Top 5 Best Quality Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Case Chargers

What is a case charger?

A case charger is an outer part of the phone that has in built batteries connected to your phone at all times. They are recharged at the same time as your phone. However, they add weight to your phone while giving it an extra protection.

What are the different types of case chargers?

Rugged case chargers. These are heavy and bulk but will give you more protection. They have reinforced corners reducing the impact of falling.

Tough cases. These do not add too much weight nor do they cover the phone style completely. Slim or basic cases. These only boost your phone survival chances on falling but will ensure they serve the purpose of charging.

What are the advantages of case chargers?

  • Phone protection from shock and scratches
  • Prevention of overheating, short circuiting and overcharging
  • Long battery life
  • Elegance look on your phone.
  • Things you need to know before buying a case charger.
  • Total charge time
  • Specific and unique features
  • Warranty
  • Design of the case charger
  • How to install and remove.

Where should I buy case charger?

  • Amazon
  • Ebay

Guide to choosing the best-case charger

  • Long charge storage hours
  • Short charging time
  • Should be easy to install
  • Should be portable


01. Anker

1. Anker

It is black in colour. It is the most reviewed for any charging brand. Ensuring more than 120% extra battery life, the Anker protects your phone against bumps and drops while its matte finish ensures secure grip. It is important to use the included cable to ensure successful charging and synchronization. Having a life of 2850mAh capacity, it provides an extra 60 hours audio and more than 15 hours 3G talk time. You will also enjoy 13 hours of video and more than 10 hours web browsing not to mention gaming experience. The case is incredibly slim for ease in carrying and use.

02. Anker

2. Anker

If you are looking for faster, safe and, a case charger with advanced technology then this is the product to have. It has a record 10 million plus happy users. It ensures ultimate power and protection for your phone while tripling your phone usage capacity regarding talk time of 56 hours, Internet usage of 32 hours and High Definition movie viewing. In addition, it comes with durable cover that ensures maximum protection of your phone’s corners, sides and back by absorbing impact shock. To ensure optimal use, use only compatible devices

03. Maxdara

3. Maxdara

The Maxdara is defined by 4500 mAh and an external backup battery charger cover case pack. It comes in either of the following colours. Black, White, Golden and Rose Gold. The charging time for this battery case is 4 – 6 hours. It is important to note that only specified compatible products to be used for maximum durability and optimum results. This case doubles your phone’s life with the slim design giving you an ultimate experience. It ensures your phone is well protected while being charged. You can comfortably forget memory effects while enjoying high energy density, long life and high security features.

04. Ruky

4. Ruky

It is characterised by 5200 mAh. It comes in four different colours, which are Black, Gold, White and Rose Gold. Best described by maximum protection from protective bumper and hard shell back plate. The rusty case protects it from scratch, wear and, tear. Its small size ensures convenience during carrying in both your hand and pocket. The charging time for this is 2 – 4 hours. It is easy to install while at the same time using the MicroUSB input port to enable recharging and data transfer. Other advantages affiliated with this is intelligent protection, high energy density, high conversion rate, slow decay and long life.

05. PowerBear LLC

5. PowerBear LLC

It is black in colour while having 3500 mAh High Capacity. This ensures you will always be powered and connected. Your device is guaranteed protection from any harm by the ability to absorb shocks. Other protective features include overcharging, overheating and short-circuiting. The elegant design of this product grants you easy access to all ports and features. The LED lights that indicate the amount of charge left in your phone spice this up. In addition, it comes with microUSB cable, screen protector and user manual.


Everyone desires a smartphone with optimum operation features that suits all your activities affiliated with the phone. Such include long talk time hours, High Definition streaming, Internet usage for long hours and playing games that are rich in graphics among others. This means more power being drained and at a high rate. The question one will ask is how to ensure you are powered and connected all the time? The answer is one of the above case chargers.

Some Advice as you buy one, consider using an original charging cable only and follow all the instructions as advised by the manufacturer. This will not only ensure maximum protection for your phone but also avoiding any damages to your phone. When it comes to smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, you can be guaranteed they will cost you a lot thus need protection, elegance and to top it up, you should be juiced up all day by a decent attractive case charger.

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