Top 10 Rick and Morty facts

Rick & Morty is amongst the most brilliant Televsision shows we have right now. No less than D.B. Weiss & David Benioff have claimed that it is one of their favorite shows. R&M is a high-concept sci-fi comedy show that doesn’t fall into schtick or muddle through cliche. Each episode is absolutely rewatchable. The series opener is so strong compared to other comedy shows. Here we present our Top 10 Rick and Morty facts!



Top 10 Rick and Morty Facts

9. We don’t watch the same Rick & Morty. In Mortynight Run, we see that they have Jerry with a ticket of 5126. That’s the ticket that R&M get at the beginning of the show. This same pair ask at the end for Jerry 5126. The events of Mortynight Run were not ‘our’ C-137 Rick & Morty!

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8. Through out the show a mysterious character in rainbow suspenders, curly blonde hair with 1835 written in Roman numerals appears throughout the show. The producers (Justin Roiland, Alex Hirsch and Jason Ruiz ) of Ricky & MortyGravity Falls, & another show called Murder Police all got together and talked about having a secret code in each of these shows. If someone found all three got put together, they could create a solution. Apparently the other two producers couldn’t make it happen and Roiland was the only one who could make it happen, according to this interview.

Suspenders Guy

7. King JellyBean is a from a previous production by Justin Royland, called “Unbelievable Tales” . His name there is  “Crumply Crumplestein”.





6. Dogworld was a previous project Roiland worked on. It was a show that was supposed to be produced for Cartoon Network but never got off the ground. The show featured a world of talking, intelligent dogs. In Lawnmower Dog, Rick starts to talk about how great it’d be to have a show that could be storyboarded for 10 minutes of ‘pop’. Rick is referring to DogWorld.

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3. “Get Schwify” features Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch as a cameo

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2. In Total Rickall, it was Rick who brought the parasites into the house. Rick loads green rocks into spaceship in a previous episode, and have little pink parasite pods. In Total Rickall, those same green rocks get thrown out.


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If you read our first fact, this also explains why Mr. Poopy Buthole is a real person, and neither a parasite or some imagination of Rick&Morty. Those episodes take place in another dimension, not ‘our’ Rick & Morty dimension that we’ve been watching this whole time.

1. Rick never wears a seatbelt. He just doesn’t. Trust me.


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