Top 10 Sexiest Korean Female Stars – 2022 List

Korea is home to some of the most beautiful women in the world. Most men agree that it is a given fact that Korean women are beautiful. There is something about them that is unique. Today we take you on  a journey into Korea’s entertainment industry as we seek to unwrap for you the most beautiful women we can find. After searching and scanning from the actresses to singers to dancers, we complied for you the list of top 10 sexiest Korean female stars of 2022.

10. Park Shin-hye


The sexy girl was born in Gwangju but is natively from Songpa District, Seoul.  The Korean actress who just celebrated her 27th birthday in February this year is a sensation in the Korean film industry. Not only is she pretty, she has plenty of talent too. She made her debut into the industry for the very first time when she appeared on a music video called “Flower”. Today, she is not only an actress; she is also a celebrated singer. Her entrance into the film industry was in 2003 when she premiered in a Korean drama called “Stairway to Heaven”.

She has had a successful career in acting since then. After starring in the South Korean-Japanese series called the “Trees of Heaven” she became a darling in the film industry. She has since had leading roles in major television drama in Korea such as “You’re Beautiful” in 2009, “The Heirs” a little later in (2022), and most recently” Doctor Crush” in 2022.

9. Kim Hyuna


Born on 6th June 1992, the Korean pop star has come a long way. She started off with the Girl group Wonder Girls where she quickly became the leader of the pack. She then took to a solo career and is today wearing several hats. Not only is she a singer and songwriter, she is also a dancer and a rapper. She is famously referred to by her stage name KhunA. As a solo artist she is the face of modern pop. Apart from Wonder Girls, she has also worked with several music groups in Korea such as Trouble Maker (a chic duet) and 4 Minute, a five-girl group. She is known for her provocative and playful roles but is still charming and adorable too.

To add to that, Kim Hyuna is never afraid to venture out with revealing outfits and has no apologies for appearing on suggestive videos like “Red,”  “Bubble Pop” and “Ice Cream.” This means that she has a thing for steamy music videos given her love for short skirts and short shorts. K. Hyuna has life going well for her and on top of it all.

8. Kim Tae-hee


She is credited as one of Korea’s most beautiful women. The actress whose family name is Kim shot into the limelight in 2000 after an advertising executive spotted her riding in the subway and later offered her a job as a model. She would later make her debut in the film industry in 2001 when she featured in Korean melodrama called The Last Present. She has since featured in television dramas such as Stairway to Heaven in 2003; in 2004 she did a film titled  ”Love Story in Harvard” Iris in 2009. More recently she starred in My Princess (2011), and Yong-pal in 2022. The Korean beauty is all that and so much more; she has been at the fore front of several charity drives seeking to support underprivileged youth and undeserving families in her country. She definitely has a beautiful heart to go with her beautiful face too.

7. Park Min Young


Park Min Young first set foot in the entertainment scene in2005, when she did a commercial for SK Telecom.  A year later, her career would take a turn for the better when she premiered in the sitcom Unstoppable High Kick. Today she is one of the most celebrated Korean actresses. She is famously known and remembered for her leading roles in a number of television dramas such as the “Healer”, “City Hunter” Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and “Healer” and Remember-War of the Son. The 31 year old Korean actress seems to have it going. She has been nominated for several awards in Korea and has bagged a dozen of them. Thanks to her pretty face she became the face of Anna Sui Cosmetics in Korea, a leading cosmetics company. Park is beautiful and famous; she has what many women want in life.

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6. Lee Si Young


The Dongduk graduate of Fashion Design moved with her parents from Cheongwon County, North Chungcheong Province to Seoul at the age of nine years old. She introduced herself into the acting scene when she did a guest appearance in TV series Urban Legends Déjà vu and has never looked back since then. Besides, she has gone ahead to do leading roles in major films in Korea the height of which was the romantic comedy Meet the In-Laws, Originally born as Lee Eun-rae she changed her name to Lee Si Young later. Today she is an actress and an amateur boxer.  She may not be mainstream in the music scene but has done a few soundtracks.

While dating Jun Jin earlier in 2009 she did some soundtracks in his Fascination 2010 she also did two tracks in the fifth album of Honeys family. Lee Si Young is not just about beauty alone. She has managed to beat several experienced and older boxers in her category and bagged several prestigious awards in the 48 kg category. Furthermore, she is taking her boxing career to the next level and she keeps fighting at it no matter what her agency says.  Therefore, she remains the embodiment of feminine strength.

5. Lee Honey


Her real name is actually Lee Ha Nui.  Just like her mother she plays gayageum; like mother like daughter they say . The 34 year old wears several hats. She is an actress, model and classical musician. The beauty pageant title holder is one of the most famous vegetarians in South Korea. She has several other accolades to her name. In 2007, she represented South Korea in the Miss Universe competitions and came in at 3rd place behind Riyo Mori from Japan. Lee also doubles up as a director of music at Gimhae City Gayageum Orchestra.  She has formerly also run for Miss Korea as Miss Seoul which she actually won.  You may want to think we are trying to make her look like she can do anything but that is just about right.

