Top 10 Salon & Spa Chairs $100 & $200 Reviewed In 2021

Are you planning to start a salon or spa? To create a functional space that your customers will enjoy spending time in, one of the most essential accessories that you should purchase is a quality spa and salon chair. While several cheap recycled models are available in flea markets, the model that you choose should be as comfortable as possible. Its body, on the other hand, should be sturdy and built to support colossal weight and its design functional and finished to improve the performance of users in such establishments. If you have saved 100 to 200 dollars and want a model that meets the foregoing threshold, read on for an analysis of the 10 best salon and spa chairs that never disappoint.

10. BELLAVIE Hydraulic Barber, Saloon, and Spa


Unlike what some individuals think, you do have to spend the thousands of dollars charged for some brand to get a functional saloon and spa chair for everyday use. With this hydraulic model from BELLAVIE, for instance, you get a versatile and multifunctional chair that works well in salons, spas, and barber shops alike. Attainable in black, its neutral theme is eye-catching. The premium leather upholstery used is durable, waterproof, and very easy to clean after use, while its sturdy and padded seat is not only comfortable but also swivels on a 360-degree orientation to ease usage. The chrome footrests (12-inches offered improve style and function while its integrated locks prevent clients from swiveling out of position when styling.

9. Giantex Tattoo Parlor, Spa, and Salon Table Chair


In the past, owners of spa, salon, and tattoo parlors had to spend a lot of money on several individuals accessories (table and chairs included) to attend to their clients efficiently. This changed with the development of table and chair combos such as this 73-inch model from Giantex. Sturdy, durable, and a with a foldable (three-piece) foam table/chair, its functionality is admirable. The steel frame offered it light yet durable while its height adjustable system enables you to customize its performance based on your client’s height. This not only maximizes the comfort of customers but also prevent users from bending excessively when tending to customers. With its wipeable surface, this table chair is easy to clean. You also get a free woven nylon bag for easier storage and transportation.

8. American Girl MY AG 2021 Spa Chair


Designed and manufactured in the US by OrangeTag, American Girl MY AG 2021 is a valuable kid’s spa chair that you can use to hone your baby’s interest in the spa and salon niche from a young age. This chair is durable and has a premium battery-powered design with a plethora of features you kid will appreciate. Its padded seat and back, for instance, are comfortable and tip as real chairs. The footbath and water faucet offered are realistic, while the pretense bottles it comes with are perfect for honing massage, pedicure, and manicure skills without creating a mess.

7. Dr.lomilomi Professional Spa Chair


Do not waste your money on one of the poorly built spa chairs that often break after a few days of intense usage. To get a comfortable and professional-grade model that will serve you well without paying premium amounts, Dr.lomilomi is a notable model. Recommended for use in high traffic spa, it is durable. The heavy-duty iron frame it comes with does not break nor wiggle over time while its portability and the free carrying case it comes with make it ideal for regular travel. Dr.lomilomi Professional has knee, seat, and chest cushions for optimal comfort. The PU leather upholstery used is easy to clean while its impressive weight limit (700 pounds) has attracted it positive attention globally.

6. InkBed Salon and Spa Chair


With this black-themed salon and spa chair, you get a durable chair with several interesting attributes that users appreciate. Its seat, for instance, is comfortable and adjusts to improve client placement when massaging or styling. Its padded headrest adjusts to accommodate taller clients (up to 6-feet tall) while its removable handles are supportive and padded (4-inch high-density foam) for added comfort. With each purchase, you get a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and a free technician’s stool (airlift) that you can use as needed.

5. “Hera” Black Facial Spa Chair Bed


Forget about the uncomfortable and wiggly chairs that are available in some spas and salons. If you are setting up a spa or a salon and want the best for your customers, this facial spa chair bed is one of the best to consider. Manufactured with everyday users in mind, it features a durable steel frame, a thickly padded seat, and a thickly padded backrest that maximizes comfort. The sanitary paper towel holder and adjustable headrest offered improve its value while the comfortable vinyl PVC upholstery it comes with not only resists water but also has a wipeable and easy to maintain surface. “Hera” Black Facial Spa Chair Bed supports an impressive 300 pounds and comes with a free hydraulic stool.

4. Saloniture Professional Salon Chair


With an original Saloniture chair, you get a professional-grade salon equipment with an aesthetic white theme that blends well in modern setups. Pricing is decent. Setup and conversion (into a massage bed) are also straightforward, while its adjustable backrest (45-degrees in five steps) orients the body naturally for comfort and easier styling. You also get adjustable legs (40 degrees in five steps), a contoured cushion design that maximizes comfort when in use for long, and an easy to clean (sweep or wipe) stain and waterproof upholstery

3. BestSalon Salon Chair


Featuring a smooth-shifting hydraulic system that eases customization, a comfortable seat, and a stable rounded base (chrome) that prevents it from toppling over, BestSalon is a top rated 100-200 dollar salon chair that never disappoints. The double-reinforced saddle it comes with is durable and designed to resist tearing and ripping. The hydraulic system used works well while the high capacity frame offered supports colossal weight without losing its shape or compromising the stability or safety of users. You get a free pump and a 10-year warranty with each purchase.

2. Best Choice Products Salon Chair Table


Appreciated by most salon and spa owners, this chair table from Best Choice Products is a durable 24 x 71-inch equipment with a foldable three-section design that is easy to store and transport. Designed to support up to 500 pounds, its frame is sturdy and long lasting. Padding is also premium while the cushioned armrest and a PU-leather upholstery (oil and waterproof) used improves its performance. During use, for instance, its armrests snug clients well. Clean up, on the other hand, is simple using a clean cloth.

1. BestSalon Classic Hydraulic Styling Chair


While this hydraulic styling chair from BestSalon is not as large nor as padded as some models listed herein, its functionality and overall quality has won it the first slot on our list. The heavy-duty steel frame and the double-reinforced saddle buyers get, for instance, are durable. Seat dimensions (20 x 19-inches) are acceptable, while its adjustable height system (hydraulic) accommodates individuals of various stature. You even get a round chrome base for stability and a hydraulic pump (heavy duty) for easier customization.

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