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Top 15 Best Men’s Wrist Watches & Brand in 2022

Men’s wrist watches come in different designs, configurations and they all have unique performance related features. There are those which are more stylish than functional and on the other extreme you get the multifunctional chronometers with multiple functionality and productivity add-ons such as alarm, countdown timers, multiple time-zone tracking and many more.

As you can tell from the foregoing, it is not easy to settle on a single or even a couple of watches as the best for the modern guy. That is why we have collected together a series of 15 wrist watches, differing in design, features and operation. They are all unique in their own sense: some are affordable, some mid-budget and even at least one luxury, collector’s item timepiece. This means whatever your budget or work environment, you will find a man’s wristwatch that is perfectly suited for your needs in our guide.

As you will discern by the time you finish checking out the featured watches, we have strived to include watches from as many brands as possible. Some are well known like Casio and Timex while others are rare such as Skagen. Everything considered, this is by far the most informative review series and comparison guide for anyone shopping for a quality men’s wrist watch in 2022.

2022’s Top 15 Men’s Wrist Watches
Here is our list of the top 15 men’s wrist watches in 2022 all arranged in descending of their versatility and value for money:

15. G-SHOCK The GA 100 Military Series Watch in Black for Men


If you love action and the outdoors, you will find that this watch is designed to offer you the perfect way to keep time and do it with some aplomb too. It has a hybrid dial that combines digital time display with the classic 3-handed analog timekeeping mechanism. The case and the wristband are made from a form of durable but lightweight synthetic resin material. This makes for a watch that is not only comfortable to wear, but one you can depend on for all your timing and scheduling purposes.

As a military spec watch, the G-SHOCK is reliably shockproof and has prodigious waterproof construction as it is capable of performing even when immersed under water for 200 meters. This makes it not only for regular watersports such as swimming and surfing but also for offshore scuba diving. The only precaution necessary to avoid water damage is not to press the function buttons while the watch is covered with water.

Features at a Glace
Brand: G-SHOCK by Casio

Color: Black

Case Material: Resin

Band Material: Resin

Display type: Hybrid analog and digital time display

Water Resistant: Yes. Up to depths of 200 meters (660 feet)


i. Highly water resistant

ii. Reliably shockproof

iii. Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear

iv. Programmed with 29 time zones and daylight saving time settings

v. Stopwatch and timer with accuracy of 1/100th of a second


i. Can look too ostentatious for someone looking for a simple dress watch

ii. Uses a non-standard battery which can be very difficult to replace once the original has lost its potency

14. Timex Men’s Easy Reader Date Leather Strap Watch


Here comes yet another classic timepiece from Timex. With its white, open faced round dial fitted with conspicuous Arab numerals and a soft leather wristband, it is functional, elegant and timeless. The display features the renowned Indiglo luminescent display enabling you to read the time with ease even when it is dark.

The watch has been built to be waterproof and will withstand immersion in water for a depth of up to 99 feet (30 meters). The wristband is made of genuine leather that is both durable and comfortable for wearing right next to the skin all day. It displays the current date at the 3 o’clock position though this calendar function does not include the date of the week.

Features at a Glace

Color: Black (also available in a selection of 5 different colors)

Case Material: Stainless steel with polished silver finish

Band Material: Genuine leather

Display type: Round 3-handed analog

Water Resistant: Yes, up to depths of 30 meters (90 feet)


i. Reliably accurate timekeeper

ii. Runs n battery so no winding of spring daily

iii. Lightweight and comfortable to wear

iv. Indiglo™ display for luminescent display at night

v. Backed by Timex one year warranty


i. Does not show day of the week

ii. Not completely shockproof

13. Aposon Men’s Digital Electronic Waterproof LED Sport Watch


With its distinctive futuristic watch dial, this is a watch which will appeal to the gadget lover in you. It is all black from the wristband to the case and dial, making the luminous jade green digits conspicuous whenever you need to check the time. It also includes multiple customizable features so you can set up your schedules and time alerts as desired. Admittedly, the designers could have placed the function buttons in a more ergonomic style but, unless you have very fiddly fingers, this should not be too much of an issue.

The watch comes with a detailed user manual so you can learn how to make use of its multiple functionality features easily. Moreover, it is packed with distinctive alerts you can customize for alarms, countdown timers, hourly reminders etc. Get a timepiece which will transform how you schedule your work and time.

