Top 5 best Microsoft surface pro 5 privacy screen in 2019 review

The Surface Pro is designed for versatility and performance, so you cannot be uncertain. Whether at a nearby bistro or an airplane terminal, it is a problem to work with others in your area. They can see what you are doing.

So, to be private consider the below private filters.

#1. (BesLif) Surface Pro 4 & Pro 5 Magnetic Privacy Filter Screen Protector Anti Glare Film Easy On/Off

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Protected Magnet Design – Quick and easy attachment or evacuation, no glue or paste required. Data protection with compelling points of view on 30˚ from both sides. 3H hardness scratch resistance of normal residues and scratches. Perfect and slim, which is perfectly matched to the primary device. Anti-Glare Comfortable Test Experience.  . 100% non-toxic material. Uncomplicated pressing without individual bundles to reduce costs and paper misuse.

#2. Easy On/Off Removable Privacy Screen Filter for Surface Pro 6 ,Surface pro 5,New 2017 Surface Pro, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Pro 3-Anti Glare Film

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The GeckoCare Microsoft surface pro 5 privacy screen is another product to consider. Scene protects secret data and sensitive information from prying eyes. The screen should connect to your tablet and shield your information from unobserved observers when it is on a level surface. The screen gives anyone who is not directly in front of your Surface Pro 5 or closer than 30 ° to a page a cloudy perspective of your screen. So you can certainly read, read or tap in a swarm-shaped room.

The screen contains a plastic mounting plate and a plastic transport envelope for sieve storage when not in use.

While people directly in front of the screen have a perfect view; The view for people outside the 60 ° rating point is obstructed to ensure privacy and security.

#3. Akamai Office Products Privacy Screen Filter Laptops Anti Glare (Microsoft Surface Pro, Edge to Edge Glass Removable)

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This privacy filter is ideal for the new Surface Pros (Contrast Screen Measurement with Second Photo before Purchase). Unlike other privacy screens, our own 8 film layers guarantee you the security of your privacy and bring you further important benefits. Be more comfortable and secure as you enter your passwords and review each item.

Ideal for open office environments, colleges, home institutes, human resources and business travel providers. Stop accessing your private data for anyone outside the 60-degree boundary. Akamai Privacy Screen Filter accomplishes this by restricting the survey point of your screen to a straight position so that no one but you can see the contents of your screen, while people on both sides only look at a hidden screen.

The Akamai Privacy Screen for Surface Pro provides both privacy and protection to your eyes by showing through 97% UV radiation and controlling blue light by 70%, which can usually lead to adversity. This Surface Pro Privacy Screen protects your screen in addition to residues and scratches.

The privacy screen is attached by a silicone seal around the edge of the privacy screen. If the silicone is wrapped up dirty, it tends to be washed with water and the handle returns after drying. The screen contains a plastic mounting plate and a plastic transport envelope for sieve storage when not in use. Also contains dust removers, microfiber cleaners and wet fabrics.

#4. Surf Secure Magnetic Privacy Screen – Compatible with Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 5 and Surface Pro 6 with 2 Way View Protection + Free Bonus Leather Sleeve

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You no longer need to see the data on your Surface Pro while individuals of you can only look at a hidden screen. Perfect for business travel, open-office environments, subordinates, money-related organizations, HR services providers, government offices and hangouts in your neighborhood bistro or web bistro.

This  lightweight, thin channel was designed specifically for your Microsoft Surface Pro and offers 2-way protection.

Ignore the screens that leave a sticky build up when you unplug the screen and then stop working after leaving it several times. Our screens work together quickly and consistently. No need of plastic strips or tapes, you can undoubtedly turn this channel on and off as needed. No excitement / confusion

Protect your profitable, attractive privacy screen with our custom calf leather case, which we present as a gift. Our case is designed to take your screen. It has an attractive pleat and a handy feeder, so you can easily remove the screen from the case

#5. Kensington Surface Pro Privacy Screen for Surface Pro 6, 5, 4 and Surface Pro 2017 (K64489WW)

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Trust Kensington, the decision of IT professionals to protect your Surface Pro’s sensitive data, and reduce the likelihood of your eyes moving to see secret information on your screen. This privacy screen is specially structured for Microsoft Surface Pro and works well with the touch screen.  They are anything but difficult to introduce, either with included frameless flap holders or with double-sided adhesive tape. The reversible screens also use an enemy of smart coverage to reduce glare and they blast through unsafe blue light by up to 30 percent.

Our last note about this review

These privacy screens cause the scene’s visible edge to be cut from 178 degrees to about 60 degrees (30 on each side of the focus). Everything left over from the presentation is overridden

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