Top Korean Artists in 2021

Are you wondering who the hottest actors and actresses are going to be in 2021? Find out which ones you should keep an eye on by reading about these top 10 Korean artists in 2021.

Hyun Bin


Hyun Bin was born in 1982 in Seoul. He made his television debut in “Nonstop 4,” but he didn’t become a hit until he starred in “My Name is Kim Sam-soon.” Bin is quite an admirable man; he voluntarily did his compulsory military service in the Marine Corps and was recognized for his excellent service in the most difficult branch of the military.

Lee Byung Hun


This model, singer, and actor was born in 1970 in Seongnam. Byung Hun has achieved success both in South Korea and the United States. He has starred in some of the highest-grossing films ever released in South Korea, and he was one of the first South Korean actors who was asked to contribute his handprints and footprints to be displayed in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

Gong Yoo


Gong Yoo is an actor who was born in Busan in 1979. He gained mainstream success in the television show “The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince.” An interesting fact about Yoo is that he is an ambassador for the National Tax Service. In this role, he appeared on posters and at street campaigns to encourage people to pay their taxes. He was also appointed as a special representative of UNICEF Korea to help raise awareness of the challenges facing children living in developing countries.

Lee Seung Gi


Lee Seung Gi wears many hats; he’s an actor, singer, entertainer, and MC. Born in 1987 in Seoul, his music career began in 2004 with the song “Because You’re My Girl.” His acting debut came in 2006 with the television show “The Infamous Chil Sisters.” Currently, he is in the military fulfilling his mandatory service, but he’ll be back with more hits in 2021.

Jo In Sung


Born in 1981 in Seoul, Jo In Sung wanted to be a Taekwondo trainer when he grew up. However, as fate had it, he became an actor instead and rose to prominence thanks to his roles in television shows like “What Happened in Bali” and “That Winter, the Wind Blows.” In addition to his television and film work, he is also known for starring in many commercials.

Gong Hyo Jin


Gong Hyo Jin was born in Seoul in 1980, but she spent several years in Australia during high school. After she came back from Australia, she started working as a model. She transitioned into acting with the film “Memento Mori,” but she didn’t achieve critical success until she acted in “Family Ties.” Hyo Jin isn’t content with just being an award-winning actress; she’s also an author, singer, fashion icon, and fashion designer. What a talented woman!

Kim Nam Joo


Kim Nam Joo was born in 1971 in Seoul. She started out in television shows such as “The Boss,” “Her House,” and “Model.” She decided to mostly retire from acting after she got married and had children. However, she couldn’t stay away from acting forever; in 2009, she came back to television with “Queen of Housewives.” Thank goodness she came back; what would we do without “My Husband Got a Family”?

Lee Bo Young


Lee Bo Young was born in 1979 in Seoul. She didn’t always intend to become an actress; at first, she wanted to become a news presenter. When that didn’t work out, she became a model instead. Eventually, she got into acting, and she is most famous for the television shows “My Daughter Seo Young” and “I Can Hear Your Voice.” When she’s not acting, Bo Young is an environmental activist and writer.

Han Hyo Joo


Han Hyo Joo was born in 1987 in Cheongju. She came to the attention of the television industry after participating in a beauty pageant as a teenager. Her rise to fame came when she starred in the television shows “Like Land and Sky” and “Iljimae.” She has acted in some extremely successful films, such as “Masquerade” and “Cold Eyes.” Her most recent project was the television show “W.”



This singer and actress’s real name is Bae Su Ji, but she prefers to go by Suzy when it comes to show business. She was born in 1994 in Gwangju, and at the age of 15, she auditioned for “Superstar K.” She didn’t make it very far on that show, but it didn’t matter as she had caught the eye of a scout, which led to her making her musical debut in the girl group miss A, along with Fei, Jia, and Min. Suzy has most recently starred in several movies and television shows. A fun fact about Suzy is that she is the first Korean female celebrity who has made it into Madame Tussauds.

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