Features at a Glace
Brand: Aposon

Color: Black

Case Material: Synthetic resin

Band Material: Silicone rubber

Display type: Round digital dial with jade green luminous digits

Water Resistant: Yes. To depths of 50 meters (165 feet)


i. Smooth and understated design makes this a classic casual watch

ii. Lightweight and comfortable to wear

iii. Dual time (two time zone) clock display

iv. Displays correct date year after year with no adjustments necessary

v. Shock and water resistant


i. All 4 function buttons are located on one side and are therefore miniscule in sizing; very difficult to control

12. Invicta Men’s 8926OB Pro Diver Analog Japanese-Automatic Stainless Steel Watch


This is a very versatile watch both from a design and a functional point of view. You will find that it will easily fit in with your casual as well as official outfits making it the ultimate timepiece in your collection. Better still it is priced very low compared to other watches with a similar set of features and sold steel construction.

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The 40 millimeter steel case makes for a distinctly large dial face. You can easily tell the current time as the luminous hands and hour markers make it easy to reference even if the lighting is poor. The stainless steel bracelet with multiple links also features a fold-over clasp that is simple, easy and reliable. All in all, this watch enjoys quality features and is a real valuable timepiece for any discerning man.

Features at a Glace
Brand: Invicta

Color: Brushed steel with black mineral dial

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Band Material: Stainless Steel

Display type: Round 3-hand analog

Water Resistant: Yes. Up to depths of 200 meters (660 feet)


i. Luminous hands and hour indexes make it easy to use the watch round the clock and in all lighting conditions

ii. Solid all steel construction guarantees durability

iii. Conspicuous date display at three O’clock position. Lensing of mirror face magnifies the date digit

iv. Waterproof construction

v. Fold-over clasp enclosure is safe and easy to adjust


i. Not shockproof

ii. Does not display day of the week

11. SKAGEN Klassik Mens Three-Hand Date Stainless Steel Watch


This is an all steel watch designed by the renowned Dutch watchmakers: Skagen. It is an iconic design that is both timeless and understated for the lover of minimalist philosophy. You can trust this watch to always keep time with minimal fuss, requiring no winding up of spring as it is powered by a long life battery. Indeed, once you buy this watch, you can trust it to run with inerrant accuracy for years with little intervention from you.

Ultimately, the true worth of a watch can only be ascertained from the accuracy of its timekeeping and the ease with which you can read the time. In both criteria, the SKAGEN Klassik performs admirably well. The face of the dial is brilliant white and with the hands black and orange while the hour marks are also beveled in black, your eyes will intuitively discern the correct time with a passing glance. It is a solid watch more than worth the price tag attached to it.

Features at a Glace
Brand: Klassik by SKAGEN

Color: Brushed steel

Case Material: Stainless steel

Band Material: Stainless steel

Display type: Round 3-armed analog dial

Water Resistant: Yes. Up to depths of 99 feet (30 meters)

i. Stylish and minimalist design

ii. Clean and functional clock dial

iii. Durable case and wristband

iv. Intricate steel mesh wristband is flexible and comfortable to wear

i. Date displayed with very tiny digit. Does not include day of week

ii. Lacks alarm or countdown timing functionality

10. Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s BL5400-52A Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Sport Watch with Link Bracelet


For a mid-priced chronometer with a host of features, this is a very solid watch by Citizen. The round stainless steel watch case is filled with multiple functional tools including alarm, customizable timer and perpetual calendar. Also included is an uncanny 1/20 second analog chronograph dial for precision time keeping. The most striking feature of the watch is the large, distinctive dial face. It may look a bit ostentatious to someone more include for minimalist watches, but for the gadget lover it is a dream gizmo to flash around.

This watch has been rated as water resistant to depths of 100 meters (330 feet) and it will never fog even when you keep it on while taking a shower or on a swim. The chain-link wristband is very flexible and includes an ingenious double push-button closure on the link bracelet.

Features at a Glace
Brand: Eco-Drive by Citizen

Color: Brushed steel finish

Case Material: Stainless steel

Band Material: Stainless steel

Display type: Round, multifunctional analog dial

Water Resistant:


i. Quality workmanship all round

ii. Reliable time keeping

iii. Dual-time display functions

iv. Mineral crystal dial window makes reference easy

v. Enjoy Citizen’s comprehensive 5-year manufacturer’s warranty


i. Multifunctional watch face dial looks cluttered, not one for the minimalist

ii. Looks and feels chunky

09. Men’s Digital Sports Watch LED Screen Large Face


Brought to your by the Brand CakCity this is a reliable, multifunctional timepiece for the avid athlete. For all its features, reliability and solid construction it is surprising to see how affordable the watch is priced. What is more, the watch is now available with a large discount offer when you order through Amazon, directly from the manufacturer’s selling page.

