What Are Eyelash Growth Serums

What Are Eyelash Growth Serums

Eyelash growth serums are products manufactured for beautifying your eyelashes. This serum is applied directly to the eyelashes. The purpose of an eyelash growth serum is to nourish each lash with the right nutrients for supporting its growth. This helps to strengthen the eyelash from root to tip. Your lashes can greatly benefit from minerals, vitamins and a good protein base, like your hair, to continue growing. Many people believe the best way to grow eyelashes is by consuming a nutritional diet. It is important to adopt a high protein diet and include several fatty acids.

A good diet will help your eyelashes grow longer in 4 to 6 months. However, what if you want longer lashes in just 4 weeks? This is one of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of an eyelash serum. You can simply brush the serum onto your eyelashes twice a day to nourish it for better growth. With gradual use, your eyelashes will look fuller and longer. This will naturally draw more attention to your eyes.

Although there are numerous eyelash growth serums available in the market today, only a few actually deliver the results that their manufacturers claim they can. You should only purchase a product from a reputed brand. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to serums, and hence the effect of the serum on your eyelashes may be different. Many people purchase several products before settling for the perfect one for supporting eyelash growth. Unfortunately, a serum may work successfully for a majority of people but it may fail to work in your case.

A few eyelash serums are better than other products at an ingredient level. Every manufacturer claims that their product produces the best results, but you will need to see which one has the most beneficial results for your eyelashes. Moreover, there are several reasonable treatment options that promise miraculous results in 6 weeks. You can compare the ingredients of the affordable products to the premium ones. These generally match and are rarely different from each other. Reviews are helpful in purchasing the most effective eyelash growth serums available.

If you suffer from irritation after using any product, wash it immediately with water. There are also precautions for eye contact which you should follow strictly in case something goes wrong. It is generally recommended to buy a serum with castor oil as its base. This type of eyelash growth serum provides good support for the growth of eyelashes. Mineral oil will not nourish the eyelashes as well as castor oil.

A large number of serums are available for under $50. However, do not buy a cheap product as you might end up putting your eyes and eyelashes at risk. Once you choose a product to test it on your eyelashes, be careful when applying it. Some instructions tell you to apply the serum close to the root, but be careful since it can be tricky to avoid getting products into the eye or onto your skin that can cause an allergic reaction to the serum.

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