Top 10 Review of Best SmartPhone Stabilizer 2022

In recent times, advent of smartphones has improved a lot. The Smartphone camera comes with even 20 pixels which are almost equivalent to a digital camera quality. With the improvement of camera sensors, comes the video capability up to 4K resolution with fast processing lights, clear lens and glasses. Whenever you want to film a video for your project or have footage of your interesting trip, you might have found such an irritating problem as having the video unstably taken. Holding the phone with your bare hand is not effective to capture the sturdy and high-quality video at all. To avoid this unstableness, you need the help from the best Smartphone stabilizer.

Comparison Table between Best Smart Phone Stabilizer:

Product Name Color Dimensions Weight Product Detail
Sync Smartphone Stabilizer Black 11.5 x 8 x 2.5 inches 2.2 pounds Check Price
Steadicam SMOOTHE-APPLIP5 Smoothee Camera Mount Black 14 x 10 x 5 inches 1 pound Check Price
RetiCAM Stabilizer for Smartphones Black+Red 5.5 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches 5.4 ounces Check Price
Ikan 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer Black 9.25 x 3.75 x 13 inches 3.45 pounds Check Price
Neewer Photography Portable Stabilizer for Smartphones Black+Red 14 x 12.7 x 3.7 inches 2.5 pounds Check Price
Lanparte 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Black+Green 13 x 4 x 5 inches 3.4 pounds Check Price
KumbaCam 3-Axis Smartphone Stabilizer Multiple 12.5 x 6 x 2 inches 1.9 pounds Check Price
CYL Glide Gear Cellfie Stabilizer for Smartphones Black 10 x 5 x 5 inches 1 pound Check Price
ChargerCity Multi-Use Handheld Stabilizer Pistol Grip Black 7 x 3.9 x 2.4 inches 3.5 ounces Check Price
Zhiyun Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer Accessory for GoPro Black 3.3 x 3 x 2.1 inches 1.6 ounces Check Price

What is SmartPhone stabilizer?

As technology is improving and making life easy, few companies manufactured Gimbals specifically for some smartphones. Stabilizers are special devices which may not work with digital cameras, but fits well with some smartphones. Different types of stabilizers are manufactured and designed to get a diverse range of shots. It makes your video to be smooth and flawless by staying away from camera movement. With the top smartphone stabilizer you will become a professional cameraman in no time producing a very high quality of video or very fantastic of footage for yourself. These stabilizers are used to make your dream true of making extraordinary videos. They give the finest shoot even when moving swiftly. The best part of this stabilizer is, it comes with affordable price and easy to use.

 Which SmartPhone Stabilizer to Buy?

When it comes to the time of making decision on which Smartphone stabilizer you should buy, many crucial factors are needed to be discussed. All of us want a quality product with affordable price for every penny is worth saving. The durability and the material also make up the best Smartphone stabilizer for you. Thus, every time you decide to buy it, make sure its grip and pole are made up of high-standard material so that you can receive the maximum quality and convenience. Make sure you have a good quality battery which goes throughout your usage.


To help you select the right Smartphone stabilizer, this is the reviews of most famous top 10 best Smartphone stabilizers 2022:

1. Sync Smartphone Stabilizer


When you want to film a video for your project via your Smartphone, it is not professional to make it with your bare hand. You will need an additional help from the Smartphone stabilizer so that your video quality will be as professional as what the professional cameraman can do. To do so, Sync Smartphone Stabilizer has introduced the top stabilizer that offers you the maximum satisfaction.

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  • This top Smartphone stabilizer is compatible with most of the Smartphones with screens smaller than 5.5 inches
  • It has the controllable tilt with a 90 range
  • You can start up the operation instantly without having to adjust the calibration
  • The lightweight and compact design provides better portability and carrying
  • It is also featured with the Gyroscope Predicts Movements

2. Steadicam SMOOTHEE-APPLIP5 Smoothee Camera Mount


Are you ready to go on a trip? It would be very great if you can have footage every perfect moment of your trip stored and the video quality also matters. Get Steadicam SMOOTHEE right now and let it show how it can make the footage look amazing.


  • It is lightweight but with durable construction so it guarantees the high-standard
  • iPhone Mount can be used as a table top tripod
  • It is also equipped with extremely smooth bounce free video
  • It is also featured with comfortable ergonomic grip
  • It is very compatible with the iPhone 5

3. RetiCAM Stabilizer for SmartPhones


Are you trying to look for the best Smartphone stabilizer that can help your video quality become sturdier and more professional? Now from RetiCAM, it has introduced a very amazing Smartphone stabilizer that is suited with most of the smartphone devices.



