Top 10 Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Wife


So you both have come a long way and successfully completed 10 gorgeous years of your marriage. As you revive the 10 years of your blissful married life, make it an opportunity to commit yourselves to spend the rest of your life with each other in the same manner. Aluminum is considered to be a traditional symbol for 10th Anniversary as it symbolizes the strength and flexibility in a relationship. Here are Top 10 Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Wife!


1. Aluminum Jewelry Box

This is a classic option to gift to your loving wife. Your wife must be having a lot of jewelry to arrange in the closet and it is always a better option to gift her something that she can use for another decade, reminding her of you every time she uses it. The aluminum box will become your wife’s favorite place to store her daily use jewelry and accessories.

2. Daffodil Earrings


Daffodil is the traditional flower for 10th anniversary that represents joy and happiness in a relationship. Give her this lovely, gorgeous and elegant pair of earrings to bring the joy she deserves on her face. Since marriage is not just about having fun all the time, these beautiful pair of daffodil earrings will remind her of the bond you two share, especially during challenging days.

3. Daffodil Bracelet

This is another gift idea that revolves around the traditional flower. The bracelet will be made in a daffodil design. She will love the charm and elegance that this bracelet will add to her persona. You really want to make her happy, get her a nice bracelet designed with perfection.

4. Aluminum Jewelry Tree

Don’t be fooled by its sleek design, the decor stand can actually hold up to 18 earrings, 10 bracelets, and plenty of bangles. You will find a wide range of jewelry tree stands, specifically made to cater the needs of women jewelry organizing problem. It is a perfect decorating, as well as jewelry organizer. Silver is the color of the 10th anniversary and Aluminum is the traditional symbol, together these two elements can make a perfect gift for her.

5. Diamond Solitaire Ring

After enduring you for 10 long years, she definitely deserves a solitaire ring. In fact, a solitaire is considered to be a symbol of a strong and durable relationship. A marriage should be as clear and sparkling as a diamond and this is exactly what your gift will represent. Do not hesitate to ask her to marry you again while presenting the ring. Renew your vows and rekindle the moment while starting another decade of your blissful marriage life.

.6. Adventure Trip

Who said gifts are only about flowers and jewelry? We have a great getaway option that you can gift to your wife and make her weekend the most memorable day of her life. There are number of adventure trips that you can buy and gift it to your wife. This is a good way to enjoy your 10th anniversary celebration, while exploring exciting places a midst clear sky and lush green forests.

7. 10th Wedding Anniversary Throw Pillow

Spend a romantic night at home, cook meal for her and treat her with god music. Once you’re done with your dinner, take her to the entertainment room, open a bottle of champagne and give her your 10th Anniversary pillow to rest on. A romantic anniversary may not be expensive, but it should be worth all the efforts you have put into it. You can get the pillow customized from any home furnishing shop for less than $30 per set. Let her notice the gift herself while resting at it.

8. Themed Party

Throwing a Blue sapphire and silver themes party would be no less than a gift for her. Call all your friends and family members to celebrate 10 successful years of years of your blissful wedding life. You may hire an event organizer or do all the decorations yourself, as per your wish. Just don’t let her know what’s in the store for her.

9. Say Good Morning With Flowers

Nothing can replace the charm and happiness of getting a bouquet of flowers. Wish your wife a happy good morning with a bouquet of your favorite flowers. However, a bouquet of daffodil flowers would bring luck and happiness in your marriage life. Make sure you find a lavish and out of the box floral arrangement to impress the imaginations of your better half. She should be surprised to know she was missing out this side of you.

10. A Romantic Night In A Hotel

There’s nothing better than making her feel that she is special when it comes to intimacy. Propose her in the morning, and take her on a romantic night out to revive the first night of the married life. Make her feel special with intimate decor in a theme that you both will like.

With 10 years of marriage, it is important to do something that show how much you respect and love her even after everything you’ve been through. Whatever you do, do not forget to have fun. This is a very special night of your life, so take time to enjoy it! Rekindle your 10 years of everlasting affection.

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