Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases 2021 Reviews

For those with Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones and want to protect them from physical and mechanical damage, installing a compatible case is beneficial in many ways. Even though cheap, the quality materials used to make them are not only durable, but also have impact and shock absorbing features that protect against dents and scratches. Their accurate ports maintain the functionality of smartphones, while their anti-slip coated surfaces fit comfortably in the hand for added convenience. If you have ordered a new smartphone and want a case that offers foregoing major benefits, our picks of the 10 best for Galaxy S7 in 2021 include:

10. Pandawell S7 Case

Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases 2021 Reviews 1

With the Samsung Galaxy S7 in stores and its owners on the hunt for protective equipment for its screen and body, demand for cases has increased significantly, with Pandawell S7 Case ranking among the bestselling for many reasons. Its ultra-slim design, for instance, is not only easy to install, but also offers superior shock absorption without adding unnecessary bulk or compromising the beauty of the Galaxy S7. It also has a stylish purple and black theme, has a soft TPU inner that protects smartphones from scratches, and has precise and accurate cut-outs that allow you to operate your phone’s screen, buttons, and even cameras hassle-free. Pandawell S7 Case is scratchproof and offers better corner and screen protection if installed well.

Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases 2021 Reviews 2

9. i-Blason Galaxy S7 Case

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Recommended for Galaxy S7 enthusiasts, this Hallo Series of the liked i-Blason line of Galaxy S7 cases is a stylish and very protective add-on with a light design that most users like. It is durable, has a scratchproof finish that does not lose its charm over time, and has a tight fitting design with a bumper that protects your phone’s screen when placed on a flat surface. Because of its clear design, i-Blason does not tamper with the overall aesthetic of smartphones. Its precise cutouts are true to size, while its sleek and easy to grip deign has a slip-resistant technology that secures the phone firmly in your hand. You also get shockproof rubber bumpers that boost safety further.

Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases 2021 Reviews 2

8. iTronic Edge Case

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Recommended for individuals looking to protect their Galaxy phones without spending hefty amount of cash, iTronic Edge is a budget case with a dual-layer hybrid design that protects smartphones from bumps and scratches. It is durable, has an integrated kickstand that benefits movie enthusiasts, and has an integrated belt clip for easier transport. It also has a well-finished black themed exterior, has shock resistant TPU lining that protect smartphones from scratches, and accurate laser etched cutouts that allow you to operate your phone as usual. Whether you want to take a photos, increase volume, and or answer a call, an original iTronic will never get in your way.

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Affordable, sleek, and with a lightly-armored slim design that flexes for easy installation, LUVVITT Case is a valuable black-themed Samsung Galaxy S7 case with a TPU rubber body with an anti-slip grip for safety. It is durable, offers superior shock absorption, and has a well-finished body with raised lips that protect screens from scratches. If functionality is a concern, this Galaxy Case with serve you well. It has accurate phone cutouts, has a comfortable design that integrates well with the Galaxy S7, and has a limited warranty.

Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases 2021 Reviews 2

6. Verus S7 SM-G930

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Made of a rubberized and heavy-duty TPU material and with a striking brushed metallic silver finish that does not fade over time, Verus S7 SM-G930 is a minimalistic slim-fitting phone case with a snug-fitting VR design that protects phones well. Installation is straightforward. Its beautiful and practical body has accurate cutouts that optimize phone functionality and has a shock resistant design with raided edges that protects screen from scratching. It also fits securely for better security and sensitive button covers that also keep water and dust out

Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases 2021 Reviews 2

5. Caseology

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By far one of the most trusted manufacturers of smartphone cases globally, Caseology has functional and protective models in its arsenal with this 2021 edition ranking among the best. It is shock proof, coral pink-themed, and has a non-slip textured surface that stays snug even in sweaty hands. Its slim design is easy to install and remove without scratching phones. It also has a rubber bumper that protects screen when placed on top of tables and other surfaces, and has a dual-layered design (tough polycarbonate and soft TPU) that offers superior drop protection without compromising functionality. With it on, you will be able to use your camera and buttons hassle free.

Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases 2021 Reviews 2

4. Supcase Unicorn

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Featuring an aesthetic black and frost theme body and a hybrid clear case design that improves phone aesthetics, this unicorn series of Supcase Galaxy S7 cases is one of the best around. Although cheaper than some comparable models, the quality of product that buyers get has earned it a spot in several top 10 Samsung Galaxy S7 cases 2021 reviews. Its slim and form-fitting design, for instance, does not require skill and or effort to install. Its transparent design has a smooth finish and well-defined edges that complement the style of the Galaxy S7 well. Buttons, camera, and all other phone features are accessible via its cutouts, while its elevated bezel protect screen from scratching or shattering when dropped on hard surfaces.

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3. Obliq Naked Shield

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Even though most ultra-thin cases sacrifice phone protection for aesthetics, Obliq Naked Shield blends the two. The heavy-duty dual-layer material used to manufacture it absorbs shock well. Its slim-fitting design improves smartphone aesthetics or functionality, while its scratch resistant body does not fade, scratch, nor lose its appeal over the years as some poorly designed models often do. It is also cheap, has an integrated kickstand, and has a wireless compatible back panel that does not impair wireless Internet.

Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases 2021 Reviews 2

2. Supcase Full Body

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As its name suggests, this full body Galaxy S7 case by Supcase is a rugged and highly protective holster case with a flexible and easy to install design and a built-in screen protector that protects screens from scratches without impairing sensitivity. It is durable, has an aesthetic pro series Unicorn Beetle theme, and has a precisely cut body with accurate cutouts that do not limit access to ports and phone functions. This PC and TPU case is dust and debris resistant. It also comes with a 360-degree swivel belt clip for carrying convenience.

Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases 2021 Reviews 2

1. iBeek (Slim Fit)

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To secure your Galaxy S7 smartphone without adding weight and or unnecessary bulk to its body, iBeek is our pick of the best in this niche. Its rugged dual-layer design has a protective armor that maximizes the safety of phones both indoors and outdoors. Its air-cushioned design has an impact-proof bumper, while its black-themed surface has a skid-proof coating that boosts safety further. You also get a padded interior that does not scratch phones and front lip for face down screen protection

Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases 2021 Reviews 2

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