The watch features a distinctively large dial with a bright LED face. This design makes it easier to read the time even in poor lighting conditions. The dial is backlit and a significant improvement on the traditional LCD screens which can be inscrutably hard to read when the angle of view is skewed. The watch includes all the essential functions including alarm, stopwatch and countdown timers. It is also shockproof and water resistant.

Features at a Glace
Brand: SKMEI by CakCity

Color: Black

Case Material: Resin

Band Material: Resin

Display type: Round LED digital display with multifunctional, customizable elements

Water Resistant: Yes, to a depth of 50 meters (165 feet)


i. Water resistant

ii. Large dial face with distinctive digits for quick reference

iii. Customizable functions and display

iv. Lightweight and ergonomic design


i. The screen fogs easily on exposure to water especially if the water is heated

ii. Date functionality does not track leap years

08. Casio Men’s MQ24-1E Black Resin Watch


For someone looking for a simple, no frills timepiece that works reliably, Casio has a whole range of them. And they don’t come more suitably crafted than this black resin analog faced MQWith its distinctive and minimalist dial featuring a set of gold hour indexes and smooth quartz movement, you can be sure this watch will prove good value for your money. The dial is pitch black and this makes it easy to tell the time without having to strain your eyes.

The Men’s MQ24-1E Black Resin Watch from Casio is sold with a long lasting battery already fixed and it will be years before you need to find a replacement. With such stylistic design, reliability and lightweight profile; it is indeed a watch for all seasons. You will find it makes an excellent gift idea for yourself or the man in your life as the case may be.

Features at a Glace
Brand: Casio

Color: Black

Case Material: Resin

Band Material: Resin

Display type: Round 3-hand analog dial with Japanese quartz movement

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Water Resistant: Yes.


i. Classic and minimalist watch dial

ii. Lightweight design

iii. Virtually noiseless hand movement

iv. Long life battery

v. Gold toned hour indexes and hands offer easy reference on the black dial


i. The dial’s face tends to fog if kept in water for long

ii. Strap looks cheap

07. Rolex Submariner Stainless Steel Yellow Gold Watch Blue Ceramic


If you are looking for a true luxury timepiece, there is none better than a Rolex. This one comes from the exclusive Submariner line from the renowned Swiss brand. It is all the guarantees you need about the watch’s impeccable workmanship, time keeping accuracy and maintenance-free reliability. It is a watch which will retain its value for decades. And, since it’s certainly a watch you will only wear on special occasions, it will retain its allure and value so you may still sell it without loss in years to come.

The watch’s wrist band is made of stainless steel with solid 18-karat gold central link-chain. The gold Rolex Glidelock clasp bears the unmistakable Rolex insignia too. The dial is no less exquisite encased as it is in a stainless steel casing with an 18 Karat yellow gold unidirectional rotatable bezel. The dial features a blue Cerachrom disc which offers very good contrast with the white and gold time markers and hands so you will be able to read the time with ease. If you really want an expensive watch that matches its value for years to come, this Rolex Submariner is your best bet.

Features at a Glace
Brand: Rolex

Color: Gold band and blue dial

Case Material: 18 Karat gold and stainless steel

Band Material: 18 Karat gold and stainless steel

Display type: Round analog dial

Water Resistant: Yes. To depths of 300 meters (1000 feet)


i. A genuine Rolex right from factory

ii. Officially certified by Rolex and will be registered in your name

iii. Free and insured overnight shipping guaranteed

iv. Water resistant to depths of 1,000 feet, this is a virtually indestructible watch

v. Guaranteed to retain its value as a collector’s item


i. Very expensive

ii. All the gold makes it a substantially heavy watch

06. Timex Ironman Classic 30 Full-Size Watch


This is a watch that not only looks the part but performs well when used for sports. It is offers a range of functional features including a timer and stopwatch. Better still, it has a dedicated button for the stopwatch functionality so you can press start as the event starts and press it at every start of split times or laps. Finally it will display the lap time and the total time taken.

For a watch that offers such comprehensive functionality and multi-functional convenience, it is delightful to not just how lightweight and compact it is. The Indiglo™ technology is a form or low power electroluminescence which allows you to clearly read the watch’s digital dial face even in low light conditions. The watch is water resistant for depths of up to 100 meters (330 feet).

