Top 15 Best iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protectors

iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 are in the league of most expensive as well as quality phones around today. They boast additional features that other phones lack. Because of their expensive nature, the last thing you want is your gadget’s screen cracking or getting damaged.

Your device is susceptible to falling down accidentally on hard surfaces. Due to the sensitive nature of the screen, a good number of manufacturers have designed sturdy screen protectors.

The Most Popular Types of Screen Protectors for Iphone

Anyone who owns an iPhone knows how important a screen protector is. We constantly use our iPhones and the screen is vital to our daily lives. One of the most annoying things to deal with is a scratched screen. An iPhone screen protector is as important as the case to protect your phone from damage. Here are some things to consider when purchasing an iPhone screen protector.

What is a screen protector?

A screen protector is typically made of tempered glass or polyurethane materials applied over the screen of and electronic to protect the screen from damage. It is important for the screen protector to be clear so it is easy to read the screen. Screen protectors can be difficult to apply because wrinkles can easily occur.

History of screen protectors

The first screen protector was developed in 1968. This was for a television. When personal digital assistants entered the market, screen protectors became necessary. A stylus was often used with PDAs and the screen could easily be scratched. With the development and popularity of smartphones, screen protectors really became necessary.

Types of screen protectors

Screen protectors are important and should be made of quality material and be the best thickness. Otherwise, the protector can interfere with the touchscreen operation. If it is too thick, the screen will be difficult to read. When the protector is removed, you do not want to have any residue left behind that would damage or distort the screen.

Screen protectors come either pre-cut or uncut. A pre-cut protector is made for a specific phone. The protectors will unpeel right onto the screen of that particular smartphone. An uncut screen protector is made for multiple phones. It is typically less expensive but obviously more difficult to apply.

Screen protectors are generally made with tempered glass or polyurethane. However, there are some differences. The first type is called “invisible protection”. This transparent film is about 3 mm thick. It is the most popular and the least expensive. Mirror screen protectors are invisible when the phone is on, but turn the phone into a mirror when off. Anti-glare protectors keep the screen’s glare down when outdoors so it is easier to see. These have a matte finish. Finally, privacy screen protectors are about 8 mm thick. These darken the screen at certain angles, keeping the screen private. With the additional thickness, there is more protection for the screen.

Popular screen protectors in 2022

  • Zagg invisibleSHIELD

Made with quality tempered glass, this protector provides a clear screen. Its pliability and tabs make it easy to apply. It has a good grip and an oil resistance coating making it easy to clean. Zagg offers to replace the screen protector for free for the phone’s lifetime.

  • BodyGuardz ScreenGuardz

These are easy to apply and durable. They are reasonably priced. BodyGuardz offers different types of screen protectors including anti-glare, privacy, and extra thick depending on your individual need.

  • Clear Protector

Clear protector offers screen protectors that offer the protection of a thick film yet is only 2 mm thick so the screen is clear. Applying is done with soap and water so it does not have the same aggravations of self-sticking protectors. Clear Protectors are nearly invisible and scratch proof. They do not leave residue and they come with a lifetime warranty.

  • ArmorSuit MilitaryShield

These screen protectors are made to withstand heavy use and protect the screen from damage from scratches, impact and moisture. The protectors have a self-healing and anti-yellowing quality. They are easy to remove. They also have a lifetime warranty.

  • XO Skins

These screen protectors claim to improve worn screens as well as protect them from further damage. This is done by filling in pre-existing scratches. They are affordable and easy to apply as they are custom fit.

Here are the best of the best:

01. The OMOTON Apple Phone 7 Plus screen protector

1: The OMOTON Apple Phone 7 Plus screen protector

This protector features laser-cut dimensions that offer optimum protection on your device’s screen. Additionally, the case is screen resistant. It can effectively offer protection to your Phone 7 Plus from scratches and scuffs by keys, knife, or any other hard substances. Another feature you stand to benefit from this case is its easy installation courtesy of its Bubble-Free Adhesive.

02. The Trianium soft film screen protector

2: The Trianium soft film screen protector

The Trianium soft film screen protector is a 0.2mm soft glass screen protector with 9H screen hardness. Its rounded edges are handy in avoiding sharp and chipped sides. Made from top-quality material, it brings with it extreme clarity that preserves it original screen brightness. Furthermore, it an ultra-clear oleophobic and hydrophobic screen coating that offers protection against oil and sweat residue from fingerprints.

03. The SPARIN iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector

3: The SPARIN iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector

The SPARIN iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector boasts an excellent design that is cut precisely to fit your device perfectly. It is 3D touch compatible meaning it is super thin and can maintain 3D touch feature of your gadget. What is more is that it is scratch resistant — it’s made of 9H highly strong and hard anti scratch tempered glass. Actually, it’s 3 times stronger compared to the ordinary screen protector film.

