Top 10 Unique Celebrity Couples in The World

Scientists have demonstrated through studies that most people tend to select a life partner with whom they share some similarities. To this extent it is pretty normal to see a black man married to a black woman or a white man married to a white woman. Cross racial marriages have also become quite common especially among the celebrities and the elite in the society. In this day and age even same sex marriage is nothing new. Even this list of the top 10 unique celebrity couples in the world would surely astonish you.

What if I told you that there is someone who would dare to go beyond all the dictates of nature and choose a life partner who is non-human? Yes you read that right. I know I got your attention. I took time to unwrap for you some of the craziest relationships people have in the name of marriage, but who are we to judge?

10. Martin Van Buren and Anna Haining Swan


Martin Van Buren was born in Kentucky USA in November 9th 1837. He is popularly known for having been extremely tall.  According to The Guinness Book of World record, he is estimated to have been about 7 feet and 7.5 inches. He was famously known as the “Kentucky Giant”. What is shocking is how he chose to get married to a woman of just about his height too. His wife, Anna Haining Swan was born in August 6th 1846 in Canada to Scottish immigrants. She had attained a height of 7 inches at only fifteen years and would grow to full height in just three years.

They met in 1871 and got married later the same year at St. Martin-in-the-Fields in London in a wedding that generated frenzy and a hell lot of publicity. The unique height of the couple attracted hundreds of people to their wedding. Queen Victoria herself-then queen of England -gave them two extra-large diamond-studded gold watches as wedding gifts. Most people expected them, to give birth to giant children but to their disappointment Anna would have a baby boy of perfect height.

9. Ahmed Muhammed Dore and Safia Abdulleh


It is a fairly common occurrence to find women getting married to older men. Well by this I mean a few years difference say maybe anywhere in the range of one to ten years; in any case most women are looking to settle with “mature men”. What if that difference was as big as century? Yeah, you read it right; 100 years. Safia Abdulleh at only 17 years of age got married to Ahmed Muhammed Dore, a Somali national who was 112 years old, was becoming his sixth wife.

The man had already been married five times and three of his wives had already died. His own son was already an old man at 80. It is possibly beyond the comprehension of many today what interest a woman as young as Sophia was would have in a man almost a century older than she was. We can only assume it was love.

8. Flavio Briatore and Elisabetta Gregoraci


The Italian national was born on 12th April 1950. The successful businessman started out as a manager at a restaurant in Italy. He also worked as an insurance salesman before being convicted of fraud several times in the 80’s but escaped imprisonment and became a fugitive in the Virgin Islands. During that time, he opened several Benetton stores in the island. By then, he had met Benetton-founder of Benetton clothing company in 1979 and kept close ties with him. He would return to the EU a rich man much later after his convictions had been lifted by amnesty.

Flavio Briatore met wonder bra model Elisabetta Gregoraci on 14th June 2008. The television star that started off as a dancer for Libero an Italian television show before becoming a wonder bra model was born in Soverato, province of Catanzaro in Southern Italy.   She was 30 years younger than Flavio when they got married.  Rumoured to have offered sexual favors in exchange for acting roles on several TV shows, Elisabetta Gregoraci is no stranger to the controversy.

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No wonder not many cared to call her “gold digger” when she married Flavio Briatore, a rich old man. But if their social media posts and pictures 9 years down the line are anything to go by, it is apparent that the couple is doing well.

7. Ben Brown and Jenna Bentley


The accomplished supermodel, former Playboy model who has graced the cover of FHM and Maxim is yet another super-hot and sexy young woman who is married to an older man. Jenna Bentley who is also a musician, songwriter, DJ and choreographer is by all means a successful young woman with a pretty pay cheque. The 28-year old who was born in Montana has been married to wealthy businessman Ben Brown who is at least 30 years older for six years now.

Their love took the social media by frenzy in 2010 when photos of the couple showing the supermodel getting dirty with the old man leaked but since then it looks like they are genuinely in love. I guess it is hard to understand but it is what it is.

6. Anton Kraft and China Bell


Anton Kraft is a weightlifting champion who is no taller than 4’4′. The 52 year old who lives in Florida USA holds the world record for being the only man who can lift up to four times his own weight. In his own words he has had the highest bench press record of all time for his weight class making him the strongest small man. When it comes to his love life Kraft is no less ambitious; he strictly dates women who are not less than one foot taller.

The latest is China Bell a 43 year old transgender woman from Florida. Bell admits that she was at first uncertain about dating Anton when he asked her out but was blown away by his impressive skills at weightlifting. Kraft on the other hand feels like the luckiest man on earth to have Bell. Coming from Florida where same sex marriages are legal, the couple who Anton says is basically the same sex is happy to have each other. This unlikely pairing is Kraft’s motivation to break more records. Truly love knows no race age or gender.

