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Top 15 Best Men’s Safety Shaving Razors in 2022 Reviews

Be one of the many who have come back to the classic ways of shaving

Cold steel is the only way to shave. Disposable cartridge razors just cannot compare with real blades. The tiny foil blades are getting more numerous in each cartridge you buy. Then you only get a shave or two before having to replace them. You grandfather used to get days of shaving from a single blade.

Why not go back to those days and have that classic shave that is barbershop smooth. Today we have gathered 15 of the best in classic razor designs that are ergonomic and from the best names in shaving.

Once you go classic you’ll never shave with a disposable again.

15. Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

15. Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

Merkur has been making fine cutlery for over a hundred years now. They also have an impressive line of shaving razors as well. So, if you have large hands, your current razor seems to slip, and you can’t get a comfortable shave than the long handle from Merkur is just what you need.

4″ long it makes things much easier and since you have a safety razor that you can control better and your shaving time will be shorter and you wouldn’t be nicked in the process. Chrome finished steel handle means that it will last virtually forever.

14. Double Edge Safety Razor with 20 Derby Blades – Gift Set

14. Double Edge Safety Razor with 20 Derby Blades - Gift Set

When you want, a close shave and you are tired of those cartridge razors that last only a shave or two before going dull and cutting your face. You need to go back to the gold old days of shaving. A double-edged safety razor is your ticket to a close shave.

Utopia provides you with all you need. A chrome handle and 20 of the best in double-edged razors blades from Derby.

All package together. Quality, blades that are the sharpest around and an exquisite “Long Handle” that fits your hand and gives you the shave you’ve been missing.

13. VIKINGS BLADE Double Edge Safety Razor + 5 Swedish Platinum Super Blades

13. VIKINGS BLADE Double Edge Safety Razor + 5 Swedish Platinum Super Blades

When you think of Viking your mind flashes to images of Dragon longships prowling the shore of a helpless town as hordes of sword-wielding barbarians lay waste to it. Well, Vikings are memories. The Viking tradition of having a good sharp blade isn’t.

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Viking from Sweden continues the tradition of forging fine steel to fit your hand and now you have not only the handle to hold the blade but you have 5 long-lasting blades that Swedes have been shaving with for years.

Your shave is close and smooth with A Viking in your hand.

12. Merkur HD 34C Chrome Plated

12. Merkur HD 34C Chrome Plated

German steel defined the world for many years. From swords to modern tanks, Germany is a world leader in this metal. Merkur has been in the thick of it since the beginning. Today, they take German artisanship and engineering to give you the finest shaving experience you could ever wish for.

The 34C is one of the best safety razors on the market today. Sleek and chrome protects the steel from corrosion.

All you have to do is put in your favorite double-dyed razor blade to receive a shave that no cartridge razor can match for quality, smoothness, and ease.

11. Micro Touch Safety Razor Chrome

11. Micro Touch Safety Razor Chrome

From Micro Touch, you have it all. Chrome finish, stand, and 12 precision cut blades that all come in one set. This is the perfect gift for someone who has sworn off cartridge blades for good and they want to embrace the feel of a solid and dependable blade in their hands.

Men are rebelling against those flimsy foil blades that last for just a couple of shaves before starting to nick and drag across your face.

Men are tired of being shortchanged. They want a shave like this one will give and fell the smoothness that cartridges may mimic but never really deliver.

10. Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor

10. Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor

If you are tired of those flimsy plastic cartridge razors that you buy at chain stores, Mega-Marts, and you want to have a razor that has some heft to it. Here is one that won’t let you down.

Well then, you need German Steel. Merkur knows you want a close shave and a razor that feels like it’s real and wouldn’t snap if a little pressure is applied.

This heavy-duty handle comes with a quality blade to get you started on your road back from the cartridge razor abyss.

Get that close shave a real razor gives you.

09. Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl

9. Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl

To Get shave that rivals that of a straight razor you need a handle the puts the blade at just the right angle. That’s what you have when you buy from Edwin Jagger. You now can get that and more with this finely constructed handle.

Edwin Jagger since 1988 has been supplying men with all their classic saving needs. Add to that this Chrome-plated handle and you have just what you need to have a shave that used to be only available at a barbershop.

Once you’ve tried this razor, you’ll see why men across America have made the switch.

08. Merkur-Razor Merkur Safety Razor

8. Merkur-Razor Merkur Safety Razor

With an elegant silhouette, this razor glide across you face taking off your beard and leaving smooth skin behind. You would find nicks or stubble either. This is because with German engineering know-how this razor is shaped to fit your face like hands inside a pair of soft kid gloves.

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Merkur named after the god of speed and that’s what you have a speedy shave that gets you ready to face the world and not worry about whether you look good or not.

