[UPDATED] Top 10 Best Motion Sensor Lights 2021 – 2021

Your quest for the best motion sensor light starts here. And that’s because we’ve taken the time to sample and rank the most sought after motion sensor lights on the market to create a comprehensive, up to date list of what’s “hot”!

For starters, motion sensor lights, when installed in the right places, are the little “guardians” that will provide automated, hands-free way to protect your home indoors and outdoors. They will light up the way to your front door every time you pull into your driveway, illuminate the hallways when you get up in the wee hours of the night and turn on lamps when you enter a room.

In short, we cannot overstate the importance of purchasing a motion sensor light. That said, not all motion sensor lights are the same. Thus, it is important that you know what you’re looking for when scouting for a motion sensor light – and that’s where we come in.

We have analyzed the best motion sensor lights based on performance, features, affordability and customer reviews. The aim is to help you make a faster decision and most importantly, but your light from a point information.

And now, the here are the top 10 best motion sensor lights 2021 – 2021 reviews.

10. Home Zone LED Outdoor Security Floodlight


This motion sensor light is relatively small and is perfect for alleys, driveways, garage or parking bay. It is also the unit to go for if you’re in pursuit for a moderately priced light with outstanding performance.

Features and Benefits

Time Control and Lux Sensor – You can customize the time it takes for this light to turn off to be in line with your preference.  The Home Zone motion sensor light comes with a built-in Lux sensor to give it incredible detection ability. This light best works when mounted at 180 degrees angle.

Adjustable Detection – Most motion sensor lights have a fixed motion detection range. The Home Zone LED, however, is entirely different. It allows you to customize that detection up to 32.8 feet thereby increasing its efficiency. Of course, this feature comes in handy if the unit is in areas such as backyards or driveways.

Manual Override – Even though the Home Zone LED can detect motion with a certain range, you can use the override function to ensure that the light is on always. This feature comes in handy when you’re using the unit as a security floodlight in your home or business premises.

Technical Specifications

Light Range – 80 square feet
Motion Detection Range – Up 32.8 feet at an angle of 180 degrees
Lumen Output – 2137

9. Mr. Beams MB532 Wireless LED Step/Stair Light, 2-Pack


Ideal for closets, decks, bathrooms and stairways, the MB532 can be mounted anywhere, indoors or outdoors using the four mounting brackets and screws available in the unit’s package.

Features and Benefits

High-Performance LEDs – The MB532 uses some of the highest rated LEDs on the market with an output of 35 lumens to generate bright white light that can cover an area of 120 square feet. It turns on instantly whenever motion is detected after sunset and can pick up movement within a distance of 12 feet.

Improved Efficiency – If you’re scouting motion sensor lights for home, you’re better off with units that offer efficiency because you don’t want to keep changing the LEDs now and then. It might catch your attention, therefore, to know that with Mr. Beams MB532, the LEDs never require replacing. Also, the unit offers more than 5000 activations with a single set of batteries.

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Automatic Operation – The MB532 will automatically shut off after 60 seconds of no motion detection increase the battery’s longevity.

Technical Specifications

Bulb Life – Up 50,000 hours
Light Range – 120 square feet
Motion Detection Range – Up to12 feet at an angle of 180 degrees

8. AmerTac 73092CC LED Motion-Activated Nite Lite


With an appealing design, the 73092CC motion sensor light offers a smart, affordable way to add elegance to your hallway, bathroom or bedroom.


ETL Listed – This light meets the ETL safety standards making it the ideal option if you’re after a kid-friendly light that doesn’t generate heat. That, by extension, helps cut down energy costs. To make it a universal product, the 73092CC can plug into any standard power outlet.

Motion Activated – To live up to its motion detection ability, the AmerTac Nite Lite turns on when it detects motion within a distance of 20 feet. It turns off after a minute of non-motion. Besides, it comes with an integrated light sensor to ensure that the night light doesn’t turn on during the day.

Impressive Design – The 73092CC is appealing to the eye, thanks to its decorative and striking design that can match almost every other interior décor.

Technical Specifications

Light Range – 85 square feet
Motion Detection Range – Up to 25 feet at an angle of 100 degrees

7. Sunforce 80 LED Solar Motion Light

Making it into our best motion lights for home is this unit from Sunforce. Based on its capabilities, it is perfect for areas such as sheds, garages, and pathways for security.


