Top 10 T-Shirt Heat Press Machines Reviewed In 2021

The T-shirt printing business is a lucrative one that has attracted many players over the years. If you are a part of this group and want to outsmart your competition, the technology you use matters. Do no use the traditional screen-based printing techniques that people have depended on for years. Instead, automate the process using one of the bestselling heat press machines currently available in stores. They are faster. Print quality is impressive, while their ease of use comes in handy in commercial settings.

Are you planning to start a t-shirt printing business? Have you developed interesting designs and bought the best t-shirts for your business venture? To automate the process and have a profitable venture as a result, we have reviewed 10 of the bestselling t-shirt heat press machines to use. They are durable. They are also easy to use and have functional commercial-grade designs that offer users value for money.

10. Super Deal 5 in 1

Super Deal 5 in 1 Multifunction Heat Press Machine Transfer Sublimation T-Shirt Mug Hat Plate Cap Mouse Pad Black (5 in 1)

The benefits of owning a t-shirt heat press are diverse. If you are shopping for one for personal or commercial use, this 5-in-1 model from Super Deal is ideal. Compact, for instance, it works well in tight spaces. It is also sturdy and has a large 12×15-inch transfer surface that fits most types of t-shirts. Whether you are doing baby apparel or the best t-shirts for women, you will have a memorable time with this press.

Made of heavy-duty steel, this press does not break down as easily as most comparable brands often do. It also has a streamlined system with a digitized temperature control that works well. Super Deal 5 in 1 transfers black images and silhouettes on t-shirts well. It also transfers colorful pictures and special characters well without smudging or distorting their look in any way. You will appreciate the value of an original model.


  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Spacious platform (12×15-inches)
  • Transfers colors well
  • Portable design
  • Digitized temperature control
  • Easy to use
  • Works with plates and mugs
  • Adjustable multi-spring balancer
  • Versatile 5-in-1 design


  • Unclear instructions

9. Hibo ePhoto

ePhoto New 15 x 15 Digital T-Shirt Heat Transfer Press Sublimation Heat Press Machine 1515BLUE

Do you like the custom printed mugs and or T-shirts in your local store? With a quality press such as Hibo ePhoto, you can easily make your own in the comfort of your home. Measuring 15×15-inches, it has a spacious square-shaped platform that fits most accessories. The platform is also sturdy and has an advanced heat sublimation technology that works well. For those with small homes or garages, you do not need a lot of space to use this press. Its space-saving clamshell design works well in small spaces.

In terms of performance, only a few products in this niche rival the Hibo ePhoto. This is three fold. First, because this press has a high-powered electrical system, it transfers images fast and efficiently. The Teflon coated heat plate it uses distributes heat faster and safely. Finally, because it has a pressure adjustment knob, you can customize its performance based on the product you are working on. This can be a t-shirt, a ceramic plate, or even a mug that you want to customize with pictures and or letters.

Hibo ePhoto is easy to use. For instance, with an original model, you get a well-balanced arm that you can use for hours without getting tired. Its digitized controls are also easy to use. Finally, you get a built-in LCD timer that you can use to program printing jobs on demand. This is unlike some comparable models.


  • Digitized controls
  • Spacious 15×15-inch platform
  • Teflon-coated surface
  • High-powered electrical system
  • Accommodates most accessories
  • Durable and space-saving design
  • Digitized temperature


  • Does not hold heat for long

8. Iglobalbuy 5 in 1

Iglobalbuy 5 in1 T-shirt Heat Press Machine Transfer Sublimation Hat Mug Plate Cap

Have you used several heat press machines with poor results? To get a high-performance model that you will enjoy using every day, choose this 5 in 1 mug plate press from Iglobalbuy. Even though cheap, you get a versatile all-in-one press with top-grade components. Its steel frame, for instance, is sturdy and long lasting. Its plate is also sturdy and designed to print on t-shirts, mugs, and even mouse pads.

Even though you need a bit of skill to develop eye-catching designs, transferring them to t-shirts and or the best mugs is not a chore. This heat press is very easy to use. Its plug and use design, for instance, works well with most electrical outlets. Transfer of prints and colors is effortless, while the advanced sublimation technique that it employs is both power and ink efficient. You will enjoy using this heat press.

Do you have space limitations at home or in your office? Iglobalbuy 5 in 1 has a compact and space saving design. Its aluminum cradle is also space efficient (11×6-inches). Finally, if you have delicate flooring (wooden or laminate), it has rubberized bumper feet that do not scratch nor damage floors.


