onto the backside of it? For what? Their own personal Ozymandias monument? The most exciting thing that can happen to a kid nowadays is they get 10,000 followers on SnapChat. When I was a kid the most exciting thing was that time I stepped on a nail. So here, we go, the top 10 personalized gifts for kids in 2022. May God have mercy on us all.

1. Custom Umbrella

Whether it is the first umbrella in your child’s life or not on this one will surely remember for a long time. Because only on this umbrella he can draw. Umbrella has besides clear plastic bag and four colored wax crayons with which the child can color designs on the umbrella. Furthermore, you can choose to personalize it with your kid’s name and/or a message of your choice. Your child will definitely love to wear this umbrella on rainy days and will take it for preventive reasons even when it’s sunny outside!

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Children’s gardening kit containing a plastic rake and a shovel, blue, placed in a gardening apron waterproof material. Apron has higher cord elastic material to suit children of most ages. The cord has a length of about 100 cm. What’s truly special about this gardening kit is that it can be conveniently taken anywhere due to its portable case. In addition, the resistance of this kit is next to none, it can last for thousands of sand castles and basements. You can choose to personalize it with your child’s name or other minor details.

Top 10 Personalized Gifts for Kids 2022 1

3. Photo Frame for Children

The wonderful photo of your child will fit perfectly in the nicest photo frame! Wooden photo frame will definitely cheer up any child room! Photo frame for children is available in 3 variants: with balls, with clouds, with butterfly. What’s good about this frame is that you can store just about any photo of it and showcase it right on the child’s desk or bed table. It will definitely raise up his morale if he feels sad or bored, and it will let him know that you think of the special moments you spent together every time!

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4. Magnetic Game

Develop your creativity and test your logical thinking skills to build with the help of 84 pieces. It is ideal for “kids” of all ages (from 7 to 99 years) who can enter the game in the wonderful world of fascinating magnetic magnetism. A fun activity that gives free rein to their imagination, but in a logical way. A game consists of 32 magnetic metal balls and 52 magnetic elements for a rich imagination. In addition, a 3D puzzle effect is included for extra visuals. You and your kid will definitely have great fun trying to solve this unique piece.

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5. Solar Games 6-in-1

This kit is an excellent toy that makes initiating any child in terms of the basic principles of using solar energy and how it can be used to power the engines of the future. This special gift does not require any assembly glue, kids can easily build any of the six models (boat, mill, puppy, two model airplanes and car) of the 37 tracks included. It’s recommended especially for kids between 7 and 10 years old as it develops their imagination. Can be personalized with a message of your choice.

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1. Mr. Rabbit

Mr. Rabbit’s ears are long and very sympathetic. Mr. Rabbit is a toy suitable for small children under 3 years of age as you can easily cling it to their crib. However, there are some variants which can successfully adapt to slightly older kids. Materials which Mr. Rabbit is made from are of premium quality, being soft to the touch and organic. Thus, your kid will be able to play with it for long hours without any harm. Some producers give you the possibility to personalize it with child’s name.

Top 10 Personalized Gifts for Kids 2022 1

2. Projector Sweet Heart

A projector that places you in the constellation romance. Projector Sweet heart is a gift full of romance for adults and ideal to be used as nightlights for children, bringing light into your hearts. Can be successfully turned on at both day and night, but the room needs to be protected against light for best results. You can even buy multiple of them and create a magnificent array of lights which will definitely keep you kid entertained for hours or help him/her sleep better. This gift is intended mainly for baby girls.

3. Art Projector

A projector that places your kid in the fabulous world of design. Drawing projector is an ideal gift for children, bringing light drawings in their room. It can also be used as a sleep light due to its powerful light outburst. It occupies a very small amount of space and can be used efficiently regardless of the décor. The little one will definitely love watching his favorite characters as he goes to sleep. Can be accompanied with soft music for best results.

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4. Teddy Bear Pillow

Children’s teddy-shaped pillow features a hot water tank that can be easily replenished. This pillow is a remedy to get rid of certain pains due to the comfortable heat they emit. Ideal also for children to provide a peaceful sleep. Water container is made of rubber and placed in special pockets teddy bear. The Teddy Bear’s ear boasts a heart where you can write your message on. Additionally, you can choose to have the pillow pre-personalized with child’s name and/or a message. It’s all up to you.

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5. Baby Elephant Blanket

A plush blanket that the baby elephant no longer wants to separate from it. Soft and fluffy, this blanket comes in handy especially when the cold nights finally arrive. Material is polyester. Your kid won’t want to separate from this blanket anymore due to its soft and cuddly design. As such, it represents the perfect gift for a B-day anniversary or just for a common event. Your kid will think that you’re hugging him every time he wears it and that’s why it’s such a wisely-chose gift. Can be personalized with a message of your choice for extra warmth.

Top 10 Personalized Gifts for Kids 2022 1

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