Top 6 32GB Micro SD Cards 2021 Reviews

Which is the best 32GB micro SD card for use in smart phones, tablets, and even cell phones? If you enjoy photography or capturing videos as a profession or for fun and grappling with this dilemma, the micro SD card that you choose should be durable and built to resist water, heat, and other environmental elements such as x-rays and magnetic rays. It should have a universal build, premium technology that lowers the risk of data corruption, and an easy to install and use design that offers valuable service for many years. Even though several card models meet this threshold, our picks of the six best to purchase in 2021 include:

6. Transcend TS32GUSDU1E

Since its inception several years ago, Transcend has grown to become a dominant player in the computing industry with most of its products ranking among the bestselling of all time. If you are shopping for a 32 GB micro SD card and want to share part of this success, Transcend TS32GUSDU1E is an ideal accessory to purchase. It is 32 GB, Class 10 UHS-1-certified, and has a high-speed Class 1-specified system that saves users valuable time reading and writing data. This SD-card is affordable, compatible with smart phones, tables, and cell phones, and supports smooth Full-HD recording. It has a built in error correcting code, is compliant with SD 3.01 standards, and comes with a durable 45 MB adapter that eases its usage further.

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5. Silicon Power SP032GBSTHBU1V20SP

Top 6 32GB Micro SD Cards 2021 Reviews 2

With a read and transfer speed of up to 86 MBs, Silicon Power SP032GBSTHBU1V20SP is a super-fast UHS-1 Class 10-rated micro SDHC card that works well in smartphones, cell phones, tablets, and HD camcorders. It is 32 GB, has an Elite Flash system that offers valuable service for years, and an advanced HD video and high-resolution picture capture technology that keeps your creations premium-grade no matter the length of time you leave them on your card. Silicon Power SP032GBSTHBU1V20SP is affordable. It is easy to use, made of the professional-grade materials, and comes backed by an impressive limited lifetime warranty.

Top 6 32GB Micro SD Cards 2021 Reviews 1

4. Sony SR32UY2A/TQ

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This newest version of the loved Sony SR32UY2A/TQ line of microSD cards is a well-built high-performance accessory, designed for use in cell phones, smart phones, tablets, and all other SDHC-compatible devices. It is affordable, easy to install and use, and has a high transfer speed of approximately 70 MB. When you are saving and or transferring multimedia within a device or between devices therefore, you no longer have to wait for several minutes, as is always the case when using poorly made cards. In addition to this water-resistant and temperature proof card, you get a downloadable file rescue software with every purchase.

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3. Lexar LSDMI32GBBNL300A

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Popular in top 6 32GB micro SD cards 2021 reviews, Lexar LSDMI32GBBNL300A is a high-performance 32 GB microSDHC card that offers a premium memory solution for individuals with devices with low internal or built-in storage. It quickly captures photographs and videos. It also supports playback of recordings, stores and transfers data files fast (up to 45 MBs), and comes with a well-designed Class 10 card and SD adapter compatible with computers, notebooks, and other USB enabled devices. This SD card is affordable, stores eight hours-worth of full HD videos and 14,200 standard song files, and has a limited lifetime warranty.

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2. SanDisk Ultra SDSQUNC-032G-GN6MA

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As its name suggests, SanDisk Ultra SDSQUNC-032G-GN6MA is an ultra-fast new-edition microSDHC card that offers 32GB of storage space. It is durable, affordable, and has a universal and well-made design that works well in an array of gadgets. Whether you enjoy photography and or use your smartphone to capture stunning selfies and or vlogs often, this card will serve you well. Its slot and use system is novel. The universal adapter it comes with is invaluable, while the Memory Zone it comes with enables you manage memory and media for optimal phone performance. You get a 10-year limited warranty with each purchase.

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1. Samsung MB-MP32DA/AM EVO Class

Top on our list, Samsung MB-MP32DA/AM EVO Class is a 32 GB micro SDHC card with a transfer rate of up to 48 MBs. It is durable, has a compatible adapter, and is great for expanding memory of tablet PCs, tablets, smartphones, and cell phones. Once installed, you can use it for mobile gaming. You can also use it to store, listen to music; store and review high-resolution pictures and videos; and or backup, and access vital documents at the palm of your hand. It is magnetic proof, x-ray proof, temperature proof, and waterproof. It is also affordable, ships ready to install and use, and is among the most recommended for everyday use.

Top 6 32GB Micro SD Cards 2021 Reviews 1

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