Top 5 Cheap Gaming Desktops Under 400 Dollars Reviews 2021

$400 for a desktop gaming rig is not going to be easy. Nowdays people are all about consoles or mobile but the PC Master Race still lives on. At this price point, A few brands like Alienware are right out, unless you go used. Building from parts is possible. The processor isn’t so important as the graphics card and the memory bus. Let’s look at the best cheap gaming desktops under $400 :

Cheap Gaming Desktops Under 400 Dollars – make the most of what you don’t have.


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8 GB of ram, 1TB of disk space, and a decent graphics card. Windows 10. Somethings can’t be helped.

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5. Deep Cool Teserract Gaming Desktop Computer


Deep Cool Teserract is a well-made desktop computer that will improve how you work and play. Its sturdy design is durable. It is also space efficient, eye-catching, and rigged with several blue LED light bulbs that boost aesthetics when the computer is in use. Aesthetics aside, this gaming desktop computer is very powerful.

The fitted A-Series AMD A6 7400K APU processor and 4GB DDR3 memory boost its speed, processing power, and therefore, performance whether you are browsing the Internet or playing your favorite game. Its built-in AMD Radeon R5 Series graphics card improves performance further. It allows you to play high spec. games seamlessly without lags, frame rate, or pixilation issues. These often lower people’s overall gaming experience. You get 1TB Hard Disk Drive storage space, many connectivity adapters (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) and ports (LAN, USB, and VGA) and enjoy the many benefits of using Windows 8.1 Pro OS.

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4. GAME-POWER GTX 5000 Gaming Desktop Computer

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Talking about the top 5 cheap gaming desktops under 400 dollars in 2021, GAME-POWER GTX 5000 is one of the best of the best models. For less than 400 dollars, you get a stylish and highly functional gaming laptop that is among the toughest in the niche. Its contemporary design complements modern decor. Whether you set it in your bedroom or in an office in your living quarters, it will blend well with your environment.

Feature wise, it is one of the most advanced gaming desktop computers. Its processor (3.6GHz AMD A4-4000 TURBO), for instance, is not only super-fast, but also energy efficient. When gaming, therefore, you will enjoy superior picture and sound quality without hefty electricity bills. It comes with a 4GB expandable memory, Windows 8, and HD ATI RADEON 7480D graphics.

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3. Dell Inspiron 580 Gaming Desktop Computer


Dell is a reputable technological giant best known for its high performance budget laptops. What many people do not know is that Dell is also a major player in the gaming desktop niche, with its Inspiron 580 model being one of the most recommended by gaming enthusiasts worldwide. It sturdy design with a sleek modern finishing is aesthetic. It is also feature-rich and has many quality components that have made it a best seller online. Key ones that regular users find invaluable include:

1) Processor – the i5 (3.2GHz) Intel Quad Core processor fitted in this computer is suitable for gaming. It is fast. It also energy efficient, durable, and works in synergy with the built in 8GB RAM to improve computer performance significantly. 2) Graphics – for the price, the graphics card installed in this gaming desktop is impressive. With a quality HD monitor, you will enjoy seamless game-play with stellar graphics. It has a 1TB HDD and uses sandy bridge technology.

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2. CybertronPC Kombat-X Gaming Desktop Computer


CybertronPC Kombat-X is an extreme gaming desktop computer with many innovative features. Off the box, it comes with a powerful AMD FX (3.30GHz) 6100 six-Core processor. It has 16GB DDR3 memory, an AMD 970 Chip-set, and a 2X AMD Radeon (1GB) HD6670 graphics card, which makes it one of the most powerful models in the market. If you are a student or business executive, you will be able to browse the Internet, research, and develop your reports effortlessly.

If, on the other hand, you are a gamer this computer’s superior power, sound, and graphics will make sure you enjoy seamless game-play no matter the type of game you are playing. It comes with 1TB HDD storage. It also has a Dual-Layer DVD RW drive, expansion bay slots, a series of connectivity ports (USN, Ethernet, and VGA) that make customization a breeze, and Windows 7 64-bit installed. Finally, it has LED Panel fan control and is unlocked for easier overclocking.

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1. HP Pavilion 500-281 Gaming Desktop Computer

In the gaming desktop computer niche, HP Pavilion 500-281 is the best in 2021. It is very easy to set up. It is also aesthetic, durable, and fitted with a powerful i3-4130 (3.4GHz) Intel Core processor and 4GB SDRAM DDR3 memory. These components improve processing speed, power, and thus, the suitability of this computer for gaming. It comes with Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) OS installed, a 7200RPM 1TB HDD, and 1-year warranty.

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