It’s a fact; fine steel inside of a Merkur chrome handle makes sure that you always look great.

07. Parker 99R – Long Handle SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

7. Parker 99R - Long Handle SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker has been famous for sharp blades that make men for decades. Now you can see why.

The 99R is ergonomically designed to fit your hand perfectly. Its precision craftsmanship is unparalleled today to give you a close shave. Barbershops may be a bit better using a straight razor. But for the home, you can’t do better than Parker when it comes to getting a perfect shave.

A quick twist to swap blades and you are ready to get more shaves than you have ever dreamed of, far more than those Bargain Basement cartridge razors.

06. Edwin Jagger DE89bl Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor

6. Edwin Jagger DE89bl Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor

Here is another entry from Edwin Jagger. This time in stainless steel covered in gleaming chrome. This is a razor that gets the job done the first time.

It moves quickly across your face without nicking and you’ll find no trace of stubble when you are done shaving.

Since you don’t have to redo anything you are done much faster than with those cartridge razors that require repeated passes and still leave stubble.

Once you’ve wet shaved with a single edge safety razor. You’ll toss your cartridge handle into the trash heap.

You’ll be just one of many who have in favor of cold steel.

05. Perfecto Double Edge Long Handled Safety Razor

5. Perfecto Double Edge Long Handled Safety Razor

Long handled and fitted to your hand. “Perfecto” is just what you’ll say when you look in the mirror. You face will be smooth shaven without a blemish or trace of stubble left behind. There is nothing like cold steel to get that mythical perfect shave, one that you’ll never see if you stick with you cartridge razor.

A safety razor is your ticket back from the high costs of cartridge disposables that have long dominated the shaving world, are getting fewer shaves, and are flimsier than ever before.

Shave like a man again with the Perfecto safety razor.

04. WEISHI Long Handle Version Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

4. WEISHI Long Handle Version Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

If you want to start to wean yourself away from those disposable razors, the WEISHI is the way to go.

With a narrow blade gap, it presents only enough blade to get the job done. This means less chance of razor burn for a newbie just learning how to handle cold steel. Once you get the handle of blade angle, you’ll soon see this razor gives the mildest shave on the market and surpasses even the classics in the genre.

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A Close shave, smooth face, and no nicking and best of all, No razor burn and with no Stubble left behind as well.

03. Best Double Edge Safety Razor Kit

3. Best Double Edge Safety Razor Kit

Would you like to get 12 shaves from each blade instead of only 1 or 3? If you said yes then Shaveology’s Phantom Series Closed comb Double Edged Safety Razor is your new best friend.

You’ll marvel at what cold steel will do to give you the best shave ever. Disposables just can’t hack it and their prices are going out of sight.

With this complete kit and with only 5 blades that give you 60 days of saving bliss. Everything is here including a leather travel pouch and polishing cloth. Now, you can get that shave that no disposable will ever deliver.

02. Merkur Classic Straight Safety Razor

2. Merkur Classic Straight Safety Razor

Merkur rides to the rescue to save you from that mediocre shave you’ve been getting from your cartridge razor. With clean and smooth strokes, your beard vanishes leaving your skin smooth and soft with no redness or stubble left behind.

Going back to the days of the classic shave is simple with this Classic razor’s design. Perfect pitch of blade is the secret of the perfect shave and with micro-precision engineering; the Merkur has captured it for you. Once you’ve seen how well this razor shaves you’ll never shave with a cartridge or disposable again.

Smooth, Clean, Merkur!

01. Double Edge Razors Smoothere Safety Razor Kit for Men

1. Double Edge Razors Smoothere Safety Razor Kit for Men

All package in a travel kit that goes anywhere. You have the razor, 5 blades, and a mirror.

That’s all you need for around 60 days of perfect shaves. Whether you use it at home or on the road, Smoothere guarantees you great shaves.

The perfect shave that eludes those who use cartridge and disposable razors is now yours.

Look well groomed no matter where business takes you whether across the America or access Asia and beyond.

Your razor decimates your whiskers and leaves gleaming smooth skin behind. Come back to the barbershop close shaves your granddad used to get.

Final thoughts

Cold steel makes for the perfect shave. Today you have seen the best from the best makers of razors that bring the classic shave into your bathroom.

Choose the one that appeals to your sense of style and that fits your hand.

All are praised by the majority of their owners and you wouldn’t find a better selection anywhere on the web or elsewhere for that matter.

Getting the perfect shave is easy once you have the right razor in your hand and now you only have to select it from our chosen 15 that represent the Crème Del LA Crème of classic safety razors. Shave with cold steel and you’ll shave no other way for the rest of your life.


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