Top 9 Dog Grooming Brushes Reviews 2022

Brushing your dog’s hair not only makes them look beautiful, it also protects them from bacteria and germs and also increases the circulation of natural oils that improves the health of your pet’s hair. Brushing the hair of your pet also reduces the chances of your house being littered with loose fur. However, purchasing the right grooming brush can be very disorienting as a result of all the numerous options available, and so we have listed the best grooming brushes in 2022 below:

9. Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush

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The Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush features 27 mm long pins which are well rounded and polished so that they glide smoothly through your dog’s coat, making brushing an easy and convenient part of grooming your dog. Also, the pins allow your dog enjoy the grooming process as the roundness of the polished pins are gentle on its furs. The brush is also suitable for dealing with knots and tangles so you do not have to pull excessively.

The Oval Pin Brush which is 8.5’’ long and 4’’ wide only weighs 3.2 ounces. This means that it is light enough to aid easy and convenient use while being large enough to cover many areas so that brushing your dog’s coat does not have to be time consuming. Although, the pins are prone to ‘sinking’, this is normal for brushes within the price range. This brush combines quality with durability to allow both you and your pet enjoy the process of convenient grooming.

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8. Safari Pin Brush for Dogs with Wood Handle

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This brush comes with a durable wooden handle that allows solid grip, control and comfort while brushing your pet’s coat. Its pins are effective enough to remove hairs and debris as it is individually rounded on the tip and its small size allows you to easily maneuver through. The brush also prevents matting and knotting of your dog’s hair. However, its pins are short and it may not be suitable for thick furred pets. If you are looking for a solid brush for a dog that does not have so much hair, then this may be ideal for you. It is suitable for medium sized dogs and it comes in two sizes; large/medium size and medium/small size. The Safari Pin Brush is very sturdy and reliable, its wooden handle and its bristles have a very solid structure.

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7. KONG ZoomGroom, Dog Grooming Brush

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The ZoomGroom grooming brush is ideal for both wet and dry brushing and has flexible pointed parts instead of pin which not only removes dead hair and skin, but also massages your dog so that grooming it would be a very enjoyable process. The brush is made of soft rubber and provides easy grip so that you are not stressed while brushing and it is ideal for short haired dogs, although it is also effective on thick haired pets. Kong combines durability and functionality in this brush, enabling effective grooming. Your dog would never complain if this brush is used on it, and it would get out all the loose furs in the undercoat. Be careful to use this outdoor as there is nothing to hold the hair in.

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6. BarkOutfitters Professional Quality Brushes

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This brush which comes with an ergonomic handle grip reduces shedding up to 95%. It features bristles which improves circulation and makes the coat of your dog gleam and stay healthy. The bristles are mild enough to massage the scalp of your dog, but are also hard enough to remove tangling and knotting, so while your dog would love getting his mane brushed, you would also be able to remove dead hair easily. Massaging releases healthy oils from the skin of your pet, so this brush is not just effective but also healthy for your animal. The fur injector which is easily accessible allows you quickly remove shed hair, and its comfortable-to-hold handle would let you brush your dog’s hair without feeling strain, no matter how long your brush it for. It comes with a five year guarantee.

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5. FURminator Dog Slicker Brush

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The Furminator Brush is suitable for short, medium and long hair, and removes tangles and knots without excessive pulling. It is a double sided brush that is highly functional with straight pins on one side and bent bristles on the other which guarantees smooth movement through the fur of your dog and easily removes loose hair. Also, the brush is not difficult to clean as the loose fur easily comes out. Its padded handle provides solid grip which makes it easier to use. It is sturdy and feels firm in your hand so that you are confident that the brush is durable.

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4. FURminator Dog Dual Brush

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If your pet has short and silky fur, then this brush is ideal as it is a double-sided brush with pin brush on one side and bristle brush on the other. The brush easily removes tangles and knots and removes 90% of loosed fur. Its design enables easy and convenient movement through the contours of the head and its handle features anti-microbial plastic that prevents bacterial infections. Although, it is too small for large dogs, it is highly effective for medium and small sized dogs with its soft, yet firm bristles which are strong enough to get through thick furs, yet soft enough to make your dog enjoy you brushing its mane.

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3. Miracle Coat Slicker Brush

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The Slicker Brush manufactured by Miracle Coat has flexible pins that make grooming convenient and effective so that your dog does not feel irritated. The pins are long so that they reach the undercoats of double coated dogs and its large size makes it ideal for large dogs. The brush is easy to clean and does not hold back hair strands as its slightly angled bristles lets you easily roll out furs. Its handle is ergonomic which makes it easy to use and prevents strain when you use it. Also the customer care is very impressive and is very reliable as customers have praised their attentiveness.

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2. PetPawJoy Turntable Pet Comb

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This brush comes with flexible pins which have plastic tips so that grooming is a very relaxing process for both you and your dog (massaging its scalp), especially because of the very comfortable-to-hold handle which provides sufficient grip. Efficient grooming because it is designed so that it glides smoothly through the contours on your pet’s body. Its soft wire bristles are very effective in lifting loose furs and keeping your dog looking neat and healthy as they also remove natural healthy oils, leaving the fur of your pet shiny. It only weighs 1 ounce so that there is no strain while you use it, and it can be used for a long time without causing you too much stress. Only suitable for small and medium sized dogs.

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1. The PRO Quality Dog Brush

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This Pro quality Dog brush provides a quick and convenient way of removing hair strands without having to pull them out of the bristles as it has a self-cleaning system; retractable bristles give you space to conveniently remove the loose fur. It has an ergonomic handle that provides adequate grip so that you do not feel strain as you groom your dog. Its stainless steel pin is rounded at the top so it easily picks dead hair at the same time, massages the scalp of your pet so that there is proper circulation of natural oils. This leaves shiny and smooth fur after grooming. Most buyers are impressed with the customer service as their order arrived quickly; they did not have to wait too long. The brush also easily removes mats and knots.

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