Top Best E-Readers Reviews 2021

E-Readers are slowly becoming a popular device among students and scholars in schools, colleges, and research institutes. Besides accessing the information and reading, the device is capable of downloading and saving the information too. Therefore, just as any other electronic device, the problem comes in sourcing for the best. However, this piece on the best e-readers reviews is the savior when it comes to getting the best buying guide and information about the best.

About E-Readers

The history of E-readers points back to the early 19s when the first e-reader was unleashed to the consumers. They were a little more than the pre-purposed tablets given that the features were limited to the black and white display. Furthermore, users were often hampered by the limited selections of file formats.

The current day e-readers are more sophisticated and advance than the former versions. They are fully functional with lots of options including physical size, usability, connectivity, storage capacity, and functionalism. On the same note, various manufacturers are trying to devise the readers with additional features.

Considerations on Selecting the Best E-Reader

i. Use and Battery Performance and Ease of Use

One of the many shortcomings of the earlier versions of e-readers was the short battery life. Users would decide to reduce some functionality such as display light just to conserve the battery. However, most manufacturers have done a tremendous improvement in line with battery power storage capacity. The battery power conservation alongside display technologies are some of the most evident improvements in the newer versions. In this review, we base our evaluation on elements such as battery life, text clarity, back lighting, and screen adjustment possibility.

ii. Storage Capacity

The total storage capacity of an e-reader matters most and dictates how much information can be stored. The storage capacity is one of the features that any potential buyer would quest for. The capacity is necessary for downloading and storing the files from the internet. Besides the capacity, another consideration is penned on the ability of the reader to download and store files in various formats. Going by that, you will find out that some readers are only able to open certain formats while others are able to store and open various formats.

iii. Additional Features

Features are the main standard yardstick that differentiates the modern and the earlier versions of e-readers. Most of the differences are as a result of the improvements done on the features of the former models. Of all the numerous improvements, the most significant ones in, among include internet connectivity, full-color display, and anti-glare technology, among others.

iv. Price

Price is definitely an important factor and feature to consider while buying or reviewing any product. When talking about the price, various factors that determine the final price also come in. Yes, there are various determinants of the price and among them are the features, brand name, brand popularity, the manufacturing company, and the general popularity. In today’s market, the top contenders have affixed various prices going by their own determinants. However, the common fact is that most if not all of the modern genuine brands offer the consumers value for their money. Therefore, in considering the price, we relate our reviews to various features and service.

The Best E-Readers Based on the Ease of Use and Battery Performance

1. Amazon New Kindle Oasis


Amazon’s Kindle Oasis does not differ so much with its predecessor, Kindle white paper in terms of ease of battery life and ease of use. Nevertheless, most of its features are improved highly compared to that of the predecessor kindle Paperwhite. Its 13-inch super thin design adds to ease of handling with improved grip on the hand to feel like the standard handbook. The size also determines the weight and the amazon new kindle Oasis is almost 20% lighter than the competitor e-readers.

On the same note, it also has an extended battery life which is supported by the leather charging cover for exclusive retention of the charge. The covers are also in a variety to choose from including walnut, merlot, and black. With this e-reader, you are assured of a cool eight weeks of reading time with a 30-minute daily reading time. Another added feature that adds to its extended battery is the hibernation that makes the gadget inactive if left for some time without operating it.

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Why Kindle Oasis?

  • Highest resolution of 300 ppi
  • Dual battery charging
  • Premium Leather Cover
  • Has touchscreen and page buttons
  • Has Wi-Fi connectivity

Finally, it has the best anti-glare properties given that unlike most other e-readers, its screen does not backlight. Its readability is, however, improved by the 300 ppi resolution and the LEDs light that makes it the perfect choice.

2. Sony PRS-505 Portable Digital E-Reader System


The Sony PRS-505 is rather an older e-reader model even though it has surprisingly held to its great functionalism. A great percentage of the past users points out to its unique navigation system as well as the ease of accessibility via the series of its numbered buttons. Besides, it is a very light unit and can be held both horizontally and vertically depending on the preferred orientation of the user. Another great characteristic of Sony PRS even though it still utilizes the use of backlighting technology is the anti-glare feature.

Apart from the named best feature, this device must be named in any list where top e-readers with long battery life are being mentioned. The reason behind it is that it has high charge retention and also recharges faster. Besides, its battery is also removable, and, hence replaceable once drained off unlike for the competitor models.

3. Slick ER701 E-Reader with Binder Case


The Slick ER701 is the real alternative yet non-expensive model to the leading e-readers such as the kindle. Feedbacks from most of the past users show that the device is a nice one. However, the main shortfall of the reader is the inability to connect to the internet. This, therefore, means that one has to download the needed file in a PC then upload to the reader in the right format.

Given that the device cannot connect to a wifi or any internet connection means that the process of downloading to PC and uploading to the reader is a must-do exercise. The process tends to be rather buggy and difficult, but in essence, it is feasible.