Amorphous Solar Technology – The Sunforce 80 LED runs on solar panels that enable it to generate electricity in all conditions even when there’s no sunlight. Unlike typical solar panels, these not only convert sunlight into electricity but also store power. The panels charge 3x AA batteries to guarantee reliable lighting all the time.

Customizable Motion Detection – Adjust the range and speed at which the light detects motion to best suit your needs. The timer works in such a way that the light stays on for 30, 60 or 120 seconds upon motion detection. The distance of the movement detection is adjsutable to low, medium or high.

Easy DIY Installation – Just like most solar powered motion sensor lights, the wiring is not required to get this unit up and running. And once the light is in place, it can work for up to 5 years which in turn translates to low maintenance costs.


Technical Specifications

Lumen Output – 900
Light Range – 120 square feet
Motion Detection Range – Up to 30 feet at an angle of 180 degrees

6. Mr. Beams MB980 LED Ceiling Light

Mr. Beams is a brand to beat when it comes to motion sensor lights, and it’s not surprising this light features in our top-rated units. As a matter of fact, going by the number of positive ratings it has attracted on retailers such as Amazon, it will most likely feature in our best motion sensor lights 2021 reviews. Here’s why;

Features and Benefits

Energy Efficiency – The Mr. Beams MB980 redefines energy efficiency – literally speaking. It provides more than 35 hours of light on a single set of batteries, and you might also want to know that the LEDs do not require replacement.

Bright LED – This unit comes with incredibly bright LEDs that have the ability to generate up to 100 lumens. Besides, the LEDs come with unique optics for unmatched focus and intensity.

Perfect for Indoor Use – Just as the name suggests, this unit attaches on ceilings. It is, therefore, the ideal unit to purchase if you want to illuminate your porch, pantry, closet or storage room.

Other features include dusk to dawn sensor, weatherproof design, automatic shut off after and every half a minute of no motion.

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Technical Specifications

Bulb Life – Up 50,000 hours
Light Range – 260 square feet
Motion Detection Range – Up to 25 feet at an angle of 180 degrees
Lumen Output – 10

5. Fulcrum 20031-101 6-LED Wireless Motion Sensor


The design and functionality of this motion sensor light from Fulcrum tell you that a considerable amount of time was spent to piece it together. Below is a look at what to expect with this unit.

Features and Benefits

Six LED Panel – The 20031-101 6 is perhaps one of the only few motion sensor lights that can allow you to point-beam the light as per your needs. Its LED panel can rotate can change direction as desired, allowing to detect motion from multiple angles.

Photo Cell Technology – You don’t have to worry about daylight activation thanks to the Photo Cell technology. Likewise, the light will automatically get into motion detection mode at night.

Versatility – You can sue Fulcrum 20031-101 6 inside and outside the house. When used indoors, it will be ideal for places such as stairways, bedroom doors as well as the bathroom. Outdoors, be sure to mount it on your patio, deck, or pathway.

Technical Specifications

Light Range – 90 square feet
Motion Detection Range – Up 25 feet at an angle of 100 degrees
Lumen Output – 252

4. Mr. Beams MB394 300-Lumen with Motion Sensor

The MB394 300 is for those looking for a bright motion sensor light that to light dark pathways and to illuminate the backyard.


Powerful LED Lighting – This boasts bright, LED bulbs that emit up to 300 lumens, making it one of the brightest wireless spotlights on the market. It comes with four separate units and thus can attach in multiple areas.

Large Coverage Area – The MB394 300 can cover up to 400 square feet. In essence, the four pieces can cover up to 1600 square feet. With such an output, this is the ideal light to use for commercial buildings, storage facilities, and warehouses.

Rugged, Waterproof Design – The best motion sensor light out to have a design that allows it to blend with the environment it’s meant to operate. And because the Mr. Beams MB394 300 is primarily intended for outdoor use, it has a rugged weatherproof design for reliability and durability.


