Top 19 Weight Lifting Belts 2021 Reviews

When you are looking for a weight lifting belt to use at home or in a gym, buying the cheapest design or the first one your stumble on online is one of the worst financial decisions that you can ever mare in life. The belt that you choose should be of high quality. It should be durable, flexible, and importantly, protect you body well, when doing strenuous exercises. Hera is a list of the top 19 weight lifting belts in 2021 that you should consider.

19. Schiek Nylon Lifting Belt

The Schiek nylon lifting belt constructed using a strong nylon material, this weight-lifting belt has a patented downward angle that supports the back well when lifting heavy weight. It also has a patented rib and hip contour that enhances comfort, and a wider front, which supports abdominal muscles. The heavy-duty stainless steel buckles on its dual closure system and its patented one-way Velcro keeps the belt in place during usage, and enhances its flexibility and durability.

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18. Valeo 4-Inch Padded Leather Belt

The Valeo padded leather belt is a durable weight lifting belt made of strong quarter-inch thick and four-inch wide leather. Its double stitched edges are sturdy. This weight lifting belt will stay compact no matter the level of abuse you subject it to, when you are exercising. Its foam lumbar pad with suede lining will cushion you back well when working out, relieve pain, and prevent debilitating injuries that may result on the back area, when lifting heavy weights. This belt also has a roller-buckle double prong closure and a set of double loops that you can use to secure it in place.

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17. Harbinger Women’s 5-Inch Foam Core Lifting Belt

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The Harbinger 5-inch foam core is a high quality weight lifting belt, specially designed for women. It takes the number eight spot for the following reasons: first, its extra wide lining (five inches with a two-inch support strap) enhances comfort when exercising. It also has an ultra-light foam core and a plush tricot lining that is highly breathable, and enhances comfort further. Used well, the belt will support your back well, lowering the risk of injuries. Its abrasion resistant skin made of nylon also helps to keep muscles warm and is very easy to clean. Wipe off sweat after ever workout session with a clean damp cloth after every workout session to avoid build-up.

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16. Contoured Neoprene Weight Lifting Belt 6″ Back Support

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The contoured neoprene weight lifting belt by Meister MMA is among the most flexible weight lifting belts that you will ever find. Its neoprene foam body, for instance, is super lightweight and durable. It will not limit your motions or mobility as you go about your workout techniques. To enhance comfort further, Meister MMA has added a soft inner lining on this belt, which is not only comfortable, but also fully washable. Its oversized Velcro straps helps to hold the accessory in place, while its contoured design supports the abdomen and back when working out.

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15. Schiek Power Contour Leather Lifting Belt

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A popular weight lifting belt among professional weight lifting enthusiasts, the power contour weight lifting belt by Schiek Sports comes sixth. Like many other belts in its arsenal, Schiek Sports has included its patented downward angle design in this power belt. Its patented rib and hip contours and special lumber inserts, enhances flexibility of this belt, and help to keep users comfortable no matter duration workout routines take. Finally, its six-inch thick leather construction and copper rivets improve its physical appeal and make it one of the most durable workout belts in the weight lifting niche.

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14. Polypro Dip Belt

Its base material (polypropylene) is strong and durable. The 30-inch steel chain and speed clips present on this belt enhance its ease of use, and stability further. With all the foregoing innovative features, the belt is still light, and thus, suitable for doing an array of exercises, chin-ups, and dips being the most popular.

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13. Shape That Fits Lifting Belt

The Shape the Fits lifting belt by Schiek is a four and three-quarter inch thick exercise accessory, suitable for people with 20 to 24 inch waists. It has the patented downgrade angle (that strengthens the back), hip and rib contour (for comfort) and the one-way Velcro, common in many Schiek belts. Its front part is wider, providing extra abdominal support. The two-year warranty pegged on this product is an indicator of its high quality.

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12. Nike Structured Training Belt

Nike has produced quality exercise equipment for many years. Its structured training belt is one of the top weight lifting belt in 2021 reviews because of the following reasons: first, Nike has used a tough nylon material with plastic inserts to manufacture this weight lifting belt. It is, therefore, highly durable and supports the lower back and abdomen well, when exercising. The belt also promotes proper weight lifting techniques by correcting posture. This lowers the risk of injuries. Finally, its back panel is comfortable and has ventilation channels that help to regulate body temperature.

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Are you are professional weightlifter or lift weights to keep your body fit and healthy? To protect you back from injury and improve your performance in the gym without breaking the bank, ARD CHAMPS 10MM is a professional-style power-lifting belt with a sturdy design that supports the back and the abdominals well. Made of an absorbent and oil tanned black leather, this belt is aesthetic, rip-resistant, and has finished seams that boost stability further. Its advanced lever closure system secures it well, while its lined interior is not only soft, but also improves user safety further.