  • Protective bumper feet (rubberized)
  • 11×6-inch aluminum cradle
  • Plug and use design
  • Works with t-shirt, mugs, and mouse pads
  • Advanced sublimation technology
  • 0 – 430 Degree F temperature range
  • CE-certified design


  • Little instruction
  • Bad customer service

7. PowerPress 6-in-1

PowerPress 6-in-1 Industrial-Quality Digital Swing-Away Heat Press

PowerPress 6-in-1 is an industrial-grade heat press with an advanced swing-away design that you can operate safely at home. Perfect for printing the best t-shirts, the commercial-grade results that it delivers are impressive. Its digitized system is fast and effective, while its durable frame and components last long. With one, therefore, you get a versatile day-to-day heat press that will serve you well for many years.

Do not worry about this press tipping over and compromising your personal safety whenever it is in use. It is not only powerful but also among the safest presses to use for many reasons. Its stable steel frame, for instance, withstands abuse better than some comparable brands. It also has a well-wired electrical system and an advanced digital technology that regulates heat output in real time.

PowerPress 6-in-1 works well with most standard 110-volt electrical outlets in homes and offices. It also has a large printing press (12×15-inches) that transfers pictures, colors, and prints faster and safely.


  • Spacious (12×15-inch) platform
  • Works with most 110-volt outlets
  • Transfers pictures and colors well
  • Digitized temperature control
  • Industrial grade design
  • Heat-resistant PTFE sheet


  • Not very durable

6. Promo Heat Professional

Promo Heat Professional 6 in 1 Multifunction Sublimation Heat Press Machine - Model PRO-6100X

Order an original Promo Heat press to get a professional-grade heat press with a stable and space efficient design. In terms of durability, it ranks among the best in this niche. It is also affordable and has a versatile 6-in-1 design that both beginners and professionals appreciate. You can use it to print high-quality t-shirts, for instance. It also transfers images on mugs and plates better that some models.

Made of heavy-duty steel, Promo Heat Professional does not break down easily. You can use it for 24 hours for seven days a well without worrying about it falling apart. For those with commercial establishments, this is ideal. It also has a large heat plate with a heat output of up to 599F (maximum).

Because of its convenient swing-away design, Promo Heat Professional does not require a lot of space to operate efficiently. It works well in tiny spaces. You also get digitized pressure and temperature settings (adjustable) and a non-stick Teflon coating that protects light fabrics from scorching during transfers.


  • Sturdy platform
  • Non-stick Teflon coating
  • Digitized pressure and temperature settings
  • Space efficient swing-away design
  • 599F maximum temperature
  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Versatile 6-in-1 design


5. Gecko GK100

Gecko T-Shirt Sublimation GK100 Heat Transfer Press Machine, 15 x 15-Inch, Black

Featured in most top 10 t-shirt heat press machines in 2021 reviews, Gecko GK100 is a recommended heat press for personal and commercial use. If you are planning to buy one, do not think twice. You get a versatile day-to-day appliance with a spacious 15×15-inch platform. The platform is also durable and has a non-stick Teflon coating that transfers pictures and images well without scorching t-shirts. Because of its advanced sublimation technology, it transfers heat uniformly. This improves the quality of prints.

Gecko GK100 has an appealing black theme. Temperature range is between 0-435 degrees Fahrenheit, while its built-in timer (0-999 seconds) works well. Depending on the material you are working on, you can customize its performance easily to get the best results. Other notable attributes are its universal electrical system (110 volts), lightweight (64-pounds) design, and its safe CE-certified electrical system.


  • CE-certified electrical system
  • Lightweight design (64 pounds)
  • Adjustable temperature (0-435F)
  • Eye-catching black theme
  • Built-in timer (0-999 seconds)
  • Non-stick Teflon coating
  • Smart sublimation technology
  • Comfortable handle
  • 1500w power output


  • Bad customer service
  • Consistent heating problems

4. PowerPress T-shirt Heat Press

PowerPress Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press 15 x 15-Inch - Blue

With PowerPress, you get a stylish blue themed heat press with a versatile 15×15-inch heating plate. Powered by a power efficient 1500-watt electrical heating element, it is a recommend accessory for heavy-duty printing. Setup is easy, while its universal 110-volt system works well with most standard electrical outlets. Apart from printing good quality t-shirts, PowerPress T-shirt Heat Press also prints mats and mouse pads well. You will enjoy using one.

