Top 5 Review of Best Professional Monopod 2022

Photography plays a very important role in our lives. Photograph can remind us good memories we’ve been through. With such a great memories, we all demand the best quality out of them. Thus, taking selfie is also very common and become very crucial in photography because we can have everyone depicted in the photograph. The best way to have the best selfie for the perfect moment is to get the top professional monopod for your phone or camera. The best professional monopod will take your snapshot into the next level.

How Professional Monopod Work?

You must know some basic concept and usage of the professional monopod before you take action on it to ensure the effective result. The professional monopod can make you become a professional photographer since it can capture better and fit everyone into the photograph with the right angle of the landscape. It extends your camera or phone allowing it to capture the perfect snapshot with your own adjustment. All you need to do is just to take some simple steps by mounting your camera or related device onto it, connect it, and you can easily control your snapshot with your fingertip.

What Kinds of Professional Monopod Are Available?

There are many kinds of professional monopod available out there that you might get confused. However, we can classify the professional monopod into three main categories. First of all, it is the monopod for professional camera DSLR. This type of monopod is best for holding and controlling any digital camera. Secondly, it is the professional monopod for GoPro. This is a sort of professional monopod for supporting GoPro camera which is quite common in nowadays as well. Lastly, the professional monopod for smartphone or iPhone is also another type monopod. It is compatible perfectly with any smartphone devices. Thus, choosing the right type of monopod for the right device can make your photography skills into the next level.

1. Manfrotto Professional Aluminum Monopod (Black)


From Manfrotto manufacture, it has introduced the brand new product of 681B best for capturing the perfect selfie and photograph with any camera devices. With its special design from high-quality material, it makes this professional monopod very durable. Moreover, it offers high security of handling with special design. Never leave the best moment of your life passed without storing it in the best album of your life since you have this professional monopod. The portability and convenience of it will enable you to live in the modern, easier life that you will always enjoy every single moment.

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  • made up of three-section black anodized aluminum
  • is featured with rubber grip with wrist carrying strap protecting slipping of the monopod
  • support many kinds of camera up to 2.3 inch large platform with plastic cover
  • has the maximum loading capacity up to 26.4 pounds and 63.4 inch maximum height
  • is specially featured with quick-action lever leg lock system with 45-degree flip

2. Manfrotto Professional Aluminum Video Monopod


Do you need more than just a monopod for selfie? This Manfrotto Professional Aluminum Video Monopod gives you the sturdy experience of shooting video that many types of camera can be attached to its head. It comes along with the special wider platform for smooth panning. Your video quality will be much more amazing. It is also featured with other special function so that you will fully shooting the video. Its compact design and portability offers convenience with moving it along wherever you want. The perfect design of engineering allows you to quickly mount and unmount the camera.



  • has up to 500 video head attached with lightweight design
  • The perfect design of fluid pan offers smoother panning action with sturdiness
  • The compact design allows this professional monopod to be folded into three retractable feet
  • Has one Easy Link 3/8’’ connector to allow an external monitor or other accessory equipment to be fitted
  • Comes with a bonus quick release plate

3. Selfie Stick,GoPro & Camera Monopod


It doesn’t matter whether you have a smartphone for your camera, the digital camera or the GoPro. This professional monopod can fit them all. You don’t need to change the monopod for different camera devices at all. You can get the peace of mind even you use it while you’re taking selfie nearby the water or travel under the harsh weather. You can enjoy your pool party taking selfie. Make yourself a professional photographer and control your selfie within your fingertip. It will be a lot more fun with styles since you own this professional monopod.



  • The Bluetooth function allows you to control the shutter within your fingertip
  • Water proof ability with floating speaker allows more convenience and peace of mind
  • Has built in lithium rechargeable battery to play music up to 6 hours
  • Quick paring and set up
  • compact design with excellent undistorted sound

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4. Selfie Stick – Use as a GoPro Pole – Selfie Stick for iPhone 6 – Monopod Selfie Stick


Don waste your special moment uncaptured to store in your album anymore. Store up the special moments of your life with the great album so that you can smile every time you see it. Taking selfie offers you more advantages in photography since it can include everyone in the photos. However, we can’t just stretch our arms long enough to capture the best selfie. Thus, having the help from the professional selfie stick can’t be denied. This product of selfie stick is best compatible for iPhone 6 and GoPro pole.



  • is resistant to any weather condition with high quality, lightweight and sturdy experience
  • helps you to store up your memories and share with your beloved people within photographs
  • offers the high security for your camera or phone when you mount them on this top secure monopod
  • It has multiple uses including using with iPhone, GoPro and other camera devices
  • Easy operation with high effective photograph quality

5. Dolica Ultra-Premium Professional Monopod (Black)


Give yourself an extension when you stretch out your arm to take a selfie. You can’t get the perfect selfie with everyone fit in and the right angle of the landscape without any help. The best way to tackle such a problem is to have a top professional monopod to help you. The Dolica WT-1010 61 is the best monopod for your choice that you can rely on when you want to have the best selfie and store it in your memory album. The problem is solved and enjoy every single moment of your life with this top professional monopod.



  • Maximum extension: 61 inch while minimum operating height of 17 inch with folded height of 17 inch
  • It has the maximum loading capacity of 20 pounds with 5 number of leg sections
  • It is constructed from CNC machined aluminum alloy
  • Build for tolerance to harsh weather condition with durability and high quality
  • Lightweight design with compact size weighing only 1.25 pounds
  • Base thread: 3/8inch and ¼ inch reversible screw.

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