Technical Specifications

Bulb Life – Up 50,000 hours
Light Range – 400 square feet
Motion Detection Range – Up to 25 feet at an angle of 160 degrees
https://www.amazon.com /dp/B00Y9U03YA/

3. Solar Power Outdoor LED Motion Activated


If you’re looking the best motion sensor light for your patio, deck or garden, this solar powered unit from SwiftlyDone could as well be your best option and here’s why;


No Wiring – Yes, there’s no cabling required with this unit. All you have to do is peel off its outer wrapping and place at the location of your liking, and you’re ready to go. And, the light can stick on any surface be it glass, wood, metal or stucco.

Powerful Solar Panel – To guarantee reliability, the Stick Motion comes with an incredibly powerful 0.44W solar panel to charge it during the day. The panel can operate for a remarkable five years without replacement.

Waterproof Construction – This motion sensor light sports a sturdy construction to provide years of use. The outer material is heatproof, durable and water resistant which means that it can also double up as an outdoor security light.

Automated Switch – This light is designed to turn off automatically at sunrise at night. It will dim when there’s no motion and emit bright light when it senses motion. That way, it is always at its optimum performance.

Technical Specifications

Bulb Life – Up 50,000 hours
Light Range – 150 square feet
Motion Detection Range – Up to 10 feet at an angle of 120 degrees

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2. Mr. Beams MB723 LED Stick-Anywhere Nightlight

Talk of sophistication and these LED nightlights from Mr. Beams are a perfect example. With super bright LEDs, these little units could as well be what you’re looking for if you want to light your stairways, closet, bedrooms, steps and hallways.

Features and Benefits

Nichia LEDs – The MB723 features exclusive, bright Nichia white LEDs to provide outstanding performance. The LEDs don’t require replacement and can run for 50,000 hours not to mention that you can get up to 2,400 activations with just one set of batteries. It also has a light sensor control to preserve battery life during the day.

UV Resistant Housing – This unit can work well in any weather thanks to the UV-resistant housing that increases not only the light’s longevity but also prevents yellowing. With a weatherproof rating of IP45 the MB723 can work in the harshest of weathers; can even be mounted on a boat.

Thin Profile – This is one of the smallest motion sensor lights on the market. Thus, it can fit into the smallest of spaces. And to make it even more convenient, the MB723 does not require any wiring to stick into position. As a matter of fact, it can be attached anywhere with tape or screws.


Technical Specifications

Bulb Life – Up 50,000 hours
Light Range – 10 square feet
Motion Detection Range – Up to 15 feet at an angle of 180 degrees
Lumen Output – 20

1. Mr. Beams MB330 Wireless LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor and Photocell

Mr. Beans has been in the business of making motion sensor lights for a while now, and their MB330 unit evokes the high quality and precision the company is known for.


Motion Activated and Automatic Shut-Off – The MB330 is designed to turn on whenever there’s movement up to 30 feet away to keep your backyard safe. Also, it shuts off automatically at intervals of 30 seconds to preserve the batteries.

Bright, Durable LED – This motion sensor light provides 140 lumens of light thanks to its bright LED that never requires replacing. In fact, the LED is so efficient that generates 1,800 activations on a single set of batteries.

Simple, Wireless Installation – This unit comes with an easy to understand guide that makes installation a breeze even for those with no prior experience. If you follow the instructions, the light can be up and running in minutes.

The Mr. Beams MB330 is ideal for lighting yards, walkways, stairways and paths as well as a host of other locations within the home.


Technical Specifications

Bulb Life – Up 50,000 hours
Light Range – 400 square feet
Motion Detection Range – Up to 30 feet at an angle of 180 degrees
Weatherproof Rating – IP45

The Bottom Line

Motion sensor lights are the future of lighting. It is, therefore equally correct to say that owning a piece of light that can detect movement within a specified range is as good as keeping up with the latest trends in the world of lighting. Nonetheless, it almost goes without saying that the market keeps evolving and it’s not surprising that most customers have a problem when choosing the best motion sensor lights.

However, with us around, settling for a good motion sensor light doesn’t have to be a problem. We will keep updating this list accordingly to ensure that you get value for your money. Remember when we mention about the Mr. Beams MB980 featuring in our best motion light sensors 2021 list? Yes, we have an eye into the future; all in the name of helping you buy the most appropriate sensor light.

That said; pick up a motion sensor light that is in line with your needs from our list above and enjoy the phenomenal that is motion detection.

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