She also worked as a co-host for an entertainment show on TV. Lee has done several commercial for SK Telecoms; she is actually the public affairs person for CT&T. she is also a model for Tommy Hilfiger in Korea. She made her musical debut in 2008when she did Polaroid together with Shinhwa member Andy Lee.  With all these going on one can only imagine what he pay cheque looks like. But one thing is for certain; it pays to be pretty.

4. Kim Hyo-yeon


The sexy icon was born in 1989. Her passion for dancing was so strong from a very tender age; she started dance lessons at elementary school where she also learned Hip Hop, Jazz and Latin dance. After graduating from Winners Dance School in 1999 she did several showcases that culminated in her recognition by in 2004. At age 11 she auditioned for SM Entertainment and has since been on the rise. She has worked with Justin Timberlake’s Choreographer alongside several foreign dance teachers.

Today, she is a celebrated dance queen. Kim Hyo-yeon made her debut in music in 2007 when she worked with the sensational girl group called Generation Girls- a major music groups in South Korea formed by SM Entertainment.  This shoved her into the limelight in the music scene. Today, she has cut a niche for herself in this industry becoming one of the most successful female artists.

She is also one of the most famous South Korean women in the entire world. In 2023 Kim Hyo-yeon sought to diversify her career when she made an appearance on a TV show called Blind Test Show 180 Degrees. The Korean beauty has several accolades to her name. She was made the brand ambassador for South Koreas Topshop in 2022. Alongside other Generation Girls she was a judge for a competitive dance show in South Korea in the same year. The 28 year old juggles between several careers. She joined the cast of a Korean-Chinese reality TV show in 2022 a show that attracted following in about 12 countries. This woman has it all.

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3. Im Nana


Im Jinah is famously is known by her stage name “Nana.” The Ochang High School graduate was born in 1991. She also went to the Seoul Institute of the Arts. The amazing Nana is a licensed makeup artist who is also a member of the Makeup artists Association. No wonder she has it going when it comes to looking good. In 2009, she participated in the Asia Pacific modeling contest. later the same year she would make an entry into the musical arena by joining the ”The After School” members in the release of their second EP called Because of You. She moved in to form Orange Caramel along with Lizzy and Raina in 2010.

Her musical career had taken off just like that and she is not looking back. She has released a couple of hit singles that are doing well in the Korean entertainment industry. But the Korean beauty seems to have a burning passion for runway and the Koreans just can’t get enough of her either. She went back to the runway again in 2012 when she modeled for Tokyo’s Girls Collection.  Did I also mention that she is also an actress? These women are workaholics. She was part of the cast in a Chinese comedy film called Go Lala Go 2. Thanks to her sterling performance in small screen, she bagged a Rookie Actress Award in 2022 at the Asia artists Award which took place in 2022.

2. Son GaIn


The South Korean actress is a member of the Brown Eyed girls group. She joined the Brown eyed girls in after being spotted by the composer Ahn Jung. She auditioned at the Brown Girls company and got her slot. Today she is undoubtedly the best known member of the group. She was the second Brown Eyed Girl to release her album after the group started doing solo projects alongside their joint performances.  The 30 year old sparked controversy with her hit single because of its huge influence in tango. She received much acclaim among fans and critique from others alike. The gorgeous music icon is by all means an entertainer. She has released major hit singles including Truth or Dare.

She was also praised for doing an album entitled F**k You which had a theme revolving around domestic violence. Never mind its title; she had a noble course, didn’t she? The Koran star who is famously referred to as Gain confirmed to her fans in May 2022 that she was dating Ju Ji-hoon.

1. Yoon Eun Hye


The amazing, talented Yoon Eun Hye crowns the list of the sexiest female stars of Korea. She is our choice for the top spot not only because she is pretty but because she is also a mover and a shaker in the Korean Entertainment industry. Born in 1984 in Seoul, South Korea she attended Gujeong High School and later Kyung Hee Cyber University.  She started in Girl group called “Baby Vox” where she stayed between 1999 to 2005 but has since gone into acting and is currently known for her role in major Television series. But that’s not all about Yoon. She is also a model and a director. Actually she studied movie directing in university.

The beauty icon can do just about anything she sets her minds on. Yoon single handedly put up an independent management company and planned and executed every detail from interior design, company logo. This become evident when she says she has plans to use this platform to groom upcoming talent. What more, she is currently making debuts in directorial roles in the Chinese film industry and is definitely going big with nothing to spare.


These beauty queens from Korea do not seize to amaze. From acting to singing to dancing and directing, they have their hands all over. These women are movers and shakers in the entertainment industry in Korea. Moreover these sexy lasses are doing things at their prime age. We hope that their stories inspire you all young women out there who are seeking to make a name in the arts scene. You can do it just like them if you set you minds on it. Ultimately, I think Korea is home to the world’s most beautiful women. Don you agree?


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