Top 9 1200 Calorie Healthy Diet Meal Plans

Believe it or not, 1200 Calorie Healthy Diet Meal Plans is a real possibility. A normal Big mac is almost 540 calories. Throw in fries and a soda and you’ve blown through 1,200 calories. If you look at the list below you’ll notice something common. It’s mostly vegetables, things you don’t cook. No processed foods. Processing food adds calories, even something as innocent as flour is processed, made to make it easy to absorb calories. Back when our ancestors were scratching out a living in huts that was important. In our current world where even the poor can be overweight, it’s a disaster.

According to the American Heart Association, the minimum daily caloric intake for weight loss, especially for women is 1200 calories. The association developed this to serve as an alternative to the unhealthy weight loss fads promoted by certain self-proclaimed fitness experts. If you want to maintain the right weight or lose fat, it may be necessary to stick to low calorie diets. Here are the top 9 1200 calorie healthy diet meal plans.


9. 90-Day No-Cooking Diet – 1200 Calorie

For those who are too busy to cook, this is a perfect meal plan that will provide you with the required 1200 calories per day. The 90-Day No-Cooking Diet features a 3 month of mouthwatering fat burning meals. The plan also comes with weekly shopping list ensuring that spend thrifts do not choose unhealthy alternatives. When coupled with physical activity, weight loss can be in the range of 23 to 33 pounds for women and 35 to 45 pounds for men.

8. 60-Day Perfect Diet – 1200 Calorie

This as is another 1200 calorie healthy diet meal plan which you can use if you wan to loss weight and stay fit. The 60-day perfect diet meal plan comes in an eBook with both cooking and no cooking meals. The menus come with nutritious and delicious easy-to-prepare meals consisting of breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. You will eat what you want as much as you can handle without worrying about putting up more pounds. The average weight loss for women on this diet plan is 16 to 24 lbs and for men it will be between 27 and 36 lbs.

7. 30-Day Quick Diet for Women

As already been mentioned, the healthy calorie cut off for women. For those relatively active, this lower calorie level may not be appropriated. This is why the 30-Day Quick Diet for Women comes as an eBook with both 1200 and 1500-calorie meal plans. You have the liberty to choose between the two but both consist of healthy, delicious and nutrient rich foods. You will be surprised to know that you can eat pastas, hamburger, pancakes and swordfish without worrying.

6. 90-Day Smart Diet – 1200 Calorie

If you are the kind who loves cooking, then this 1200-calorie healthy diet meal plan will give you all the nutrients your body needs. Being a long-term diet plan, it is possible that you will adopt it as your permanent long-term diet program. It consists of easy to prepare, delicious and nutrient filled recipes, which you can use each and every day for 90 days. If you plan is to loose weight then your wish will come to pass.

5. The Mayo Clinic diet meal plan

The mayo clinic is a well-known source of good health material. They have several diet plans including those of 1200 calories. The diet is composed of low carbs, healthy proteins and vegetable fats all driven from whole grains, lean meat, low-fat dairy products as well as a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. You will loose as much as 10 pounds in just 2 weeks, something very remarkable.

4. 30-Day No Cooking Diet

If you do not like cooking and needs a short-term 1200-calorie plan, then the 30-Day No Cooking Diet is one of the best options. It comes as an eBook with 1800, 1500 and 1200-calorie diet plans. It has several great recipes from which to choose depending on your tastes and preference. The meals are nutritious, delicious and very healthy. Within the thirty days, you will lose as much as 10 lbs in the 30 days.

3. The 1200-Calorie-a-Day Menu Cookbook

For those who love to use cookbooks and need to lose weight and stay healthy, the 1200-Calorie-a-Day Menu Cookbook has several optional recipes for every meal that will ensure that you have enough liberty to choose what you want to eat. All the foods are derived from natural sources, are delicious and very nutrient rich. You will get the opportunity to enjoy combinations of tempting, mouthwatering breakfasts, lunches and dinners. You can even eat desserts without guilt.

2. 7-Day Diet for Men

Men do not like cooking but why mind if you it can save you? The 7-day diet for men has recipes that can give you the energy you want while remains completely safe. It gives you a variety of meal options including some, which have been touted as unhealthy and should be avoided. Nevertheless, the recipes are delicious, nutrient rich and healthy.

1. American Heart Association Healthy Slow Cooker Cookbook

Coming from the proposers of the 1200 calorie per day diet meal plan, this is perhaps the most accurate and authentic of them all. It features great recipes for day-to-day meals and offers tips on how to maintain healthy heart. With this is cookbook, you will enjoy a variety of delicacies knowing that you are completely safe nutritionally.

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