  • The material construction of it is the metal which is very durable and sturdy
  • It can be mounted with the extended tripod for another purpose of photography as well
  • It is designed with a very soft rubber cover and a removable lanyard for extra security and comfortability.
  • It is compatible with all smartphones with up to 3.6-inch wide
  • It also comes with smart phone adapter, search RetiCAM HG 20

4. Ikan 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer


Another best brand of the Smartphone stabilizer product is the Ikan FLY-X3-PLUS. It will never drag you down for its high-performance or quality. You will be guaranteed to fully enjoy with the footage you make and the video quality you produce.



  • It is very simple to set up and operate
  • With the standard quality and performance, you will enjoy the smoothness and stable shoots
  • It is also featured with 3-Axis stabilization
  • It also includes the Gesture control system
  • It can be compatible with many smartphone ranging from small size to big size as well as the GoPro as well

5. Neewer Photography Portable Stabilizer for SmartPhones


Introduced by the Neewer Company, it is also the best choice of smart phone stabilizer for you as well. It is designed not only for Android, but also iOS device. With the innovative idea of the exterior design as well as the quality, it offers you the most comfort and convenience for your video filming experience. It is powered by a rechargeable battery that charges quite fast and can be used for both videos and photos.



  • This design has a very lightweight and compact but offers the maximum standard of performance
  • With its 360-degree rotation and 2 Axis-Active stabilization, your video quality will be much sturdier and better
  • It is not only compatible with smartphones, but also with some camera devices as well
  • The firm grip with special material offers you the comfort when holding

6. Lanparte 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer


Do you feel tired of filming a video with shaky and unstable video quality? You will never produce a professional footage or video from your bare hand. Anyway, it’s not a problem since Lanparte HHG01 is what you need. The pack comes with internal rechargeable battery.

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  • It is specially offered with two smartphone clamps and the GoPro clamp as well
  • It is featured with 3 Axis Active stabilization for tilt, roll and pan with brushless motors
  • It is very compact, lightweight and easy to carry and use.
  • The handle grip is specially made up of comfortable silica gel with removal lithium-ion battery and charger
  • It is also included with the Ballistic nylon carrying case

7. KumbaCam 3 Axis SmartPhone Stabilizer


Do you want a stabilizer which is more than just a stabilizer? With the KumbaCam, it offers you more than just a stabilizer for the footage or video activities but also for the selfie function. You will joyfully enjoy the multi-functions of the performance from KumbaCam.



  • It has handheld stabilizer for Smartphones
  • You can be more creative with your video from the 3 modes offered such as the default mode, heading mode, and locking mode
  • It features a motorized 3-axis powered gimbal so that it will offer sturdier experience
  • It is very easy to use with quick setup and user friendly

8. CYL Glide Gear Cellfie Stabilizer for SmartPhones


The innovative design from one of the best stabilizer product companies, CYL has introduced its new smartphone stabilizer with the standard performance and satisfied quality. Wait no more and grab it now to show how amazing your video will look.



  • It is not only for the smartphone stability, but also can be compatible with GoPro as well
  • It has a very light weight with compact design, but offers maximum quality
  • It comes along with the carrying case so that it makes the portability even easier
  • It is also featured with the ball head for fast attachment and balance

9. ChargerCity Multi-Use Handheld stabilizer Pistol Grip


With another innovative design from ChargerCity, this stabilizer will amaze you on how creative it is for the camera. It can be transformed from the stabilizer to the mini tripod for holding your phone firmly in one place. Why wait? Grab it right now.



  • It is the brand new ChargerCity product with easy installation
  • One quick set up, it can be turned into a mini tripod for holding a camera or phone in one place
  • The holder is designed for flexibility that can mostly fit with any smartphone up to 3.25 inches wide with or without case
  • It is specially offered with free Micro SD card memory card reader once you purchase this

10. Zhiyun Smartphone Gimbal Stabilzier Accessory for GoPro


Do you own a special GoPro or Sony Z1 and is ready for capturing the special footage during Christmas? Having only the professional camera alone is not enough, you need the stabilizer to make your video quality sturdier and has higher quality.


  • It is very beneficial to have since being compatible not only for Z1 but also GoPro at the same time
  • You can get Z1-Smooth smartphone gimbal work with GoPro flawlessly making your Z1 becomes the screen for your GoPro
  • You can enjoy the 2-in-1 function of this stabilizer and make you feel more confident with your video.

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