Features at a Glace
Brand: Ironman by Timex

Color: Black (also available in 9 other colors and hues)

Case Material: Resin

Band Material: Resin

Display type: Round digital display with LCD screen

Water Resistant: Yes. To a depth of 100 meters (330 feet)


i. Fitted with four, conspicuous and responsive buttons for setting time and other functions

ii. Includes functions like alarm, stopwatch and countdown timer

iii. Functions well even when immersed underwater for sustained length of time.

iv. Displays date and day of the week

v. Indiglo ™ for easy reading in the dark


i. The strap is not very flexible and may feel uncomfortable for lengthy wear

ii. Lacks interval timing for the countdown functionality

05. Casio Men’s Sport Analog Dive Watch


This is yet another reliable chronometer from the Casio range of sports watches for men. The watch is made of a light form of synthetic resin and this makes for a very lightweight accessory for all day wear. It has a conspicuous round dial with well designated hour marks. It also displays the current date at the 3 o’clock position. The date functionality includes both a numeric value for today’s date and a three letter abbreviation for the day of the week.

As a customized sports chronometer, this watch is completely water resistant and will work well even when immersed underwater for a lengthy period of time. As such, it is perfectly suitable for all types of watersports including diving. It is also worth mentioning the versatile strap which is fastened using a buckle clasp. You will find it reliable and consistent for all your organizational needs.

Features at a Glace
Brand: Casio

Color: Black

Case Material: Resin

Band Material: Resin

Display type: Round analog display with white hour marks and hands

Water Resistant: Yes. Up to a depth of 100 meters (330 feet)


i. Lightweight design

ii. Water resistant

iii. Adjustable and fitting wrist band

iv. Reliable Japanese quartz hand movement

v. Shows both date and day of the week


i. Too much detail and accents on the case makes the watch look ostentatious, even tardy

ii. Luminosity of the dial face is poor and you need to strain or bring the watch right in front of your eyes to tell time in low lighting conditions.

04. Aposon Mens Quartz Wristwatch with Analog Roman Numeral Display


This is one of the most versatile watches you can order online. Combining a no-frills, stainless steel analog round face dial with a stylish genuine leather arm band, the watch is fit for different uses. Wear it with your casual or business ensemble and you will not feel out of place. Its dial is large enough for easy reference. In other words, the watch is suited to the needs of any man of fashion and style.

While the watch has an analog dial, it nonetheless is powered by a battery, requiring no winding up to keep track of time. The single control wheel is used for synchronizing both time and date so the watch’s case is flawlessly minimalist. The watch band itself is also designed for longevity. It has a twin layer design with an inner layer that is soft enough to serves as cushion right next to your skin.

Features at a Glace
Brand: Aposon

Color: Brown

Case Material: Stainless steel

Band Material: Genuine leather

Display type: Analog round dial with Roman numeral hour marks

Water Resistant: Yes. But not suitable for watersports


i. Scratch resistant mirror face

ii. Large 1.6 (4 cm) round display

iii. Long lasting stainless steel case with zinc alloy vacuum plating

iv. Genuine leather band

v. Single multi-functional adjustment


i. Requires battery to run

ii. The date function does not indicate the day of week and runs through 31-day cycles. You will have to adjust for months with lesser days

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03. Casio Men’s A158WA-1DF Stainless Steel Digital Watch


If you are looking for a no-frills digital wristwatch, this Casio Men’s digital timekeeper will prove a great bargain. Both the watch’s wrist band and the case are made of stainless steel which guarantee strength and rustproof reliability. The rather large 33 millimeter rectangular dial with LCD display offers accurate reference for time. At night you can press a toggle button and the LCD display will be backlit for easy reference.

The watch comes with a whole complement of performance features including alarm, stopwatch and countdown timer functionalities. The watch also displays the date and day of the week which are incrementally adjusted without any manual tinkering on your part. In other words, this is a reliable, accurate and very affordable digital watch for wearing around the clock.