5. Sean Stephenson and Mindie Kniss


Born on 5th May 1979 with a genetic disorder – osteogenesis imperfecta, characterized by weak bones and commonly referred to as “brittle bone disease, Sean Clinch Stephenson is only 2 feet 8 inches tall and uses a wheel chair to move. However he defied all odds, studied all the way to university to become a certified therapist a motivational speaker and author. While in university Sean worked as an intern for then president Bill Clinton. Sean met Mindie Kniss a beautiful lady from Arizona who is of perfect normal height.

He proposed on May 14, 2011 and they got married later in September the next year. Responding to internet bullies in 2022, Mindie told the world that her “tiny” husband was the most sexually active man she has ever met. If this isn’t love then what is it? Certainly this is one of the most unique couple in the world.

4. Kyle Jones and Marjorie McCool


If you thought you had had enough of relationships with extreme age gaps, you have not known the half of it.  This one will just blow your mind off.  Kyle Jones a 31 year old man from Florida is in love with 91year old Marjorie McCool. The two met in 2009 at a bookstore where she was working and exchanged contacts after which they started going out. Marjorie who had lived a single life for 37 years since she parted with her husband and father of her six children found love again. While appearing on an interview in ITV the couple admitted their relationship is very physical.

Marge-short for Marjorie- admits their sex life is over the top. Kyle who confesses he has always been into older women says he is dating another five women apart from Marjorie. Believe it or not their ages are 71, 63, 61, 52 and 50. Surprisingly Marjorie says she is cool with it. Kyle denies financial motivation as the reason for hooking up with the great granny and adds she actually has nothing. Kyle’s mother who is 51 has met Marjorie-his son’s girlfriend who is 40 year older than herself.

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She says she understands her son- who had his first sexual encounter with an older woman aged 50 at only 18- and supports him in his relationships. As weird as it sounds Kyle says he loves the wrinkles and the platinum hair. Call it whatever you want to call it but for Kyle and Marge it is just love.

3. Paul and Maria Butzki


You may have heard it said in some quarters that all men are potentially polygamous. I guess it would pass as normal if a man was married to more than one woman. The question is does it work the other way? If you are in doubt like I am the answer is yes. Ask Paul And Maria Butzki about it. The couple has two kids a daughter 16 and another Amy 12. But then Maria a housing liaison officer met Peter, a construction site manager and fell in love again.

She was confronted with the reality of having to choose between leaving Paul and the kids for Peter or give up her love for Peter but as she says, she could not live without either of them. So she convinced both of them to live together under one roof. Surprisingly Paul a railway assessor agreed to it and today they are one big happy family. Peter sleeps on the couch while Paul has a room upstairs. Maria shares a bedroom with Laura- her eldest daughter. What would shock you more is that Paul and Peter get along very well, actually they both enjoy fishing. Maria admits she has sex with both men at different times but they do not discuss it together. This relationship truly redefines marriage.

2. Gabriela and Victor Peralta


This Argentinian couple is one of its own. Gabriella and Victor are known world over for their tattoos. Victor who is now 43 got his first tattoo across his fingers at only 13 while on the other hand Gabriella’s first, which has since faded away, was a red rose on her chest. Together they both have 77 body modifications inclusive of 50 piercings, 11 body implants, 4 microdermals, four ear expanders, five dental implants, two ear bolts and a forked tongue. As if that is not enough, Victor has 90% of his body covered in tattoos while Gabriella 42 has 65%.

The Guinness Book of World record enlists them as the most modified couple in the world.  The couple has incredible love for tattoos and body modifications and says they will continue to get more no matter what people think. They have been together for 18 years now. This makes them a unique couple in their own way.

1. Amanda Rodgers And Sheba


Of course we all agree that dogs are man’s best friend. I mean, they are one of the top choices for a pet. However, one 47 year Amanda Rodgers must have taken it rather too literally. The British national who is a divorcee has communicated to men in no uncertain terms that the pool of potential suitors is no longer confined to the human species. Amanda married her pet dog in a ceremony witnessed by 200 people in Croatia in August 2012.

Amanda says though her wedding to Sheba may not be legal in the face of the law, it demonstrates how much she means to her. That she got down on her knee and proposed to her pet dog could be laughable to some but to her, she didn’t want to get it right this time after a short-lived marriage 20 years ago that only survived a few months. This one surely deserves the top spot.


In this day and age, there is just so much going on that you can’t keep up. That’s why we work around some of the most interesting topics so we can bring you the most fascinating news you want to know. The legalization of same sex marriages in most countries may have been a game changer, but this is over and beyond all that. Don’t you just love to watch the way things are unfolding? Surely it is a new century, a new era, and yes its 2022, who cares? Nothing is new under the sun after all, right?

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