Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

Gifts mean something to a woman. I mean really mean something to her.  A great boyfriend knows what her special lady’s wants are and knows how to service her.

These guys don’t know how to find Best Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Her

What does a Valentine’s Gift mean to a woman?

Any imbecile can shower their special lady with a bunch of chocolates or jewelry (does she even like chocolate?) but it takes a special man to really listen. To look with their eyes. What does she like? What does she need? what has happened to her and why is this gift special?

What matters the most to a woman is how thoughtful a gift is. If you have a woman who considers how much a gift is to be important you have the wrong woman; this list isn’t for you. This list is for advanced lovers only.

The right gift is emotional. A lady friend of mine still has a note from an old boyfriend who scribbled it out on a sheet of paper, along with the gift. She’s held onto the note all these years, in her purse, because it reminds me of what it means to be appreciated and also how the note made her feel. The sense of how it makes her feel is important. Does it make her feel listened to? How about the negative side: does it make her feel cheap, or like an afterthought? Does it make her feel important? In conclusion, this is why a good gift is thoughtful, it makes her feel listened to.

I’ll let you guys in on a secret: women have a harder time of life in this world, black or white, rich or poor. Society tells women they aren’t worth as much as a man. This happens all the time, if it’s getting passed over in job promotions, not getting taken seriously at work, or assumed by society that her place is to be a mother only. All of this comes at them day in and day out, sometimes from other women, and just makes them feel like their 0pinion doesn’t matter.

If anyone in this world is going to not do that to her, to make her feel expendable, it is the special guy in her life. That’s why your gift should be special and thoughtful: you want her to feel like she is being paid attention and listened to.

Strategies for finding a gift

How do you find these gifts? You want this gift to be important! The gift  you give has to knock it out of the park. The bar needs to be so high that the girlfriends of your guy friends get upset they didn’t get a similar gift.

Keep in mind some questions that can help you narrow down what to get her. Get a sheet of note book paper and write down all of the following. I mean write with a pen, it’ll work. Trust me. 😉

  1. What does she like?
  2. Is there something she has said she wanted, even in passing?
  3. Does she envision a great future for herself? This is especially important if you think you may or may not always be together. You can always be in her life if you get her something useful.

What does she like?

Let’s break some of these down. What does she like? It’s a natural thing to say if she likes chocolate then get her something chocolate. Don’t get her something like vanilla bark unless she loves vanilla. Certainly don’t get her something she hates. Yet, there’s a caveat here, though: don’t get her the same gift that everyone else got. For example, if she really loves Pontiac Trans-AM’s, and she has a lot of Trans-AM memorabilia around her desk, guess what? She’s already got a Trans-AM trucker hat or a Trans-AM die-cast toy car. Look at something else.

She once told me …

Has she ever mentioned something in passing? If you really care about her and think it’ll go somewhere, then you will be paying attention! A friend of mine was talking with her boyfriend and she mentioned asking her new guy, “I hope I still give you butterflies.” Her boyfriend got her a framed butterfly. It was a beautiful, iridescent thing, framed in an elegant gold and black shadow box. It didn’t hurt that she was also a scientist who studied insects! Knocked it out of the park, that guy did.

Help her achieve her vision

What are her plans for the future? Is she going to be a vet or doctor? Try to avoid getting her a stethoscope. Everyone has probably already got her one. Perhaps consider getting her study guides for the medical school examinations. This is something useful and speaks to her future.

There is one last thing I want to mention before moving on: get her something of quality. This woman is a goddess and therefore, she should be given what is worthy of Her. Get a gift of quality. Don’t skimp on something like this. This means you will have to pay higher for her gift, but it’s not the amount you spend that she cares about, it’s the gift and how thoughtful and useful it is. Her gift will not be useful if it falls apart. Remember the stethoscope example? If you insist on getting her one, get her a really good one, not some generic one that will fall apart. Spend the money.

How to find a good Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

All this theory sounds great but now let’s list some concrete ideas.

  1. an event from a long while, such as both of you seeing a shooting star and referencing that again with the gift
  2. an event or set of events (like previous Valentine’s Days) that didn’t go well and why didn’t they go well. Can you fix it?
  3. Strongly symbolic and show thought
  4. stir memories and hold promise of more memories to come
  5. Remind her of places she has been or wants to

Suggested Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her 1

A good, comfortable knit throw can be a great comfort to anyone who feels cold or wants to feel secure because it’s like getting a warm hug. The colors of this throw are a warm, friendly color that can add to a room’s ambience and over all sense of coziness. If you have a terrible day, wrapping yourself up in one can be a huge comfort. Try it sometime!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her 2
Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her 3

A good comfortable cup of coffee or tea that is brewed quickly and without mess is something anyone would appreciate. Therefore, it’s perfect if your gal loves caffeine. You can use this at the desk or at home. Dishwasher safe. You can arrange coffee beans into a heart as an option, but it is recommended.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her 2
Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her 5

A funny thing happened on the internet: coloring books are back! If you want a unique way to calm down, coloring to calm the F*** down is the way to do it. No one is going to judge you. The coloring book doesn’t care what your parents think. You can color while drinking vodka from plastic cups with the curtains drawn and the radio on. This book is yours to color as you will!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her 2
Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her 7

There’s no easier way to feel like a million bucks than to have a good bath or shower and then wrap yourself up in a silk robe. It’s one of those things that many can afford but is completely worth it. Real silk robes are going to easily run a couple hundred dollars but this Spa Robe by Julianna Rae is more affordable. This particular garment tends to run small so take that into account when you pick one out.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her 2
Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her 9

Finding a state of happiness and satisfaction is a challenge for anyone, but more so for women because of the shoe-horned role they are stuffed into in life. Kaling brings to print her stories about fighting to be heard and that she has a place in the entertainment industry.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her 2
Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her 11

Does your lady wear a set of sunglasses that are cheap, flimsy and break? That are replaceable? Then get her a set of Motelan sunglasses. The frames are wood, and they come in tons of great colors. These pair are meant to last, like your relationship, right? A person will carry this set of glasses for years and years. She will treasure them.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her 2
Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her 13

Disk space is scarce. Here’s a fantastic idea: make a scrapbook with this hard drive. Get every nice picture of you together, every movie where you are smiling and laughing, and every happy memory you can into this hard drive. She’ll keep that folder around forever, I promise.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her 2
Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her 15

Does your gal always wear socks around the house? Probably because her feet are always cold or she hates getting her feet dirty. This is where the ‘thoughtful’ principle comes into play.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her 2
Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her 17

Cook her a meal, hence Her favorite meal. Remember, this is about ‘Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her’! Let me relate a story to you: I knew this kid back in high school who was on the debate team. He was world class. Every year I was in school, the debate team won state because of his leadership. He knew everything about making an argument, about rhetoric, about strategy. There was always some girl hanging around him because he dropped those mad skills with confidence. Women love it when you have skills, including cooking. Show her your skills by cooking her a healthy dish with your own two hands.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her 2


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