Most heat presses have solid steel platforms that compromise the value of t-shirts. This is not the case with PowerPress T-shirt Heat Press. Even though cheap, its platform is not only solid but also has a heat resistant coating that improves its efficiency. The coat also distributes heat well around clothing, which guarantees users faster and safer transfer of pictures (both black and colored), characters, and silhouettes. This is impressive.

Finally, with an original PowerPress T-shirt Heat Press, customizing transfer jobs is no longer a chore. It has an adjustable temperature range (0-669 degrees F), for instance, that you can customize on demand. It also has an electronic time control (0-999 seconds), pressure adjustment settings, and non-slip platform that works well.


  • Electronic time control (0-999 seconds)
  • Adjustable temperature range (0-669 degrees F)
  • Non-slip platform
  • 1000-watt heating element
  • 110-volt electrical system
  • Faster and safer transfers
  • Pressure adjustment settings
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Inconsistent

3. Promo PRO-230B

Promo Heat Swing-away Sublimation Heat Transfer Press Machine - Model PRO-230B

Promo is home to some of the best electrical equipment in the market. Even though cheap, the professional-grade products that it has manufactured have helped people to run successful businesses all over the world. Promo PRO-230B is no exception. With one, you get a professional-grade t-shirt heat press with an efficient sublimation technology. It is also has a space-efficient swing-away design that does not clutter personal space in homes.

Manufactured using high-density steel, Promo PRO-230B is a durable heat press. Whether you are shopping for one for occasional or day-to-day printing, therefore, you will never regret buying one. It also has a large 15×15-inch press plate with a non-stick coat that distributes heat well. This lowers the risk of scorching and or burning clothes.

Promo PRO-230B has a customizable system that does a good job every time. With its adjustable temperature settings (up to 750 degrees F), the types of projects you can do with it are virtually unlimited. Your imagination is your only limitation. It also has adjustable pressure settings for plates, wood, ceramics, and t-shirts.


  • Adjustable temperature (up to 7t50F)
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Supports most transfers
  • Fast and efficient transfers
  • 15×15-inch press plate (non-stick)
  • Space efficient swing-away design


  • Loose power cable

2. Promo Heat PRO-3804X

Promo Heat 15 x 15 Sublimation Heat Transfer Press Machine - Clamshell - Model PRO-3804X - Black

Promo Heat PRO-3804X is a commercial-grade clamshell-shaped heat transfer press with a striking black theme. It blends well in homes and offices. The heavy-duty steel used to make it is durable, while its spacious 15×15-inch press plate is perfect for personal and commercial use. Unlike some presses, Promo Heat PRO-3804X has a power efficient system. It also transfers pictures and characters well without burning and or damaging fabrics.

Forget about the hard-to-use heat presses some companies use. This model has a convenient plug-and-use design that works with standard outlets. Temperature (up to 750F) and pressure settings are adjustable. It also a space-efficient design and a versatile system that transfers clear images to clothing, wood, ceramics, and even metal.


  • Versatile system
  • Adjustable temperature (up to 750F)
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Heavy duty metallic frame
  • Plug and use design
  • Spacious (15×15-inch) platform


  • Uneven temperature

1. PowerPress T-shirt Press

PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital 15-by-15-Inch Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press, Black

Topping our list, PowerPress is an industrial-grade sublimation press with a top-grade digital system. Designed to print on surfaces measuring 15×15-inches, its versatility is desirable. You can use it to print and sell custom t-shirts, for instance. You can also use it to customize table mats, ceramic plates, and even wood with excellent results.

Featuring a coated printing surface, this press does not ruin t-shirts. It also distributes heat well to deliver fast and well-defined prints on most types of fabrics. All you need is a standard 110-volt electrical socket to set it up. You can also customize its timer (0-999 seconds) and temperature range (0-500F) to better your results. PowerPress T-shirt Press is also efficient, portable, and has a rubberized base that grips most surfaces well.


  • Rubberized base
  • Adjustable time (0-999 seconds)
  • Adjustable temperature (0-500F)
  • 15×15-inch platform
  • Effective digitized system
  • Prints on most materials


  • None


Heat press machines are innovative devices that benefit those in the t-shirt-printing industry. The 10 that we have reviewed, for instance, are top-grade presses that transfer images well on most materials. They are also durable, very easy to setup, and have customizable systems that offer value for money. Buy yours from Amazon today.

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