Features at a Glace
Brand: Casio

Color: Brushed steel

Case Material: Stainless steel

Band Material: Stainless steel

Display type: Rectangular LCD dial with digital display

Water Resistant: Yes, but not suitable for watersports


i. Includes alarm, stopwatch and countdown timer functionality

ii. Backlit dial for night reference

iii. Fold-over clasp closure is quick and convenient

iv. No winding up the spring for accuracy of time

v. Backed by Casio’s 1-year warranty


i. Requires a replaceable battery to run (sold with watch)

ii. Only water resistant for splashes and brief immersion. Not suitable for swimming or diving

iii. Not shockproof

02. Seiko Men’s SNK809 Seiko 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch with Black Canvas Strap


With its stainless steel watch case and a woven canvas fabric strap, this is a watch that is going to delight anyone looking for a stylish chronometer that is both lightweight and designed to last. It features the classic Seiko round analog dial with luminosity for easy reference at night or in low light conditions. While it is not specifically designed for watersports, you will be delighted to note that the watch is nonetheless water resistant and will not fail under water for up to depths of 30 meters.

This is an automatic mechanical wristwatch. This means it does not require a battery to run. Indeed, provided you wear the watch for at least 8 hours daily, it will adjust its time keeping mechanisms automatically. Otherwise, you will need to keep the main spring wound up by turning the dial. If you only wear the watch occasionally, you may have to consider investing in a Seiko automatic watch wider which will adjust the spring automatically to ensure the time is accurate whenever you need to wear the watch.

Features at a Glace
Brand: Seiko

Color: Black

Case Material: Stainless steel

Band Material: Canvas

Display type: Round analog dial with luminosity and sword shaped hands

Water Resistant: Yes. Up to 30 meters (100 feet)


i. No need to keep winding the watch if you wear it daily

ii. Canvas strap is comfortable to wear and non-allergenic

iii. As an automatic mechanical watch, the SNK809 Seiko 5 wristwatch doesn’t need a battery to run

iv. Waterproof design

v. Backed by Seiko’s 3-Year warranty


i. Steel case means the watch is not entirely shockproof

ii. Watch band fastens with a buckle which is not as fast as a convenient or quick as a fold-over clasp

iii. Does not have alarm or countdown timer

01. Casio Sport Watch


It is not for nothing that this Casio sport watch for mend is ranked as the best selling men’s watch on It combines a number of performance features to distinguish it from other watches in the category. Its lightweight design is commendable and when you consider its waterproof and shockproof design it becomes a watch you can have with you round the clock without worries.

While the watch is not recommended to be worn by scuba divers, it has been proven to be fully water resistant even when subjected to high pressure water depths of up to 200 meters. And with its quartz movement with digital display, you only need to take a cursory glance to tell the time accurately to the second. You will also enjoy extra features including an alarm, countdown timer and progressively self adjusting calendar.

Features at a Glace
Brand: Casio

Color: Black (also available in black/red, gray/red and black/yellow)

Case Material: Resin

Band Material: Resin

Display type: Digital, multifunction

Water Resistant: Yes, to a depth of 200 meters (660 feet)


i. Lightweight wristwatch

ii. Waterproof and shockproof design

iii. Backlit LCD display for easy nighttime use

iv. Includes essential functions like alarm, stopwatch, hourly time alerts and automated calendar

v. Can be configured to display time in 24 or 12 hour format


i. Though waterproof, not good enough for scuba diving

ii. The synthetic resin material can look cheap to some people

What to Look for in a Man’s Watch?

Having reviewed all the 15 men’s wrist watches above, you must have at least a couple which offer the best appeal to you. But how do you make the final decision? Here is a list of considerations which should help you in making that final choice:

Case and Wristband:

Here you need to establish the quality of the materials used to make the two main components of the wristwatch: the band and the case. Most watches are made from stainless steel but progressively in recent years watchmakers have been using synthetic lightweight non-metallics such as resins and silicone.

Water Resistance

Even if you do not want a watch that is ideal for outdoor water sport activities, getting a watch that is reliably designed to resist water damage is essential. In each of the reviews above the water resistance rating of each watch is outlined and you can easily tell if the rating is in line with your needs.

Luminescence of the Dial Face
Being able to read the time easily from your watch at any time is of primary importance. Ensure that your ideal watch has a dial that lights up if it is dark. Just as well, the time display should be clear from all angles, not necessarily when you place the watch right in front of your nose.

Analog or Digital Display

Whether you go for a digital time display or the more classic analog with 3-handed timekeeping, it is all a matter of preference rather than one offering greater value than the other.

Wristband Clasp

The means by which the wristband is attached to secures it firmly around your arm is another important consideration. Here there are two possible configurations: a fold-over clasp or a belt style buckle clasp. The fold-over is more confinement and fast but offers very little leeway for adjusting the size of the band. It may take longer to fasten a buckle but it holds more securely and can be adjusted more conveniently to give the best fit.


Color, Indiglo technology, stainless steel

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