Why Slick ER701 E-Reader?

The Slick ER701 operates on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that have an average of 8 to 12 hours operating on a single complete charge. Such time is sufficient for reading lots of chapters of any book, hence, efficiency. The best practice, therefore, for repeated use during the day is to charge overnight.

Apart from that, the slick is also capable of playing both video and audio files. In relation to this feature, the device is also usable for entertainment purposes. However, such usage consumes extensive power and would make the battery to drain faster. Going by feedbacks from some users, there is a connection between the battery power capacity and the performance and memory. They argue that as the battery loses power, the device’s performance and memory also slows down even though it is debatable information though.

The Shortcomings

  • Does not have Wi-fi options
  • Downloading and uploading the files is hectic
  • Its navigational buttons are flush with the surface
  • Its Slick does not use a touchscreen.


Given that it has flush navigational buttons, it is recommendable to apply stickers that have raised letters to the buttons. This would make it a bit easy to find the letters.

4. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite


For some users, they want nothing apart from using the reader for the main intended purpose- reading. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the best option for such people who are not interested in other functions such as games and videos. To some, they are not entertainment but rather a source of distractions. For such people, Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the thing to go for.

Merits of Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The best thing with this device is its possibility to download and open a variety of file formats besides the default ePub files.

Another up for this model is the use of LEDs that gives it a superior battery life to its competitors using a backlight. Most manufacturers claim a sure eight weeks of continuous use on a single charge on a light reading schedule of 25 minutes daily. With this information, it is derivable that it operates a total of 26 hours upon a complete charging.

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Review Based on Storage Capacity

1. Amazon New Kindle Oasis


The Kindle Oasis features again in the best in this category owing to its big storage capacity. In determining the storage capacity, we look at both the main storage and cloud storage capacity. For Kindle Oasis, the user is assured of up to 4GB main storage as well as unlimited cloud storage. Such a space is capable of downloading and storing numerous files from numerous sources.

When it comes to downloading the files, this device has an inbuilt 3G for connection to the internet. This eliminates the need for wireless modems or Wi-Fi hotspots.

2. Sony PRS-505 Portable Digital E-reader System


With the Sony PRS-505, you are able to store approximately 160 e-book files. However, the user can also utilize the use of memory sticks to expand the storage for even more uploads.

However, the only limiting factor for this reader is the limited list of supported e-book and text files it can download, store, and open. It only handles the basic and common formats like TXT, PDF, and ePub. It, therefore, means that it can’t handle some of the protected files like MOBI and DOC.

3. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite


With Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, the storage is virtually unlimited given that the titles are easily accessible from cloud servers. It is, therefore, one of the best to consider in so far as storage capacity is concerned. Besides, it is capable of reading other publicly available formats such as PDF, TXT, and unprotected MOBI files. However, conversion is necessary in case you want to read other formats such as DOC and pictures using Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.

If you have this device then you are at peace since you can easily download new e-book titles whether in PDF or ePub formats. Such formats are always readily available for downloading especially in public libraries which are in an affiliate program with the various e-book distributors.

4. Slick ER701 E-reader with Binder Case


Do you know why many correspondences point out to Slick ER701 E-reader with Binder Case as the king of space? This device has a whopping two GB onboard memory for storing files. With this kind of memory, the reader can hold not less than 2,000 titles in the onboard memory at once, and about 30,000 titles more in the additional memory cards.

The Slick e-reader system has somehow affiliated with KoboBooks. This implies that users may at times be restricted to its catalog during future downloads. However, the good thing is that the said catalog currently houses more than 2.4 million books, electronic newspapers, and magazines. With this kind of a database, one would never miss two or three interesting books.

Among its merits is its ability to supports common formats like PDF, ePub, and TXT even though it is not clear whether or not it can process the other e-book formats. Not to worry much, Kobo’s catalog will provide the titles in the acceptable formats.

5. Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch eBook Reader


Even though the actual storage capacity specifications for Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch eBook Reader is not definite, it is clear that it is capable of storing thousands of titles easily. The only common complaint received from owners is that the NOOK lacks searchable categories. It, therefore, stores all the titles alphabetically; a feature considered so difficult in finding a specific book to read by most users.

Having mentioned that, one of the developments worth applauding is the NOOK’s ability to receive and open the files and books in various formats other than the original proprietary ePub files. Similarly, this device is capable of downloading titles directly from the overdrive even if nothing about connectivity to the cloud is mentioned against NOOK. As evident as it is, an overdrive still serves the purpose since it is an e-book delivery system connected with various public libraries through affiliations.

The Patting Shot

The information contained herein is directly from experts at electronics shops and past users who takes their e-reader with them whenever they travel. Do you hate sleeping while on a flight like me? If yes, then you deserve one of these wonderful e-readers. The best part is that you can dim the screen especially when you’re on a red-eye.

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