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10. LIFT Power lifting Belt

Featuring a thick 4-inch wide body and a standard no taper design that distributes stress well across the body for optimal support, this power lifting belt by LIFT is an advanced workout accessory that is perfect for doing squats, dead lift, and several other types of exercises safely. Preferred by many professional weight lifters, its 1/2 inch thick design is durable. Its ambidextrous design works well for men and women, while its ability to support and channel stress off the spine and lower back lowers the risk of back pain and or the debilitating back injuries that strongmen suffer often. You also get a quick on and off two-prong buckle that eases wearing and removal, a durable and stiff leather body with heavy stitching for optimal support, and a black suede lining that prevent it from slipping.

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9. Fire Team Fit

Perfect for both men and women, this six-inch wide belt by Fire Team Fit is a versatile weight lifting belt that supports the back well when doing Olympic lift and Crossfit workouts. It is affordable, orients the body naturally to lower the risk of back injuries, and has a comfortable and snug-fitting design that will improve your performance in gyms significantly. Fire Team Fit weight lifting belt is attainable in pink, blue, black, and grey. Its light and contoured body conforms to curvatures of the body to promote safe weightlifting, while the adjustable Velcro straps you get guarantee a comfortable and custom fit.

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If you are shopping for a new weightlifting belt and do not mind carrying and or wearing a pink workout belt in your local gym, FITGIRL is an advanced gym accessory that supports the back well when doing squats, thrusters, deadlifts, Crossfit, and all other strenuous workouts. It is form fitting, has a broad 5-inch body and a 2-inch strap that supports the back and abdominals, and has a light and fun to use design that benefits women of all cadres. It is also affordable, made of a durable and well-sewn fabric that does not rip nor lose it shape over time, and is attainable in a plethora of sizes on the Web. You also get a replacement warranty with each belt bought.

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7. Valeo VLP

Featuring a performance-grade 6-inch design that works well for professionals and beginners and a sturdy rip-proof design that supports and secures the back, Valeo VLP is a top-grade workout accessory with a low profile design that lasts long. It is durable, has a waterproof foam core that repels sweat when in use, and has a non-irritant torque ring closure system that guarantee a comfortable and custom fit without irritating its users. For added comfort, all its edges are smooth and softly bound to minimize irritation. The brushed tricot lining offered is non-irritant while its washable design is easy to maintain.

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6. Nike Structured

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Over the years, many people (individuals and professionals) have chosen Nike over other comparable brands because of the quality products on offer. If you are on the market for a new training belt, for instance, and want a well-designed model that you can use every day, this structured model is one of the best around. It is aesthetic, made of a firm nylon fabric with plastic inserts that support the back well, and has a contoured and anatomically correct design that orients the back well to encourage proper lifting. Other notable features are its high-grade steel roller buckle that maintains its shape and stability and its perforated back panel that regulates temperature well.

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5. Harbinger 285

A larger version of the Harbinger 284, Harbinger 285 is a 6-inch weightlifting belt with a stable and highly supporting padded leather body that absorbs and distributes stress well whilst in use. This not only lowers the risk of back and spinal injuries, but also orients the body naturally for safer and more productive workout experience. As its predecessor, you also get a full board backing for added support, double-pronged buckle for a secure a custom fit, suede lining, and a 90-day warranty.

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4. Ader Leather Belt

Offering the support and comfort that workout enthusiasts crave, this Ader leather belt by Ader Sporting Goods is a top-grade power-lifting accessory with an aesthetic black finish that does not fade over time. It is four-inches wide, 3/4 inches thick, and is attainable in a plethora of sizes for extra small to XXXL. Whether you are petite or plus sized, therefore, you can easily find the correct size in most reputable Internet stores. The roller buckle and convenient closures system that it comes with eases use, while its solid body is novel.

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3. Dark Iron Fitness Leather Pro

Affordable, professional-grade, and manufactured using high quality leather, this weightlifting belt by Dark Iron Fitness is a recommended gym belt for men and women that optimizes user comfort and performance. If back pain is a challenge and most remedies you have experimented with have failed you, this belt is an excellent remedy. It supports the back perfectly, lowers the horizontal and vertical flexion associated with back injuries, and orients the body naturally for better lifting. The patented leather used to manufacture it does not wear and or tear most inferior models, while its light (1.5 pounds) and comfortable design makes everyday workout interesting. You get a lifetime replacement warrant that covers all its defects.

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2. Rip Toned Belt

Recommended for weight training, strength training, Crossfit, MMA, and power lifting, Rip Toned is a versatile workout belt with a supportive 4.5-inch design that will protect your back from strains and injuries. It is affordable, very easy to wear and remove, and has a comfortable and rip-proof design that has won endorsement from professional power lifters such as Kevin Weiss. Its lined design is stable and comfortable, while the lifetime warranty offered for it is testament of its quality.

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1. Valeo 4-Inch Padded Leather Belt

For individuals shopping for new weightlifting belts, and want light and supportive models with padding for comfort, this 4-inch leather belt by Valeo is one of the best around. It is sturdy, has a supportive wide topped design that lowers the risk of back injuries, and has a foam lumbar pad for added support and suede lining that prevents it from slipping when in use. It also has a durable roller buckle with double prongs for support and a secure belt strap with double loops for added support.

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