04. The Maxboost Glass Screen Protector

4: The Maxboost Glass Screen Protector

The Maxboost Glass Screen Protector features an industry thin cut and design at 0.2mm. The glass offers exceptional protection without bult. The high definition and extremely clear tempered protector is specially designed to work with curved edges. They’re laser cut to precisely adhere to your device’s screen while still leaving adequate room to fit. It surely offers the natural screen protection you can need in a protector.

05. The IQ Shield LIQuid Screen Protector

5: The IQ Shield LIQuid Screen Protector

This protector for iPhone 7 Plus is invisible visually. It provides total edge-to-edge coverage of a device’s screen. It utilizes a distinct liquid molding process and ignores the traditional ‘layer-stacking’ in order to deliver nothing short of prime protection. With this protector, you stand to enjoy a single sheet of frictionless and tough but flexible protection.



The protector is made with transparent glass, which has undergone some form of specialized tempered-glass treatment. It made definitely made to offer utmost protection to your device’s screen from scratches as well as other external damages. It is the best investment to maximize the resale value of your gadget.

07. The TURATA Screen Protector

7: The TURATA Screen Protector

The TURATA Screen Protector has the 9H hardness tempered glass that effectively protects your phone fingerprints and scratches. It offers maximum protection against oil and sweat residue, gives full coverage and natural viewing experience. Being ultra thin is another amazing feature of this protector. It restores true vision as well as bringing a super-smooth touching.

08. The IQ Shield Matte Finish Screen Protector

8: The IQ Shield Matte Finish Screen Protector

The IQ Shield Matte Finish Screen Protector is incredibly designed to offer some special anti-glare coating, which reduces glare. It also allows you to utilize your device even brightly lit conditions. The protector provides adequate protection against dents, scratches, and different forms of abrasion.

09. The TURATA Ultra-Thin Screen Protector

9: The TURATA Ultra-Thin Screen Protector

With it’s high hardness, there is no doubt that this protector is almost impossible to scratch, regardless of what you whack it against. It is cut precisely to cover your entire iPhone screen flat surface while keeping the home button, light sensor, camera, and earpiece speaker completely unobstructed. The case is highly transparent and paper thin. It’s premium material makes it much smoother compared to the plastic alternatives.

10. The Skinomi® MatteSkin Screen Protector

10: The Skinomi® MatteSkin Screen Protector

The Skinomi® MatteSkin Screen Protector is a brand new line of protectors that is developed to improve the visibility of a mobile device even in bright environments. It provides a satin, smooth anti-glare infused finish that is specifically engineered to disperse the harsh sunlight to a hugely reduced glare. Whether you are spending your day in the park or are out in the field, the protector is surely magical.

11. The iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector

11: The iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector

This protector boasts of being highly responsive, high definition and bubble free. It is designed specifically to fit into your iPhone. Choose it in order to maintain longevity, maintain durability and maximum coverage while preventing your screen from any form of abrasion.

12. Skinomi iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector

12: Skinomi iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector

Day to day use of your device can cause unwanted damage such as dents and unsightly scratches. Just within some few months, the screen will surely be difficult to read. What is more is that the device will surely go down in value. There is no better way of minimizing all these risks than by using this screen protector. A product of Skinomi, it is reliable, rough, and certainly long lasting.

13. iLLumiShield HD Tempered Glass screen protector

13: iLLumiShield HD Tempered Glass screen protector

The protector offers impressive user experience and utmost durability. This protector is manufactured from 99.9% transparency HD tempered glass. It surely excels at offering enhanced detail, clarity, and sharpness. There is no doubt that maintaining display is easy thanks to its uniquely formulated coating that prevents fingerprints, grime, and oil from foaming.

14. Yootech Galaxy S7 Screen Protector

14: Yootech Galaxy S7 Screen Protector

This screen protector boasts of exceptional clarity as well as UV protection that prevent yellowing. It’s made from a highly strong protective film material utilized in military space shuttles, helicopters, and aircrafts. It’s equipped with ‘self-healing’ properties in order to maximize protection. It works constantly to eliminate minor scratches.

15. Galaxy Note 7 Screen Protector, Yootech

15: Galaxy Note 7 Screen Protector, Yootech

This protector features moisture protection and corrosion that prevents substances from migrating via the film to attack the underlying substrates. It’s perfectly designed to offer daily protection against scratches. It reduces chances of damage to the screen from impact drops and forces.

16. iPhone 7 Screen Protector, Yootech

16: iPhone 7 Screen Protector, Yootech

This protector is ultra-clear and boasts 99.9% transparency to allow a natural and optimal viewing experience. Its 0.3mm thickness is resilient and reliable. It promises total compatibility with its touchscreen sensitivity.


The screen of an iPhone 7 plus or iPhone 7 is one of the most costly parts to replace. Being also the most fragile part of your device, it is prudent to protect it all cost. The above are the best screen protectors in the market today.

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